Why is Israel attacking Syria and why won’t the US just get out?/ By Vanessa Beeley


Why is Israel attacking Syria and why won’t the US just get out? – YouTube


Broadcaster: Let ‘s bring in independent investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley, who joins us from Damascus. Vanessa it is great to have you on the program today. Now, some critics say the U.S. and its allies are exploiting the aftermath of the earthquake disaster to put it in lightly to further their own interest in the region. What do you made of that claim?

Vanessa: Yeah absolutely. I mean that’s been a claim they have been making since about 48 hours after the  two earthquakes hit on and shortly and shortly after the 6th February. And the clear signs of that is- since the earthquake- there have been two attacks by Israel and three attacks by ISIS terrorists against civilian targets east of Homs massacring – I think- in the  region of 150 civilians and taking hostage a number more. Millions are literally pouring in under the guise of humanitarian aid into the northwest pockets, which is known to be and has even been admitted to be by U.S. officials under the control of Al-Qaeda with Brett McGurk said: “ the largest Al-Qaeda haven since 9/11” , and millions in so-called humanitarian aid is being pledged to that area, particularly to NGOs that were effectively set up by the CIA and MI6 to work alongside the terrorist armed groups dominated by ISIS and Al-Qaeda, namely among those are the White Helmets, who have received or have been pledged over $300 million by the U.S., the UK and various other private donations companies that are connected to the billionaire complex that has been funding the war against the Syrian government.

Broadcaster: Syria has truly been through so much just in the last 12 years, and yet the response that we’ve been seen from the U.S. government was that -at first- they were not going to provide any relief, then they are trying to make it look as if they are providing some relief. But as you mentioned there, the groups that they are allowing that aid to go to have been extremely problematic and have had extremist links of their own. So is there any case where the U.S. is doing anything to actually help Syria right now as it’s trying to publicly claim that it is??

Vanessa:  Absolutely not, absolutely not. and I wrote about this quite recently that effectively the U.S. cartel wants Syrians dead. When I talk about Syrians, I’m talking about the wrong Syrians for the U.S. The Syrians that refused to agree the removal of their government and their President and who have resisted the terrorist invasion that has been masterminded by the U.S,, the UK, the EU and their partners in the Gulf States and in Israel for the last 12 years and so. Therefore now what I see is cynical exploitation of a humanitarian tragedy in the earthquake by the West to take advantage of that, and to effectively advance militarily. There have been  a series of attacks from the northwest by the groups dominated by Al-Qaeda, including more that 100 drones – both suicide drones and surveillance drones- being brought down by the Syrian Arab Army troops. As I mentioned the ISIS  attacks, when there was some retaliation for the ISIS attacks, basically we were told that the U.S. called in Israeli airstrikes on civilian targets in Damascus and in the south of Sweida. There was then another ISIS attack. and, in fact, after the visit of US. General Mark Milley to the northeast where he paid a visit to the headquarters of one of the ISIS camps there. Funnily enough, there were riots in that camp or the day after. We do not know yet if there were any breakouts in inverted commas. And then that , of course, one day later was followed by the latest Israeli aggression, which targeted the lifeline for earthquake victims in Aleppo and has rendered the airport out of use at the moment, so no humanitarian aid can enter for the people of Aleppo into that airport, and it’s being diverted now to Damascus. And we know of course that Israel has regularly also targeted Damascus International Airport – both these airports are civilian airports.

Broadcaster: Now, it is a tragic when you think of what is being done to the civilians there with the US and its allies have done for over a decade now. Do you expect to be seeing more outrage on an international scale at this point? Given everything these people have gone through, that is man-made , that is done by the U.S. and its allies, let alone when they are dealing with the aftermath of severe earthquakes and then having to deal with that ongoing tragedy as well as continued attacks and bombings by Israel, do you expect to see more outrage on a global scale right now?

Vanessa: You know, you are seeing actually, I mean, the movement End the Siege has literally started up after the earthquake to try and get the sanctions lifted . We then of course had the vote in the Senate where 414 voted to keep Caesar sanctions, which were brought under the Trump administration. Some of the most for me, some of the most sadistic sanctions  I’ve ever seen unprecedented where they will target any country that comes to aid of Syria. So not only are they sanctioning Syria and the Syrian people, and these sanctions are unilateral coercive measures. They effectively destroy Syrian society and they are slowly killing the Syrian people in what I call “Syria central”, which is under the protection of the Syrian government .

Obviously, the US is still occupying fuel resources, food resources, agricultural resources in the northeast. It’s bombing the only crossing between Iraq and Syria which is bringing a central humanitarian aid food and even oil also to Lebanon. That crossing is being regularly bombed both by the U.S. and by Israel. And really the  public outrage is being prevented by western media because western media is only talking. When they mention Syria, even in that New York Times article, where they’re talking about keeping the sanctions on and effectively how I see these people, who are calling for sanctions to be maintained on Syria. They are traitors to their own country and to their own people, and they are effectively US State Department, NATO-funded economic hitmen. There is no other way to describe them because they know exactly the pain the Syrian people are suffering under the economic sanction regime and under the continued military pressure and the hybrid war pressure that’s been kept on this country, and now this country faces potentially further military conflict because- as I said- the West is capitalizing on it and this entire tragedy is being kept from western public by western media. They are not even aware of it. Why? Because western media will only talk about the northwestern pocket that is under the control of Al-Qaeda and that’s the only area that is receiving humanitarian aid because that’s the area that serves the purpose of the US-UK cartel there.

Broadcaster: The devastation that has been caused by those sanctions is truly impossible to put in words at the end of the day, but we really appreciate you joining us to break this all down and to paint this clear picture for the viewer, who truly is not seeing this information in the western media. Independent investigative journalist, Vanessa Beeley, thank you so much for your time and insight.


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