Canadian mRNA Expert Suspended for Criticizing COVID Vaccine for Children/ By Belle Carter

By Belle Carter Global Research, July 11, 2022

Chemical Violence 8 July 2022

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A Canadian expert in messenger RNA (mRNA) was suspended for two months without pay for criticizing the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine for children.

Dr. Patrick Provost, microbiology and immunology professor at the Université Laval (ULaval) in Quebec province, was punished for remarks he made in front of a panel of doctors and scientists back in December 2021. He said that the risks of injecting children with an experimental gene-altering mRNA COVID shot outweigh the potential benefits.

His remarks were not without basis as he studies mRNA in his own laboratory as part of his position at the university.

“Being censored for doing what I’ve been trained to do – and hired to do – well, it’s hard to believe,” said Provost. “I had some concerns about something, [so] I searched the literature, I prepared a speech [and] delivered it to the public.

The professor only learned on June 14 that ULaval was suspending him for eight weeks without pay.

“We need to be allowed to question again,” Provost remarked. “We should be able to discuss any ideas [and] any opinions. Because I express opinions against the narrative of the government, I was suspended.”

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Provost was not the only academic who was punished for standing up against COVID-19 vaccines for children. ULaval also suspended biology professor Nicolas Derome for bringing up his concerns about the shots back in November 2021.

Simon Viviers, vice president of ULaval’s faculty union, said a grievance against the “attack on academic freedom” had been filed. He added that the penalties on Provost and Derome will make other professors think twice about making public comments on certain issues.

“To allow [a university] to judge the validity of the comments made by a university professor in public and to sanction him in this manner is extremely problematic,” he commented. “It could really have a dissuasive effect [and] even lead to self-censorship.”

MSM takes down Provost’s article shortly after publishing it

Apart from his suspension from ULaval, Provost’s article titled “The true portrait of COVID-19 in Quebec” was removed by the mainstream media outlet that first published it.

The piece published on June 22 in Le Journal de Quebec debunked the mainstream COVID-19 narrative. Provost wrote that the COVID-19 death rate is “greatly overestimated” due to a number of factors, including an infection rate “several times higher than reported” and the inclusion of “deaths with, and not because of, COVID-19” in the tallies.

He went on to say that a higher rate of “all-cause” death amongst the elderly only took place during the first wave from April to June 2020, as well as shortly after the imposition of the holiday lockdown or curfew and the deployment of the third vaccine dose in January 2022.

While he did not associate the vaccines with higher death rates, he presented the data from around the world compiled by insurance companies showing an almost 40 percent spike of excess death-rate claims in largely vaccinated or boosted populations.

Provost asked: “Did the pandemic … justify imposing such severe and comprehensive health measures, rather than targeted ones, to circumscribe a threat that targeted a well-known category of people?”

Quebecor, the parent company of Le Journal de Quebec, took down the article – but independent media outlets such as Libre Media have republished it.

“You are condemned by the media, by the government, and you are chased and put down,” lamented Provost.

Visit for more stories about the silencing of doctors critical of COVID-19 vaccines.

Watch the video of a British TV executive revealing the MSM’s shocking censorship on “The HighWire.”


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