‘ISIS Airforce’ Bombs Syria, Committing Supreme International Crimes As Policy/ By Janice Kortkamp and Basma Qaddour

Janice Kortkamp:

 The 100% illegal US coalition occupation forces in Syria (also illegal in Iraq since that government has demanded their departure) – are there busily stealing Syria’s oil and wheat while training a proxy army to Balkanize 1/3 of Syria’s land – that not coincidentally are where the richest oil fields are – made another airstrike against Syrian and Iraqi troops fighting ISIS.

Text by Basma Qaddour:

US military strikes Syria-Iraqi border

?U.S. occupation forces carried out airstrikes on residential buildings near Syria-Iraq border around 1 a.m. [Syria time], killing one child and wounding three residents.

?The area has been struck plenty of times by U.S. forces “that are working on undermining the efforts by Syria and its allies to fight the Islamic State in the area.”

?The U.S. military did not disclose whether it believed anyone was killed or injured but officials said assessments were ongoing.

?The strikes came at the direction of President Joe Biden, the second time he has ordered strikes since taking office five months ago

Source: Syrian TV channel Al-Ikhbaria