Beds, Boosters and BS/ By Raj and Rocco

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Transcript by Rawan Mahmasa:

Hey, guys, how’s it going, Raj and Rocco here once again today, we are going to dive into something that we have been meaning to do for a very long time. There was an email that was leaked back in October, I believe it was October 10th.

R. G: Twenty, twenty, twenty twenty.

Raj: And this e-mail came out as a leaked email.

R. G: very briefly. It was purportedly from a whistleblower who was privy to a governmental meeting, including the prime minister’s office, with respect to future covid measures. And it was leaked, many people said, is this fake news is a fake news. Ezra Levant did a whole piece saying this is very sad and sorry, but it’s fake news now is eating as crow wear, what without condiments. So we’re going to go through what that. What that leaked email said at the time, and my feeling was this because it went viral within 24 hours, which only the government could really affect that kind of viral effect.

It was a way of the government to put it out in a way that could be denied as fake news, but to see what the reaction of us Canadians would be to it as a possible future agenda for the next year. Well, as Canadians who a bunch of Chihuahuas and sheep, so we said nothing. Now, it’s been almost eight months since that memo. Let’s re-read what the memo said.

Raj:  And it’s also very plausible that it could have also been a concerned person who is if this meeting actually really happened and made the email, which makes it possible.

OK, let’s go for it. Let’s say you want to start.

R. G: All right. Well, in a nutshell, it says, quote, The roadmap in AIM was set out by the PMO and is as follows. Phase-in Secondary Secondary. Lock restricts lockdown restrictions on a rolling basis, starting with major metropolitan areas first and expanding outward expected by November 2020. Well, that actually happened November. Twenty third, twenty twenty.

Next Rush

Raj:  Rush, the acquisition of the isolation facilities across every province and territory expected by December 2020 that happened to …

 R. G: quarantine hotels. And we saw those facilities were coming up next. Daily, new cases of covid-19 will surge beyond capacity of testing, including increases in covid related deaths following the same growth curve expected by the end of November 2020. Well, that happened, too. We’ve spent over two billion dollars investing in Ontario alone.

Raj: Yeah, complete and total secondary lockdown, much stricter than the first and second rolling phases restrictions expected by end of December. Twenty, twenty, early January, twenty twenty one.

R. G: That happened as well.

Raj: Quebec was in curfew and all the businesses essentials nonessentials.

R . G: We saw we saw a lock step of lockdowns being ratcheted up. The next item, reform and expansion of the unemployment program to be transitioned into the universal basic income program expected by first quarter. Twenty twenty one. Well, that happened. If you recall, they expanded the the program. It was much easier to qualify for employment insurance. Part timers got it. And it was very much expanded CERB and all of that. And by the way, the universal income program is in second reading.

It got put under the radar through a, quote, private member’s bill. It’s not a private member’s bill. It’s an elected Liberal MP. And that’s now in second reading. The what the bill proposes to do is put in a universal income and scrap eliminate the Canada Pension Plan program, which is a contributory program which for the last five months through its board of directors, has been shipped to China. So that’s on the rails and moving along very well. Thank you.

Raj:  Projected covid-19 mutation and or co infection with secondary virus leading to a third wave, much higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection expected by February. Twenty twenty one.

R. G: Well, what happened in February? Twenty twenty one, the famous English predicted variants. And now we’re into variants. Well, I’ve got news for you. Every single novel flu virus usually will engender over four thousand variants. So that was scripted and that happened. The next one daily  new cases of  Covid, 21 hospitalizations and covid-19 and 21 related deaths will exceed medical care facility capacity expected first and second quarter in 2021. Not that I believe any of the bullshit, but that’s what you’re living through right now.

 Raj: Enhanced lockdown restrictions referred to as third lockdown will be implemented. Full travel restrictions will be imposed, including province and intercity, expected to 20 due to 2021.

