Who is “Winning” and Who is “Losing”/ The “Transnational Corona Crisis” is Fabricated on a Bedrock of Unreliable Evidence.

The “Corona crisis” is a transnational crisis fabricated on a bedrock of unreliable evidence.

People and institutions are making decisions in crisis based on unreliable data. People and institutions have been hoarding medical supplies, in panic, thus creating shortages elsewhere.

People were prematurely admitted to hospitals in crisis mode early in the crisis, which made some hospitals (especially in Italy) hotbeds for corona, thus making the situation worse.

Cause of Death distinctions are not being made. Are the deaths WITH Corona or BY Corona? Hence, the data is all but meaningless. (1)

In the UK, a medical practitioner can legally declare Covid -19 as cause of death even when the test results have not been received. (2)

The statistics that form the basis of this fabricated crisis are unreliable. Everything is happening in crisis-mode and through panic — the opposite to what should happening.

Who is “winning” and who is “losing”?

“Parliaments, courts, tribunal are suspended, government is by decree,” writes John Pilger, “The police determine whether our presence in a street, a park, is legitimate.  The media ensures a state of fear.  Surveillance is routine.  Protest, if any, is virtual.  How does history describe such a society?” (3)

Human rights are losing, and the police state is winning on domestic fronts.

Imperialists have always used fake humanitarian pretexts to advance their war crimes. The Corona crisis is serving imperialists well.  Britain is offering 100 million to al Qaeda-dominated Idlib, “to help with the Coronavirus threat” (4) even as the West and its allies strangle all of Syria with a criminal economic embargo.

Destroyed economies and destroyed livelihoods are certain to exact a horrible toll on all of us.  Vulnerable peoples and countries will suffer disproportionately.

The final tally of who will benefit and who will lose is yet to be fully determined, but there is one certainty.  If the Lie prevails, humanity will lose.

Ascendancy of The Lie. US-NATO War on Syria Presented as a “Humanitarian Undertaking”

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