Canadian Foreign Policy is Utterly Barbaric

Canada’s foreign policy is basically an appendage of U.S foreign policy, and it is utterly barbaric. Consider the example of Syria.

Syria, like Turkey, has recently suffered catastrophic earthquakes.  Whereas humanitarian aid has justifiably poured into Turkey, it barely reaches the vast majority of Syrians.

Why is this?  The answer is simple. Criminal unilateral coercive measures levied against Syria and Syrians allow aid to terrorist-occupied areas on the one hand, and deny aid to all areas governed by the democratically -elected, overwhelmingly popular, secular, pluralist government of Syria led by President Bashar al-Assad. (1)

The aid to al Qaeda terrorist- occupied areas such as Idlib is hoarded and controlled (2)by terrorist-warlords as it trickles down to the people. (3) In fact the legitimate Syrian government recently attempted to ship aid into Idlib, but al Julani, former al Qaeda boss, now rebranded HTS boss, refused a convoy of aid coming from Damascus, saying that “he wouldn’t legitimize the internationally recognized Syrian government and he wouldn’t accept the aid.” (4)

Meanwhile, the truth of Canada’s foreign-policy barbarism is concealed by a vast war-propaganda complex which creates false perceptions of Canada’s humanitarianism as it doubles-down on barbarism. The deception is so great that people trying to help Syria are actually helping al Qaeda.

Consider, for example,  the case of the Canadian-funded White Helmets.  Known and documented, the White Helmets are not the legitimate Syrian Civil Defense. (The real Syria Civil Defense was established in 1953, and is recognized by the International Organization for Civil Defense in Geneva.) They are instead, as pointed out by John Pilger, a “propaganda construct”. They operate solely in terrorist-occupied areas and hence they would be more accurately described as Al Qaeda rescuers.

Vanessa Beeley recently pointed out that the White Helmet brand has been

“extensively damaged by Syrian civilian accusations including theft, murder, torture, detention, being embedded with armed groups dominated by Al-Qaeda, organ trafficking, child abduction for presenting their chemical weapon staged events, and of course they were proven to be staged after the Douma 2018 chemical attack when the OPCW dissident inspectors, who were on the ground, pointed out that the events at the Medical Center in Douma were staged as I had already confirmed visiting the Medical Center days after the alleged attack.” (5)

The plight of Syria and the Syrian people, victimized by Western unilateral coercive measures, by Western-supported terrorists, including ISIS and al Qaeda, and now by hypocritical and toxic earthquake response measures, is yet one more sordid example of the need to honour and enforce international law and the charter of the United Nations. Any so-called “Rules Based Order” as offered by Washington, would surely be more of the same: degenerate barbarism.

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