R. G: Well, that just happened here in Ontario, April 17th. You can’t move here. You can’t establish nonexisting juridical borders. It just happened. It was just announced in British Columbia today by Friday and orders coming in that you can’t you can’t travel outside of your medical district, what kind of what kind of metric ton of horseshit is that, what does that mean? Your medical district now the virus knows where you live in terms of your medical district and what monkey is designated the chief medical officer in your medical district. I mean, this is how much they would they love to, as I said before, urinate and defecate in your face. And the Constitution and the measures they impose are not even logical within their own pretzels, insane made up B.S.

Raj:  transitioning of individuals into a Universal Basic Income program expected Med Q2 to twenty twenty one.

R. G: As I said, that’s happened. The legislation has already been introduced to probably get discouraged from reading the last time I checked. I have to update it, but there’s three readings and then it gets proclaimed into force by the Governor General.

Raj: So do you think that all like unemployment insurance and all that stuff is just going to get rolled into?

R. G:  Yeah, everything will get rolled. Is that what the bill says is the Minister of Finance has no more than two years to table concrete plans and how the new system will work. And then after that, no more than two years they’ll implement it. But that’s that’s that’s a goalpost. They can implement it in four months instead of four years. So once this legislation passes, they have this statutory vehicle to effect.

Raj: We’re going to come back to UBI because we’re going to talk about why is it a little bit dangerous to buy into it? Because like a lot of people, I thought it was a good thing, you know, that maybe not so much protect. The supply chain breakdowns, inventory shortages, large economic instability expected late due to 2021 one.

R. G: Well, farmers, well, that’s going to happen here. Just remember that for the rest of the developing world that’s been happening since the early days of the COVID.

Yep. So that’s coming here where we represent farmers whose whose twenty, twenty, twenty one domestic farm crop is in danger. Because when Trudeau put a travel ban to Mexico and the Caribbean, no great man’s mainstream reporter asked the simple question, Why can we fly to Florida and Panama? They’re not right next door. The reason for that is 98 percent of all farm workers every year in Canada come up from Mexico and the Caribbean. They’re making it almost next to impossible for farmers to bring them up.

Raj: And the Suez Canal crisis that was happening, that definitely disrupted supply chains.

R. G: Then the next one is deployment of military personnel in major metropolitan areas, as well as major roadways to establish travel checkpoints, restrict travel and movement, provide logistical support to the area expected by the third quarter of 2021. Well, you know, given the vicious reaction to Doug Ford’s Doug Ford’s announcement of random patrols and checkpoints. Which I still have not decided whether the uniformity of the Police Chief saying we will not enforce that was sincere or part of the plan, here’s the plan.

If the police won’t enforce these random stops and checks, will that gives the feds the excuse. And they’ve already talked about it a few days ago of bringing in the emergency nationally. And that’s when you get your soldiers on the street. So it’s more than likely that this may be implemented. I’m finding it a bit suspicious that every police force in Ontario, every police chief, instantly said we will not apply the law

Raj: unless it does.

We knew that the Chiefs would for sure say this.

They knew he knew that they wouldn’t they wouldn’t turn around. I spoke with landfall actually this morning.

I got him to weigh in and he said that he most likely, you know, chiefs wouldn’t go for it. Doug knew this. They knew that they could turn around and say, well, now we can bring in the military. But why get the wagon? I think likely the police out of the way, you know,

R. G:  I think Doug knew this because it was likely preplanned with the police chiefs, with Doug. OK, why? Why what are the probabilities?

The 40 police chiefs across the province unanimously overnight come up with the same answer. You think that’s plausible?

Raj: it didn’t happen right away.

R. G: It’s only been four days.

Raj: Well, 39 first. Well, thirty nine percent said, no, we’re not doing this. And then the other ones.

R. G: When have you ever seen that the police say we’re not enforcing the law.

Raj:  I mean, these are unprecedented times.

R. G:  Oh, please. You guys are all drilling in color. OK, I’m I’m not a pessimist. I’m just an optimist with too much frigging experience. These things don’t happen randomly. No, no, no.

