Multi-Billion Dollar “Direct Energy Weapons (DEW)” Market, For Military and “Civilian Use” (?). Were DEWs Used in Hawaii?/ By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, August 17, 2023

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Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) constitute a buoyant $5.3 Billion dollar business (2022) which is slated to increase to $12.9 Billon dollars by 2027. This profit-driven military-industrial market is dominated by six “Defense Contractors” including Raytheon, Northrup Grunman, BAE Systems (plc), Boeing, Lockheed Martin and L3Harris Technologies.

According to Raytheon:

 “The development of directed energy (DE) technology is used to counter the drone threat”.

While DEWs are largely intended for military use, so-called “non lethal” and/or “less lethal” Direct Energy Weapons are  envisaged for so-called “Homeland Security applications”. 

The Evidence: Were Direct Energy Weapons Used in Hawaii?

Images confirm the extent and nature of devastation and destruction. (see videos below). 

They also suggest that the damage incurred was not attributable to “natural causes”. 

The evidence suggests that Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) may have been used (yet to be fully ascertained) and that the acts of destruction were deliberate.

Video: Houses are Targeted? Green Trees Remain Untouched


Video: “Intentional Destruction”?


Note the above CBS report points to “A Wildfire Disaster”.

Thousands of families have lost their homes, burnt to the ground. The devastating impacts resulting from possible DEW attacks are not mentioned. The official statements point to “Natural Causes”:

Can you imagine calling up a family that has just seen their home burn to the ground and offering to buy their land for below market value?

This is apparently happening in Hawaii right now on a massive scale.”  Michael Snyder, (August 17, 2023)


Among the six private companies of the military industrial complex, Raytheon and BAE Systems are also involved in ENMOD technologies on behalf of the U.S. Air Force.

There is a flourishing international market. DEWs are exported Worldwide.

The usage for so-called “Homeland Security applications” includes “non-lethal” civilian applications including Airport protection, riot controls, protection of infrastructure (see below).

A Citizens’ Criminal Investigation?

Are these so-called “non-lethal or “less lethal” DEWs available for acquisition or purchase by private sector and/or governmental entities?

A citizens’ investigation is required to establish what is behind this devastating process of destruction in Hawaii and in various  parts of America.

Our thoughts today are with the people of Hawaii.

Below is an examination of the Direct Energy Weapons Market by:

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