A speech to move mountains aimed at physicians, lawyers and anyone with a soul

The call for Humanity is addressed to physicians around the globe. They have played central roles in conjuring up and driving the COVID-19 narrative along its fatal path. 

Return to your pledged duties to serve humanity. Recall the Oath of Hippocrates and the 1954 Declaration of Geneva. Avoid doing harm. 

Physicians who participate in the vaccination program: search for the truth in your souls. Are you acting out of conviction? Have you attempted to weigh out the evidence for and against the administration of the gene-based agents? Early in the vaccination campaign you may have believed that injecting gene-based COVID products served the best interests of your patients. This Symposium has however irrefutably documented that that stance is no longer viable. The potential of the so-called vaccines to trigger self-destruction is now revealed. Continuance of their application will be equatable with intended infliction of bodily harm. You, medicinal professionals of the world, can and must stop this immediately. Can you bear the thought that your next injection could wipe out the hopes and happiness of an innocent child? Blood that you may have on your hands can still be washed off. But new blood will remain on you until the Day of Judgment. 

Physicians, we call upon you to decline to participate in the harm of your patients. Resist the hijacking of medicine by politics, and take patient care and patient safety back into your own hands. 

Our Call for Freedom is addressed to the governmental bodies and medicinal agencies, whose conflicts of interest abound. We charge them with usurping their powers in order to serve their own interests. They have inflicted untold suffering on the world populace – cynically, mercilessly, remorselessly. The first individuals we address here are the medical doctors: Anthony Fauci, Ursula van der Leyen, the Austrian and German ministers of health, the next President of Switzerland. Do you not fear that your names will go down in history alongside with the names of the greatest evil-doers of all times – and forever mar the standing and prestige of our once-honoured profession?  

We challenge you to come forth and debate the matter with us in an open and honest fashion. This challenge extends to all medical institutions that continue to laud the merits of COVID-vaccination. Colleagues: we cannot both be right and it is our implicit duty to come together and seek the truth. Come, colleagues, convince the world of your honourable stance by accepting our challenge. We await you any time, any day, anywhere.  

Our Call for Justice is addressed to the law courts of the world. Pleas for help are reaching your courtrooms from around the globe. Return to your judicial responsibility to protect and stand by the populace that is being terrorized by a select few of the world. Recall your professional duties and maintain the ethics of your profession. Open your eyes, your ears and your minds to both of the opposing parties. 

Ensure that the guilty are brought to justice. 

And, finally, to our fellow members of the human family: we call upon you to stand up for your rights, and the rights of those you love – your freedom, your bodily autonomy, your right to live, speak, move and work freely, without medical coercion, intimidation, or fear of reprisal. 

For once you give those rights away, they will not be given back. You will be sentencing your children and the generations to come to an existence in a world of darkness, to a life devoid of empathy, of love, of humanity. A life no longer worth living.