You cannot get 40 people to unanimously without pre deliberation come down to the same decision. It just does not happen.

Raj:  OK, so. So you’re saying they wanted the police to turn around and say we’re not doing it just so they can get the military in?

R. G:  So so Trudeau can bring in martial law. Otherwise he cannot, under the Emergency Act, bring in martial law unless the province cannot handle the situation. Doug Ford can now say, my police chiefs don’t want to apply the law, so I can’t handle it.

Raj: Mm hmm.

R. G: Well, the likelihood is that they decided not to handle it.

Raj: Mm hmm. And what about the playground’s why? Why do you think he reversed than his his stance on playground’s?

R. G: I have no idea. But did he really? I walked by Hyde Park every day and every entrance to the biggest park in Toronto is blocked. Only pedestrians can go in, but they have a big sign saying you have no access to the cherry blossoms. We will bring you the cherry blossoms through your Internet. So it is not safe.

Raj: It does not say that.

R. G: It does say that.

R. G: I’ll take a picture of it. What is that? That is fascist Fourth Reich goosestepping. You can’t go to the cherry blossoms. We’re going to bring it to you, by the way. We’ll send it to you by virtual email. Listen, and what about this? People who are hard of walking, who who usually drive into Hyde Park park the car close to where they want to sit, can’t do it. They don’t care about people with disabilities.

Why would you block off the biggest park in the city of Toronto? So has he backed off? No.

Raj:  Hmm, interesting. OK, here we go.

All right, so then the e-mail goes on to say, along with that provided a roadmap and strategic planning committee, Bistritz Strategic Planning Committee was asked to design an effective way of transitioning Canadians to the to meet the unprecedented economic endeavor, one that would change the face of Canada forever and alter the lives of Canadians. What we were told was that in order to offset what was essentially an economic collapse of the Internet on the international scale that the federal government was offering to was going to offer Canadians to total debt relief, this is how it’s going to work.

The federal government will offer to eliminate all personal debts, mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc., which all funding will be provided to Canada by the IMF under what will be known as the World Debt Reset Program, a.k.a. the Great Reset.

R. G: Yeah, the Great 2030 Reset. And the IMF, as everybody knows, is the International Monetary Fund that enslaves the developing countries through debt. So now where we’re where Canada is going to be like they plan, whether they get away with this or not is going to be one of them. And what most people don’t understand when you get a loan or mortgage, although you you have a certain payment contract, if you read the fine print of fine print that requires a telescope or microscope to read, they can call it in any time.

They can say you’re got to pay it off now. And so that’s very easy to effect. If they call in the debt, then you owe it now. And the federal government can bail out those debts as it did in 2008 bank crash. The federal government bailed out one hundred and sixty six billion dollars worth of toxic H.M.S. mortgages. So if they pay the mortgage to the bank, then they own your property. And, you know, likely they’ll give you three thousand dollars a month in their money called the Universal Income, and then they’ll give most of that back and rent or some such program through the bank system.

Raj: So on the surface, debt forgiveness sounds pretty good. But here’s what happens in exchange for your debt forgiveness. In exchange for acceptance of this total debt forgiveness, the individual would forfeit ownership of any and all property and assets forever. The individual will would also have to agree to partake in the covid-19 and COVID 21 vaccination schedule, which would provide the individual with unrestricted travel and unrestricted living, even under a full lockdown through the use of photo identification referred to as Canada’s Health Pass.

R. G: So haven’t you been …. this already? Everything goes back to normal once the vaccine arrives and now they tell you the vaccine doesn’t protect you from of future infection, nor does it give you immunity. So why would they lift the lockdown in that environment?

Raj: And remember own nothing and you’ll be happy?

