NATO reveals 70% of Syrians support Bashar al-Assad/By VOLTAIRE NETWORK | 6 JUNE 2013

ARCHIV - Der syrische Präsident Baschar al-Assad hebt in Damaskus, Syrien, grüßend die Hand (Archivfoto vom 15.08.2006). Der seit dem Jahr 2000 herrschende Baschar al-Assad versprach nach Amtsantritt wirtschaftliche Reformen. Er und seine in London aufgewachsene Frau Asma al-Assad galten vielen Syrern als Hoffnungsträger. Doch wie sein Vater lässt Baschar jede oppositionelle Strömung mit Gewalt unterdrücken. Foto: Youssef Badawi (zu dpa "Die Assads - Diktatorendynastie in Syrien" vom 26.04.2011)

The Anglo-American press reports on an internal NATO study (dated June 2013), which takes stock of Syrian public opinion [1].

The study shows that 70% of Syrians support President Bashar al-Assad, 20% adopt a neutral position and 10% support the “rebels.”

These figures are presented as reflecting a change of heart. The population is tired of the abuses and divisions of the armed opposition. From NATO’s perspective, what we are witnessing is not a phenomenon that is occurring in view of the approaching “Geneva-2” peace conference.

For two years, the events in Syria have been portrayed by the Atlanticist and GCC press as a peaceful revolution cruelly suppressed by a tyrant. The Syrian and anti-imperialist press, on the contrary, brands them as a foreign attack, armed and funded to the tune of billions of dollars.

[1] “NATO data: Assad winning the war for Syrians’ hearts and minds,” World Tribune, May 31, 2013.