Canada: Democracy or Dictatorship?

Something like the war on Syria would have been easy to understand for the masses, but (invisible, unelected) dictators that control the West, control and warp the thoughts of the masses. So if a 60 Minutes show comes on blurting war propaganda, the sheep swallow it whole.

Absolutely, the West, including Canada, is a corrupt dictatorship, now more than ever with COVID. The dictatorship of invisible sinister lobbies is suffocating most of us big time right now. It is destroying the real economy for the benefit of select financial interests. It is killing us, it is maiming us, it is destroying our freedoms.

The totalitarianism is inverted. Most want more lockdowns and more masks and more economic ruin because they have been engineered to believe the anti-scientific government and Big Monopoly lies. Many people will not see this message because Big Tech controls algorithms and censorship and access to information.

Some people think voting makes a difference in the West. It is like choosing between Mac Donalds and Wendys. Differences between political parties are largely cosmetic, as War Inc., COVID Inc. continue apace, bankrupting us further, and solidifying the status of our governments as Bankster et al. puppets.