R. G: Oh, yeah. Yeah. The World Economic Forum last October has this bright, good looking 22 year old boy who’s smiling.

I don’t know why. Maybe he’s having a bowel movement, but he’s smiling. And the caption says, you’ll own nothing, but you’ll be happy. So this is the problem with Universal Income. Universal Income is a form of welfare in the control of the government. And once you get on it. And they say, jump, you have to say how high. They’re going to scrap the Canadian Pension Plan. Now, the CPP is not a government program income program.

It is a self. It’s a it’s a contributory system administered and funded by the deductions taken off your paycheck. If you work for somebody and then have to be made by self-employed people, it’s a fund that we paid into. It’s not at the grace of the government. And so if I want to go to Greece after I retire, the government cannot say you’re not getting your CPP because I paid into it. The government can say, well, this guaranteed income is an income at the behest of parliament.

You don’t get this guarantee of income if you go to Greece. And furthermore, if you want the income, we want a job, … , you know, make you be a dancing bear the whole time you get this.

Raj: So then committee members asked who would become the owner of the forfeit of property and assets in that scenario and what would happen to lenders or financial institutions. We were simply told that the World Debt Reset Program will handle all of the details. Several community members also question what would happen to individuals if they refused to participate in the World Debt Reset Program or the Health Pass or the vaccination schedule. And the answer we got was very troubling. Essentially, we were told it was our duty to make sure we come up with a plan to ensure that would that would never happen.

I read that and I was like, oh, God, that that means they just want they’re just going to force people to do this thing. And then it goes on to say, we were told it was in the individual’s best interest to participate when several committee members pushed relentless.

R. G: I like to say hello to my friend and ask him this, so Ezra, my friend. Do you still think it’s fake news? Do you remember that pointed video you put out saying how sad? Us Canadians are that we will believe this and how, you know, maybe you should put in another one. Apologize to Canadians.

Raj:  OK, let’s let’s let’s talk about why people think this was fake. I have a couple of points here. There’s no such record or evidence of an IMF backed plan.

R. G: That’s not true in the World Economic Forum for those who can read and choose to read, has been on this for over a decade. Furthermore, I pleaded in July of 2009, 20 Vaccine Passports, why it was an idea cooked up and published in 2018 by the World Economic Forum before we even heard the word COVID-19.

Rah: Mm hmm. OK. Right. Number two, there’s no such thing as a steering committee. I think you said that earlier when we first got this e-mail.

Yeah. So there’s no such thing as this committee that was mentioned here. OK, number three, this way. Do you want to say anything about that one?

R. G: What I want to say about that, in my view at the time as well, that this was made to look like a few initial fake news. So the government, if there was a vicious backlash right away, the government saying, look, we didn’t put that up.

Raj: OK, so let’s make a committee. Right, OK. Number three, the speed it went out, the reality of it, it went around too fast.

R. G: Well, to me, that indicates it’s an institutional memory. Right? They have the wherewithal to make something go viral. Yeah, OK.

Raj: Yeah. And I think those were all the biggest points of why people thought it was leaked Thursday for reasons that is fake, right. Yeah. Or they thought it was fake. So but I mean like the fact that so many of what was, what was laid out has come to fruition.

 R. G: on the on the timetable that it set up without fail, everything is going to be. And they’re not. They’re not. They’re not listening to science, they’re not listening to the experts.

They’re just they’re just bulldozing through their agenda. And why? Because this agenda predates the COVID so-called pandemic. And if you read my statement of claim, I source where these statements are made by Gates, by the GAVI, by the World Economic Forum, by the Rockefeller Foundation report. Yeah, they’re there to read it.

Raj: And just for a little bit of clarity, the World Debt Reset program was put forth by the World Economic Forum and they pitched the Great Reset.

Coincidentally, the IMF, which is the International Monetary Fund, published its version of a global economic reset, which promotes the idea of an inclusive recovery from the pandemic. Is this the bailout? Is this all about UBI?

R. G:  Here’s what it’s about. It’s about putting every single independent business possible out of business. It’s about crushing the bricks and mortar of independent business. So, you know, when they when they limit purchases to curbside, independent businesses can’t continue in business with that business model and every lock down.

