Syria: “Moderate Rebels” or “Intelligence Narrative”?

“Moderates” never existed except as an “intelligence” agency narrative to protect and arm all the terrorists. “Rebels” never existed except as an “intelligence” agency ploy to falsely portray a Regime Change war as a “revolution” or a “civil war”.

Prof. Tim Anderson explains that the “moderate rebel” myth was part of a Story B (1) in which non-existent “moderate al Qaeda” were said to be fighting extremist (al Qaeda/ISIS). According to this intelligence agency myth, the former therefore deserved to be fortified and rescued and protected and armed with weapons of mass destruction.

The fabricated narratives were and are a smokescreen to conceal the fact that the West supports all of the terrorists, covertly and overtly, and always did.

Forget Bana Alabed, an icon of both child abuse and war propaganda, in which innocent children are weaponized to advance imperial projects. Bana’s parents had close affiliations with al Qaeda and tweets such as, “I am talking to the world now live from east #Aleppo. This is my last moment to either live or die.” (2) were designed to fabricate consent for the West to yet again come to the rescue of al Qaeda and affiliated terrorists.

All of the intelligence agency narratives, the stories within stories, have been proven false. They amount to criminal war propaganda.

The stark reality that is self-evident once the smokescreens are swept away is that Syria and Syrians are fighting for freedom and democracy. Their opponents in the West are actively waging war to destroy freedom and democracy. At times such as these, where more and more areas are liberated, the truth of these statements is increasingly obvious, even to the most jaded of minds.

Consider the messaging on roadways that were previously occupied and controlled by Western-supported terrorists.

The recently liberated Idlib and Aleppo countrysides.There was no “moderate rebels”. There was no “rebels” in Syria.They were always Al Qaeda and ISIS.We were called conspiracy theorists and liars when we said Syria is fighting global terrorism. Who’s lying now?“Democracy is for the infidels”But I thought the West, NATO, Israel and the Gulf were sponsoring freedom and democracy in Syria?More videos and pictures in this thread:

Posted by Hadi Nasrallah on Monday, February 24, 2020

Video by Hadi Nasrallah

Syria, War Propaganda and the “White Helmets”

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