Experimental Jabs

What is the problem with taking an experimental injection?

First, there is no need for it. There is no killer virus, but there are cures and preventative measures, largely withheld from the public.

Second it is dangerous and has killed over 20,000 people and injured many more (they withdrew the Swine Flu jab after it killed fewer than 50.)

Third, the COVID Op has destroyed countless lives, destroyed the economy, and opened us up to corporate predation in the form of international banksters and assorted cartels who will benefit from the economic ruin, at our expense.

Fourth, it is shepherding us like sheep into a Fourth Industrial Revolution without our informed consent, all by deceit and psychological warfare.

Finally, the Operation has destroyed our inalienable rights and freedoms. The COVID OP is not over. it is just beginning.

Controllers will falsely blame the economic ruin on COVID and wage war on China, and on and on.

It is a fake humanitarian pretext for genocide, depopulation, death and destruction, all for perceived benefit of ruling classes.