“We give our blood to keep this country, Syria”/ Interview by Vanessa Beeley

“We give our blood to keep this country”. 

Ali Haifa is the director of Mhardeh power station, in Northern Hama, besieged by various extremist armed gangs until the recent SAA liberation of this province – he is a hero, a humble hero who embodies the reason that #Syria has resisted such a brutal, violent sectarian war waged against them by tens of hostile states, for almost 10 years – twice the length of World War 2. 

People like Ali are everywhere in Syria – the ordinary people who refuse to allow their country to be desecrated, destroyed by backward thinking monsters promoted by the West, armed and financed by a multitude of criminal rogue states. 

I will be writing a full report but I asked Ali to give a short message to the people in the West about the suffering that his homeland has endured during this war, forced upon them by the hegemons that prey upon smaller, progressive and heritage-rich nations. 

Ali can only be described as a gentle giant of a soul. He told me stories of his bravery and courage under fire, battling the flames of burning fuel tanks after the Jaish Al Izza and various other sectarian, armed gangs had targeted the plant that supplies much of Syria with electricity. Deliberate targeting of essential civilian infrastructure is a war crime. 

When i told him, he is quite simply a hero, he smiled and said:

“This is my duty, I would do everything for my country and my people”

Please do listen to this simple and short message from a man who has survived hell, literally. He deserves to be heard. 

Thank you.

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Transcript by Rawan Mahmasa

Ali: You are welcome in our power plant, Mhardeh power plant which is the oldest power plant in Syria to produce electricity. This power plant it was put in operation since 1978 so more than 42 years old and it’s in the middle of Syria for this reason it’s so good power plant to distribute its production of electricity for all of Syria.

Unfortunately this power plant has suffered so much of terrorists attacks during the war in Syria in spite of its infrastructure company which produce electricity and distribute it for all Syrian people indifferent if they are with the state or are in the opposite part.

And the sanctions which are put in since more than 10 years for Syria, we suffer so much of them because this power plant equipment are made in European countries in France, Germany, in Austria and in Switzerland. Unfortunately now we are not able to produce the spare parts for maintenance  for keeping this power plant in operation.

And this power plant in spite of all what happened in it are still producing electricity are still in operation but it needs to be rehabilated it needs to be overhauled and for this reason we need means and we need spare parts from the original manufactureres which now they are not in good operate with us, they are not giving us any kind of spare parts. 

So we hope the people in the Eastern countries will understand what happened in Syria, will understand that this war is to destroy the civilization in Syria.  Syria is a, best country in the Orient, Syria is more than 10,000 years of civilization so it’s not worth what happened in it.

You are   welcome we hope that our voice will be heard in the Eastern country through you.

Vanessa: One point I just want to make also is these attacks on this power plant is a war crime because it’s against civilian infrastructure.

Ali: Unfortunately this power plant more than 800 rockets and bombs had fallen through these nine years and in spite of its infrastructure, civilian infrastructure… The terrorists didn’t make any distinguish between civilian  infrastructure or between military groups. So they are working for their agenda, for foreign agenda to destroy Syria but the Syrian people gain, and we are in a very good position now a very good situation we gain the war, the war is inspired of us.

Vanessa: that’s because of the spirit of resistance.

Ali: it’s our belief. We believe in our army, we believe in our leader Mr. Bashar will arrive with us to safe and safe situation.

Vanessa: God bless you and God bless all the heroes who have, like you, who have given their lives to the people of Syria for Syria.

Ali: God bless them, there are many many heroes who protect Syria and all we are, we give our blood to keep this country.