Europe’s “Ministry of Truth 2022”: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Microsoft, Google Enlisted by the E.U. “to Fight Disinformation”/By Prof. Chossudovsky

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, June 20, 2022

16 June 2022

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“When the Lie becomes the Truth, there is No Moving Backwards” (Michel Chossudovsky) 



The EU has released its guidelines for the implementation of online censorship. It’s the roadway to tyranny.  It’s Orwell’s Ministry of Truth 2022. 

The unspoken objective is to sustain government propaganda and “fake news” by the mainstream media while systematically curtailing freedom of expression and independent analysis throughout the European Union. It is also an attempt to literally bankrupt independent media (financially) through a process of demonetization. 

The EU project is entitled 2022 Strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation:

The new Code brings together a more diverse range of stakeholders than ever, empowering them to contribute to wide-ranging improvements by signing up to precise commitments relevant to their field. Such commitments include demonetising the dissemination of disinformation; guaranteeing transparency of political advertising; enhancing cooperation with fact-checkers; and facilitating researchers access to data.

Supporting platforms and industry to meet their commitments under the Code of Practice on Disinformation feeds in to the European Commission’s commitment to a more transparent, safe and trustworthy online environment.

Needless to say, The 2022 Strengthened Code does not address the REAL mainstream media practice of fake news, nor does it question the lies of senior government officials.

Suppressing the Truth

The European Commission’s objective is to suppress the truth regarding Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine. In the words of  Věra Jourová, EU Commission Vice-President for Values and Transparency (May 2022): 

“Disinformation related to the coronavirus crisis and Russia’s war in Ukraine clearly show that we need stronger tools to fight online disinformation.

Outright lies regarding the deadly impacts of the Covid-19 Vaccine. Amply documented, the Covid-19 Vaccine has triggered from the outset in December 2020 an upward trend in mortality and morbidity. The evidence is overwhelming. National governments Worldwide are Lying to You the People, to the populations they purportedly serve.

What is at stake is a comprehensive totalitarian project with a view to sustaining official lies and fake science on behalf of the financial elites. The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen is complicit in suppressing the truth on behalf of Big Pharma. If you have doubts, read the bombshell Secret Report by Pfizer, which is now in the public domain (released under FOI).

“More Transparency” points to the Elimination of Freedom of Expression in Online Publishing

Sofar the EU Digital Strategy (with a view to tackling alleged online disinformation) has  enlisted Facebook (owned by Meta), Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok.

In this regard, the EU has put forth a detailed Code of Practice which contains 44 commitments and 128 specific measures.

The first objective is  entitled “Demonetisation: cutting financial incentives for purveyors of disinformation”. It’s intent is to prevent the independent online media from raising revenue through advertising and/or donations. 

The Real “purveyors of disinformation” and “fake news”, namely the mainstream media conglomerates are not affected. Quite the opposite: The main source of their multibillion dollar online revenue is advertising.

“The Code will strengthen the measures to reduce manipulative behaviour used to spread disinformation (e.g. fake accounts, bot-driven amplification, impersonation, malicious deep fakes”…They will be also required to periodically review the list of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) employed by malicious actors”

Who are those “Malicious Actors”? 

Malicious actors are routinely involved to actions which contribute to the destabilization and suppression of the independent media.

It takes on various forms. In the course of the month of April 2022, Global Research was the object of a cyber attack involving a daily average of up to 10 million malicious requests, originating simultaneously from several countries, the objective of which was to paralyze our website.

Other procedures adopted by Facebook and Twitter consist in providing a malicious label to independent media articles:

The EU initiative is to “be better protected from disinformation” to enable online readers “to access authoritative sources”.

The objective is also  “to empower” the so-called “fact-checking community”, which is largely controlled by the corporate media in alliance with Facebook, Google et al in liaison with corrupt government officials.

“Steps ahead”.

 The EU calls for the rapid implementation of the Code: 

Signatories will have six months to implement the commitments and measures to which they have signed up. …

… The established Task Force, which will meet as necessary and at least every six months, will monitor and adapt the commitments in view of technological, societal, market and legislative developments.

Censorship is Mandatory

It is worth noting that while the 2018’s Code of Practice on Disinformation, is “self regulatory”, the revised version adopted on 16 June 2022 is slated to become  mandatary:

“the Code aims to become a mitigation measure and a Code of Conduct recognized under the co-regulatory framework of the DSA.”

This insidious project is tantamount to the establishment of a  European Ministry of Truth in blatant violation of the constitutional provisions of the EU’s 27 member states. It goes far beyond Hitler’s propaganda apparatus led by Joseph Goebbels.

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, 1933-1945, formulated a principle that if a lie is told often enough, it becomes accepted as the truth. (Brian Willson)

A lie told once remains a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”- Joseph Goebbels

The dystopian premises of Orwell’s 1984 are now embedded in an advanced online digital communications technology.

Repeated media lies 24/7 are part of a fear campaign.

In turn, the methodology of persistent and repetitive lying inserted into an advanced digital environment has a far greater reach than the repulsive propaganda model proposed by Goebbels to Adolph Hitler.

The real purveyors of media disinformation namely the corporate media and its “fact checkers” are not only exempt from these provisions, the EU Commission has promised to generously finance the “fact checkers” (at tax payers expense) which operate under the auspices of the multi-billion dollar corporate media conglomerates including Reuters (owned by the Thomson Family):

“… The Code works towards ensuring fair financial contributions for fact-checkers’ work and better access to fact-checkers to information facilitating their daily work”. (emphasis added)

This project of the European Commission must be forcefully rejected.

It is a model of censorship in derogation of fundamental human rights. It’s a criminal undertaking under Nuremberg.

As the Nuremberg prosecutor stated:

“The use made by the Nazi conspirators of psychological warfare is well known. Before each major aggression, with some few exceptions based on expediency, they initiated a press campaign calculated to weaken their victims and to prepare the German people psychologically for the attack….In the propaganda system of the Hitler State it was the daily press and the radio that were the most important weapons.”


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