what is EVIL

Dr. Mike Yeadon:

Yet another short video full of official statements all of which are untrue.
Every one of them.
All you need is to notice ONE statement that you’re no longer satisfied is true & the entire facade collapses.
Why? Because the appropriate number of lies public health tells you that can affect your health is ZERO.
We don’t need to prove that it’s all lies in order to get to the aha.
Just one is enough. And every statement is a deliberate untruth. A lie.
Please use this to urge people in your network to see that things are off.
Pick one statement that you’re familiar is a lie. At least try to get one new person to at least cognitive dissonance. I know from bitter experience that I can’t wake a determinedly asleep person. But those who’ve gone along to get along, they’re maybe already in serious turmoil.
Thank you for your efforts. Please don’t flag, or take a breather & come back a little fresher
Best wishes
Ps: I urge these actions because I don’t have a better plan. I’d love someone to lead. I’m not able to for several reasons.

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