MPP Nicholls Calls it “Do Not Extend Emergency Orders”

MPP Nicholls Calls it “Do Not Extend the Emergency Orders” – YouTube

Transcript by Rawan Mahmasa

And the next member taking the floor to speak to the amendment made by the member from Durham to government. Order number three is the member for Chatham Kent Leamington. Thank you very much, speaker, and I am pleased to stand and debate my thoughts on the amendment to the main motion brought forth by the member from Durham as well as to pass some comments along with regards to the government’s motion to in fact extend the emergency orders because they are tied together. Speaker, I’m going to call it the way I see it.

That’s why I used to do it when I refereed basketball, umpired baseball for many years at high levels, calling it the way you see it.


So let me be very clear. I’m not going to support the motion to extend emergency orders. I will, however, support the members from Durham her amendment to the motion. Listen, we’ve heard clearly the member or the Minister of Health state that the vaccines that have now been injected into people are perfectly safe and now, as of today, she wants to inject five to eleven year olds. To me it’s like playing Russian roulette.


Now, by now, most people know that I’ve refused to be injected with an experimental drugs for many reasons. Those were my reasons. Those were my personal reasons, but they were exploited by a member out of the Premier’s office. And I’ll go on record and say I’m not very happy about that at all because personal medical records are personal and they’re nobody else’s business telling it like it is. In my opinion, there’s not been enough clinical research done to determine possible mid and long term side effects.


In my opinion, it’s not safe. We are, however, hearing of adverse side effects within days and weeks of recruiting or rather of receiving one’s 1st second and or even third injection. Under the current emergency orders, pharmaceutical companies cannot be held responsible for any injuries, including death that may occur. That’s not right. Under the current emergency orders, pharmaceutical companies, as I mentioned, cannot be held liable.


Take a look at high school and University students who have collapsed and in some cases died as a result of being injected with this experimental drug, also called a vaccine. Recently I watched a video compiled by a reputable news outlet showing captured clips of football, basketball and a rash of soccer players in Europe collapsing. All had recently had their second shot of special interest to me when in fact was a basketball official who suddenly collapsed during live action, fell backwards out cold. I don’t know his outcome at this point in time, but it’s a special interest to me because I mentioned earlier I was an official in basketball at high school and University levels.


All of these individuals had been involved in an activity where there was a high degree of exertion on the heart.


It’s now known that one of the severe side effects is myocarditis, which is an inflammation of the heart muscle and endocarditis, which is an inflammation of the inner layer of the heart. The result could be a heart attack. Sadly, the heart damage, regardless of age, is irreparable, and it is feared that many young people and we’ve identified young people young males, especially between twelve and 17, are experiencing what I just described. And unfortunately, it is felt that these young people, some of them may require a heart transplant in later years.


So I say make the pharmaceutical companies liable now for any injuries, do not extend the emergency orders.


So now let’s just talk about what we know about Covid- 19 and Children Health Canada has just authorized the Pfizer vaccine for children ages five to eleven. I’m concerned, and you should be too. Here are some facts that you need to know to help you make a more informed decision for your kids, maybe even for your grandkids. Healthy children between the ages of zero to 19 are not at risk of serious symptoms or death from COVID-19, I said, healthy children. In fact, the flu is more dangerous to kids in COVID-19 studies have also shown that asymptomatic children are unlikely to transmit the virus to adults or pass it around at school.


And even when children get sick, their symptoms are almost very mild. We also know that natural immunity is better than any protection that vaccines can offer. Now, Pfizer’s own data shows that their inoculations are doing more harm than good. There six months round, results showed that they are causing a 300% increase in adverse events, 75% increase in severe adverse effects and a 43% increase in deaths. I’m not trying to fearmonger here.


I’m just stating the facts. I’m calling it the way I’ve read it, the way I see it. We already know that COVID-19 vaccines don’t prevent you from catching or spreading the disease. But we now also know that they are actually causing harm. And I’m going to suggest that if people are very interested with what I’m talking about, I would recommend it.


They go to the website, www. Canadian Covid Care Alliance. Org for more information on what I’m talking about. You know, it’s unfortunate that the Minister, when asked to have the CCCA speak with members of her science table, she flatly refused. Why would she say no?


I pointed out that there was engraved on the walls right up there in the Chamber. The Latin phrase Audi Alteram Partem.. Listen to the other side. Unfortunately, she’s not willing to listen to the other side. It’s somewhat like saying, don’t confuse me with facts.


My mind is made up now. As of November 14, 2021, Public Health Ontario reported 537 incidents of myocarditis and pericarditis following the receipt of Covid 19 mRNA vaccines in Ontario alone. Across Canada. That number was 1241. The highest incidence has been in adolescents and young adults.


I spoke about that a few moments ago and more often in males and females, depending upon the cause and the extent of myocardial damage. Historically, mortality rate is up to 20% after one year and 50% at five years. So it begs the question, what do other countries see that Canada doesn’t? And I’d like to inform the Chamber that Finland, Sweden, and Denmark no longer used Moderna in populations under 30 due to concerns about vaccines damaging the heart. And by the way, Speaker, Taiwan has also stopped using Pfizer vaccine in children between twelve and 17 years of age because of the risk of adverse reactions.


Don’t Canadian kids deserve the same protection? if we don’t stand up for our children’s health and safety, who will clearly not the Canadian government say no to a vaccine that children don’t need to stay safe and healthy. So then it begs the question, Well, what can we do? We can speak up for our children. People need to inform themselves and inform their friends. They need to use credible sources that provide actual data from current unbiased research.

The Canadian COVID Care Alliance is one useful resource. So share your concerns with your network of friends and family members vaccinating children who have virtually no risk of serious side effects or death from Covid 19 with unproven vaccines that have been shown by the manufacturer to cause harm is wrong.

You need to ask questions.

I’m going to suggest that the people out there start phoning the various phone their elected officials at the federal and provincial level, because I know that the members at the provincial level, the MPPs here, all of their offices are getting calls, getting calls from parents and grandparents worried about the side effects of the experimental drugs could have on their little ones. Now there continues to be mounting evidence regarding the use of inexpensive repurposed medicines to treat COVID-19 in early phases. This is based on numerous clinical trials and population data, which includes the experience of many frontline physicians globally.


Recently, doctors from around the world gathered in Rome for the International Covid Summit to discuss early outpatient treatment and to share that information with the international community.


Sadly, the Ontario Science Table supports therapeutic nihilism, and that is not to treat the patient. Early hospitals put patients on expensive Remdesivir, disappeared from disappear so with no evidence of efficacy, there are, however, reports of liver and kidney damage, and in November of 2020, the World Health Organization stated not to use the drug as there was no evidence of benefit. There’s no saying announced prevention. So with a pound of cure, more natural preventative ways of strengthening your immune system could should and must include the use of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, Ivermectin keroseoten, and even hydroxychloroquine.


Although it appears as though those drugs are becoming few and far between, it’s difficult to get them.


Why? Well, that’s something you might have to ask. Perhaps a College of Physicians and Surgeons or other so- called medical experts. Let’s not shame the vaccine hesitant and therefore create a two tier society. Why, as one nurse recently asked, do the protected need to be protected from the Unprotected by forcing the Unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place?


These are in part my reasons we’re not supporting the government’s motion to extend the emergency orders to March 28, 2022.

Thank you.

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