Video: The Pfizer Fraud, Crimes against Humanity. Karen Kingston, Corona Investigative Committee Session

By Karen Kingston and Corona Investigative Committee

Global Research, June 28, 2022

Corona Investigative Committee 25 June 2022

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Guest: Karen Kingston – Biotech Analyst and med-legal advisor with over 20 years of experience driving blockbuster commercialization efforts for medical devices and prescription therapies. Owner of Varitage Strategies (since 2014). Was once a Cardiovascular Sales Representative for the Northeast Region (NY) at Pfizer.

This session is about:

  • an Infants and Toddlers study by Pfizer:
    “It is statistically and clinically impossible to conduct a clinical trial that will prove a vaccine will be more effective than a child’s natural immune system.“
  • BLA/FDA approval (not shielded by EUA research)
  • new insights into the 2-SP Spike:
    “It’s a weaponized trimerized prefusion spike with 2 Proline modifications, aka optimized codons in Comirnaty and all other COVID-19 shots”
  • About the Operation Warp Speed contracts, especially the DoD/Pfizer contract$/embed/Session-110-Karen-Kingston-Odysee/7edee644458f2eec57e3c7a11c82b48cc3a0475e?r=EhCp73PC9UijsypifGxKg9t1Ya5qzRao


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Featured image is a screenshot from the video

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