Grand Jury Day Five/ Economical and Financial Destruction

Some highlights:

Covid measures which kill small and medium sized businesses benefit large monopolies that can weather the storm and then find themselves with reduced competition

Yet again, we are experiencing huge transfers of wealth from the public to the oligarch classes

Neoliberalization writ large: more emaciation of the public sphere, more privatization, and more deregulation, with many “regulators” ( CDC, FDA) being entirely captured by the industries that they are supposed to regulate (ie Big Pharma)

Deregulation of stock market has lead to excessive debt load, a continuation of previous unresolved crashes

Central Banks now seeking more direct control through Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Overarching plan is to dehumanize and enslave us in a technocratic dystopia where we become “hackable animals”


We need a growing conscience and growing awareness

We need a free press versus the current monopoly-owned and controlled press

We need to step into our human rights and we need an end to the current anti-democratic political economy that masquerades as democracy

We need free science verus Big Pharma, conflict-of-interest-ridden pseudo-science

We need to orient ourselves towards small and local versus large and global


— M. Taliano

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