International Law, Human Rights, The Fight against Terrorism: Which Country Holds the Legal and Moral High Ground, Canada or Syria?

In terms of international law, human rights, the fight against terrorism, and common decency, Syria wins, hands down.

Syria, which ranked amongst the top 5 countries globally as a “safe” destination prior to the pre-planned western-launched dirty war, puts Canada to shame.

It has been well-documented for years that the pre-planned war on Syria is illegal according to international laws, resolutions, and conventions. Not only does the Canadian Defence Minister’s earlier pronouncement that “President Assad, he does need to go ….” amount to an endorsement for illegal regime change against a sovereign, non-belligerent, U.N member country, but Canada’s membership in NATO and Canada’s proven complicity in regime change operations amounts to the height of criminality according to Nuremburg standards.

Additionally, United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254 states that “(t)he Syrian people will decide the future of Syria,”  and United Nations Security Council Resolution 2253  imposes asset freeze, travel ban, arms embargo and listing criteria for ISIL, Al-Qaida and ‘associated individuals, groups, undertaking and entities’

Not only is Canada’s regime-change mission against Syria entirely illegal, but our huge military hardware contract  with Wahhabi Saudi Arabia implicates Canada further, especially since Saudi Arabia is a chief financier to the terrorists invading Syria.

And now that our staunch ally the U.S openly admits to supporting Al Qaeda/Al Nusra Front terrorists in Syria, we are even further implicated by association.

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Canada’s illegal sanctions, which serve to besiege all Syrian citizens, and therefore render assistance to invading terrorists, are also a weapon of aggression against the innocent and the righteous.

In terms of the “War on Terror”, Syria wins easily, since Syria and its allies are waging a legitimate war against terrorism, while Canada and its allies are waging war shoulder to shoulder with all the terrorists  in Syria – there are no moderates —  in an imperial military campaign aimed at destroying Syria and effecting illegal regime change.

And Canada’s pro-terrorism position isn’t limited to Syria either.  We supported al Qaeda to destroy Libya, and we support neo-Nazis in Ukraine – the same ones that spear-headed the illegal junta.

While it is abundantly clear that Canada supports rather than opposes terrorism, Syria, on the other hand, fights terrorism, with all its heart and soul – and they have plenty of both.

Syria’s fight in defence of its sovereignty and territorial integrity against some of the most disgusting of terrorists is righteous.

Virginia Senator Richard H. Black describes the terrorist modus operandi in these words:

Terrorists are the criminals–not the Syrians.

“Much is made of alleged mistreatment of rebels in Syrian prisons. By contrast, the rebels have no prisons. They murder their captives–beheading, crucifying, stoning, burning or drowning them in steel cages. Rebels post hundreds of videos, depicting mass executions of prisoners and battlefield cannibalism. Many of their victims are women, children, priests and elderly noncombatants. International Law is clear; terrorists who commit such crimes are not entitled to protections under the Geneva Conventions. When terrorists attack civilian targets with suicide-bombs, ravage Syria’s wives and behead their sons, they can hardly expect gentle treatment in response.”

In terms of advancing the cause of democracy, Canada also loses to Syria.  Whereas government controlled areas of Syria hold elections – the most recent Presidential elections had a participation rate of 73% and President al-Assad won a majority with 88% of the vote — Canada supports the terrorist occupied areas — of which none holds elections.

Freedoms of speech, of dissent, of religion, are all showcased in government-held areas of Syria, in contrast to terrorist occupied areas, where children are indoctrinated in the teaching of Wahhabism, where misogyny is rampant, Sharia law is practiced, and ethnic cleansing is common.

So in terms of advancing the causes of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law; in terms of protecting human rights; and in terms of actually fighting rather than engaging in terrorism, Syria far outstrips Canada.

Our government projects a false international image of promoting liberty, freedom, and democracy, as we deny and abrogate those same values every single day.

The Canadian government and its agencies also propagandize Canadian citizens, so we too are a victimized by our government’s degeneracy.

If Syrians were to announce the need for regime change against Canada, and then proceed to flood our country with foreign-backed terrorist mercenaries, we might have a better appreciation for what Syrians are forced to endure, thanks to our efforts.

The reality of government-sponsored false flag terrorism is a concern, but for the most part, Canadians are free to live their lives unhampered by reasonable fears of foreign mercenary terrorists, the thunder of Hell Cannon mortars, and the rattle of assault rifles.

The original source of this article is Global Research Copyright © Mark Taliano, Global Research, 2016