Jamie Lynn and Canada’s manufactured Crisis



Okay we’re at the …. overpass awesome turnout no major media here obviously because the media does not represent the people. There’s no local media either from what I can see.

This is Jamie Jamie Lynn one of many many people here uh and tell me Jamie what brings you to uh this overpass?

The open convoy brought me to the over- pass yep for the freedom convoy yeah we’re fighting for freedom.

Okay and what uh okay so where you work you can name it or you don’t have to your work is disrupted by the Trudeau mandates. Can you tell me if how?

Trucks stop delivering our parts for farmers we’ll run out of food.

Okay, now why did the trucks I’m hearing conflicting stories here of course some of the truckers do not want to take the experimental injection but you mentioned something else what what were you saying …. to me ?

Trudeau is literally trying to starve us by putting these mandates in place. These truck drivers with vaccination papers with or without papers are being denied supplies.

Let me let me hear that again are you telling me that as far as you can tell and you work in the parts industry correct and you’re dealing with truckers every single day some of these truckers have all the required paperwork and they’re still not allowed across the border ?

It’s not that they’re across the border its that they can’t pick up their supplies. They’re not allowed to pick up their supplies. That’s why we have shortages.

Unbelievable so you’re telling me that … well Trudeau is behind this this is uh manufactured crisis.

And do you have friends or neighbors uh who are equally impacted by this crisis?

I have a friend of mine that’s in the convoy right now in- laws are in the convoy.

Awesome thank you very much.

You’re welcome

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