Video: Affecting Everyone: UN Official Reveals Dark Secrets

Global Research, April 09, 2023 11 March 2023

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The United Nations together with the World Economic Forum WEF and others are currently in the process of introducing the 2030 Agenda worldwide. This is the biggest transformation ever planned for all countries and all peoples, and aims to change every aspect of human society: finance, agriculture, food, travel, economics, sexuality, education, etc.


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The ultimate goal of the 2030 Agenda is to establish a one-world government with unelected leaders. At the heart of this world government are the United Nations along with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Economic Forum. Above them are financial interest groups that operate in complete secrecy so that no one shall ever hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity. Given the all-encompassing scope of what is going on, it is urgent that this criminal agenda of the UN be made known to as many people as possible. Because if it affects all people, then all people should be able to have their say, e.g., in a world tribunal. For this reason, the news platform Stop World Control, in collaboration with the International Crimes Investigative Committee, organized an online disclosure on January 28, 2023. A senior official who, for two decades, worked at the highest levels within the UN is exposing the organization’s dark secrets.

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Experiencing oneself as part of nature, of creation, and rediscovering this as the actual normality seems to be an important pillar to recharge one’s batteries and remain in balance, especially during today’s challenges. Even more important, indeed necessary for survival, seem to be healthy relationships, families and spending time with our children, so that they do not fall victim to digitalization or even pedophilia. And don’t the gigantic challenges, outlined in the interview, teach us how much we need each other as a human family, and the need for mutual responsibility? Talk about the contents of this interview with those closest to you, i.e., friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, etc., and form networks. Have the courage to start small and grow continuously until we unitedly say “no” to this perfidious agenda of the UN.

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