Video: Vaccination and Covid Damage: Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. Corona Investigative Committee

By Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and Corona Investigative Committee

Global Research, June 29, 2022Corona Investigative Committee 25 June 2022

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Guest is Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a holistic physician, scientist and teacher, studied medicine in Freiburg and has been working 1982 as a physician in the USA. He is also an author of standard works and textbooks:

  • Textbook of Psycho-Kinesiology (INK 10. Auflage012)
  • Manual of Mental Field Techniques (Edition 2010)
  • Mental field techniques in practice (2011)
  • Editor of the journal for Neurobiology Here & Now (1999)

This session talks:

  • About the vaccination and covid damage observed daily in his practice.
  • About the development of the effectiveness of certain Therapeutic approaches at the beginning and now: Decrease in the Efficacy of certain therapeutic agents
  • Is of the opinion, Covid already in August 2019 rampant, as typical symptoms already at the time in Patients noted
  • About the “shameful study” that tried to prove a Hydroxychloroquine’s dangerousness, was recalled and yet continued to be used to justify the WHO recommendation against HCQ is being used.

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