VIDEO : Freedom Convoy, Threats of Mass Arrests. Trudeau Refuses to Enter into Dialogue, SOS Press Conference

By Freedom Convoy, Global Research, February 08, 2022


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Summary of the Statements and Discussion (not verbatim) raised during the Press Conference

The leaders of the Convoy are prepared to talk to the government.

We want tangible results. 

It is a political theater on the part of the Trudeau government.

There has been no response from the City of Ottawa.

They refuse to sit around a table. We are prepared to meet with Trudeau.

Meanwhile, there are threats to implement mass arrests.  

We are committed to peace and non-violence.

The police forces may resort to violence. 

Politicians were elected to enter into dialogue. 

Police have taken an oath. We encourage police officers to enter into dialogue with scientists within our movement regarding the vaccine.

We have police support within our movement.  We have a solid relationship with the police in Ottawa.

There is the building of a rhetorical language by politicians (and the media) which is totable unacceptable. 

The media are not reporting the news, they are creating the news. 

Regarding Health Canada: We do not have information regarding the vaccine.

Let the public get the information regarding the vaccine.

Video of the SOS Press Club

This second Video provides evidence that Trudeau’s libellous and defamatory accusations directed against the Freedom Convoy are without substance

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