“Data Is The New Oil”


[00:00:00] Mark Taliano, Mark, come on up here.

[00:00:14] Hello, folks, very, very nice to see that this group is growing. Someone said that “data is the new oil” and I really didn’t quite understand that at the time. And I don’t even know who said it, but it makes sense because data is driving this operation and the data is fake. I think if we distill this whole thing down, instead people are looking at newspapers, they’re seeing all these scary graphs and they’re seeing all these “COVID cases”, but the data is fake. OK, and the biggest lies are the best lies. People think they couldn’t be lying to us that much.

[00:00:56] Yes, they are, folks. So we need to get real data out there in the simplest form. And Prof. Chossudovsky at Global Research just came out with an e-book that’s free. So if you go to the Internet and you Google Global Research, I’m a Research Associate there, you can take a look at it his e-book and it’s free, and it documents who’s behind this. And I’m going to just give a brief, I’m just going to read an article, a very short article that I wrote which distills the truth, which is what we need, because Mainstream Everything right now is a lie.

[00:01:40] PCR tests are foundational to the Covid Operation, yet this foundation is made of sand.

[00:01:52] It’s not a secret. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the U.S. admitted this.

[00:02:00] They said, “Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019 n-COV is the causative of agent for clinical symptoms. “

[00:02:17] What does that mean, folks?

[00:02:20] They’re saying that the tests don’t work and they don’t work. This is insane.

[00:02:27] All of the data is fake, but people don’t believe it is fake, because the Lie is so Big.  The inventor of the PCR test, Dr. Kary Mullis, God Bless him,  was quite clear that the test was not reliable as a diagnostic tool. The tests was not designed for that purpose.

[00:02:52] It’s a wonderful test, but it is not designed to identify viruses, so the people using it are misusing it. OK, if you take the insert for the PCR test and read it, it says Research Use Only. It’s great, I would imagine, for some research, but not for the purposes that they are using it.

[00:03:15] It is not fit for purpose.

[00:03:20] Yet in lockstep with the World Economic Forum and World Health Organization agenda, testing, using an instrument not fit for purpose, is being used to drive unreasonable fear and to fabricate consent for global vaccination programs using MRNA vaccines that modify DNA. (And this is a first ok, modified DNA) and advance biometric eugenicist and transhumanist agendas.

[00:04:00] Accumulating evidence confirms that the so-called “Killer Virus” pandemic is a hoax.

[00:04:10] Overall, death rates in the UK and beyond are in line with five year averages.

[00:04:17] These statistics are likely to change, however, since “excess deaths” due to  “Covid measures” and vaccinations will increase Overall Mortality Rates.

Since the PCR test is the lynchpin to the  lockdown and denials of our rights and freedoms, it should figure prominently in anti-lockdown  protests and rallies.

Thank you.

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