And sees the increase of more and more independent businesses collapse to the point now that the Amazon and Uber are the distribution system for your food will be for your food, all your needs, you know, your kids clothing. Where are you getting kids clothing these days? Where are you getting your underwear? You’re getting it from these same criminal billionaire oligarchs and corporations, right?

Raj:  And I know everyone’s like, well, what can we do? What should we do?

R. G: Well, if you’re a store owner, open up. And if you’re a customer, go shop at your local stores. There is no way that, in my personal view, is the Executive Director of the Constitutional Rights Center that when a government blatantly ignores the law, blatantly ignores signs, blatantly ignores rationality, late landlords logic, and puts in fascistic, tyrannical orders that make no sense, that there’s no way that.

And in that context, we did not have the constitutional right to civilly disobey those laws that are repugnant … And at that point, after a year, you say, I have a constitutional right to tell you to go pound sand on a wet beach.

Raj:  So you call it what did you call it? Civil disobedience, right. I like to call it collective noncompliance. We all say no. Same thing. We’re not going to do it as an anarchist,

R. G: I don’t like the word collective, like … Raj: why?

R. G: Everybody does it individually, the collective just emerges organically.

I don’t have to organize to do this. Everybody knows.

Raj:  I know we’re seeing the same thing in different different ways,

R. G:  I think. No, not at all.

Raj:  A little bit.

R. G: They’re talking about collective. They purport to to do everything in the best interests of society.

Raj: But when I say collective, I mean all of us.

R. G:  It doesn’t have to be all of us, just the ones that don’t want to obey fascist goosestepping laws. It doesn’t have to be all of us.

If it’s all of us, then this stuff just it goes away really fast. If it’s only 20 percent of us and it goes away fast. So forget that the collective know that’s doing what you can do

Raj: because there is probably 20 percent of people that are doing noncompliance and they’re still moving ahead with this crazy agenda.

R. G:  No, there isn’t 20 percent of noncompliance. Are you dreaming? Where do you see 20 percent to 20 percent of noncompliance in Canada?

What it would be eight million people not complying. I’m.

Raj: That’s too much. It’s less than that.

R. G: It’s marginal right now.

Raj:  So you’re seeing a you just need a small percentage of people,

R. G:  10 to 20 percent, but that’s a lot. We’re not there yet. We’re not there yet and we got to get there, you know, most revolutions and less than 12 people starting at. And the biggest revolution in the history of the planet was started by one person with 12 followers and Fidel Castro was one person with 12 followers until he hit the beach and is on the boat.

He brought to Mexico and they had from Mexico. They had intelligence. So half of his followers got wiped on the beach and he went into the hills with six of them, including Che Guevara. Yeah, OK. So the Russian Revolution was started by Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky. Three guys. So you think open up a bloody restaurant so I can have dinner? That’s what I’m saying.

Raj: OK, we’re going to wrap this up.

Thank you so much for watching. Super appreciate it. Well, if this is their timeline, we have another timeline there. We’re going to make our own and it’s going to be way better and more exciting. So if you want to help us make this cool new timeline, which is does it look like this? Please join us. Let us know.

R. G: And I hope the Police Chiefs are sincere that they they said we’re not enforcing this because they understand their oath that they took to her majesty and to uphold the Constitution. And so if I’m wrong with that, I apologize. But, you know, I’d rather be wrong about that than right about my suspicions, misimpression to anybody who’s listening that they’re going to succeed in this plan. My mother always used to say, if you want to make God laugh, make a big freaking plan.

I’m not saying they’re going to succeed, but I am saying this is what their plan is. Why? Because they’ve rolled it out. They’ve told us what their plan is. So the plan, if things get even more desperate, is to bring out the troops under the Emergency Act, if they get away with it. I don’t think they can play with that. But we’ll do we’ll dedicate a video to the Emergencies Act very soon. Yeah, we will.