False Perception Fabrication Inc.

Mainstream Everything can create a pandemic out of anything, even out of a Low Infection Fatality Rate (1) virus that arguably has not been properly isolated, purified, or replicated.

And that is exactly what they did.

The process of turning the truth on its head did not happen overnight. It involved changing words and nomenclature to align with pre-planned existing agendas.

Prior to the H1N1 Swine Flu “pandemic” of 2009, for example, the WHO deleted “severity of illness” from the definition of a high level, “level 6” contagion. How convenient. (2) Whereas the word “pandemic” usually conjures up images of devastating, high mortality-rate plagues, in reality, thanks to the changed nomenclature, the term is now used to define COVID-19 which has Low Infection Fatality Rates.

Coding changes to Death Certificates, for COVID-19 only, also continue to distort reality. Had coding changes not been altered in March 2020, the COVID death rates would be substantially lower. (3) When people see high numbers of deaths falsely attributed to COVID, they become fearful — which is part of the plan– but the fear is not reasonable. It is not based on real mortality rates.

It doesn’t end there. Some argue that mRNA experimental injections are not vaccines because they basically alter a person’s DNA using synthetic RNA. Typical vaccines do not do that. Problem solved. Merriam -Webster recently changed its definition of “vaccine” to cover the mRNA experimental jabs as well.

The WHO also changed its definition of “herd immunity” by negating natural herd immunity from the definition and by attributing it exclusively to vaccines.

The astute observer will see the very transparent beneficiaries of these changes in nomenclature.

Financial interests, Big Pharma, and globalists imposing lockdowns would be some of the front-line beneficiaries.

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