Letter to the Editor of Hutchinson News

Janice Kortkamp and Gail Malone in Syria
The War on Terror is a fraud. The West and its agencies support the terrorists, even as the Mainstream falsely claims the opposite.

Sheila Ann Young has shown great interest and fortitude in searching for and finding the truth about the war on Syria beneath the rubble of mainstream war propaganda.

She has an aptitude for finding information sources that are reliable, that involve independent research, and on-the-ground investigations.

Young’s work is the often uncelebrated work of the patriot.  American patriots, like Senator Black, like Tulsi Gabbard, like Janice Kortkamp, see no honor in America’s support for al Qaeda and affiliated terrorists in Syria. Washington supports them all, and American patriots are willing to admit this and amplify this for the sake of us all.

Now more than ever, we need to take a stand against the Big Lie, the growing totalitarianism, the dictatorship of unelected cartels that drive the international war crimes, Supreme in scope, that are devastating, impoverishing, and enslaving us all.

Voices from truth-tellers like Young are flashes of light in storm-darkened nights.

Now more than ever we need to celebrate these voices, and bury the lies.

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