Quebec: Falsification of Mortality Data Pertaining to Covid-19

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, February 14, 2021

According to a directive from Quebec’s Ministry of Health :

“If the presumed cause of death is Covid-19 (with or without a positive test) an autopsy should be avoided  [emphasis in original document] and death should be attributed to Covid-19 as the probable cause of death. In addition, deaths whose probable cause is Covid-19 are considered natural, and are not subject to a coroner’s notice. “

The directive does not allow the counting of co-morbidities. And if the family of the deceased does not accept the Covid-19 categorization (which incidentally requires no PCR test), the autopsy request procedures are complex (almost impossible, two hospitals for the whole of Quebec, see document below).

This directive dated Thursday, April 16, 2020 was conducive to an immediate sharp increase in the number of deaths attributed to Covid-19: 44.9% of total deaths in Quebec are attributed to Covid-19 (week of 11-18 April 2020).

Read carefully the text of the directive sent to the managers of the OPTILAB clusters (the clinical-administrative and medical co-directors). (Les Grappes – OPTILAB are the medical biology laboratories)

The directive is issued on April 16, 2020.

Four days later, Monday April 21, 2020, La Presse (Montreal) reports that Covid-19 has become:

“…  the main cause of death in Quebec, beating the daily average of deaths attributable to cancer and heart disease”

“The coronavirus, with 62 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours [20-21 April 2020], also claims more lives than the flu, alzheimer’s, road accidents and all the other causes of death listed by Health public..

According to La Presse,  April [2020] was the deadliest month . But  did La Presse consult the directives of the Ministry of Health:

Similarly, Le Devoir confirms that COVID-19 had become deadly precisely in April 2020,  at the very moment when the Ministry imposed its new guidelines concerning the Covid to the OPTILAB grappes labs.

And below is the (daily) mortality statement for Quebec corresponding to the week of April 12 to 18, 2020 measured according to the criteria issued by the Ministry of Health.

Are these figures the result of the so-called deadly pandemic?

Or is it the result of the Ministry of Health’s “guidelines” based on erroneous criteria? See below:

  •  “presumed” case pertaining to Covid,
  • “With or without a positive test”,
  • “probable” cause of death,
  • “Autopsy should be avoided” in the case of Covid-19.
  •  Deaths of which the probable cause is Covid-19, are considered natural, and are not the object of a notice to the coroner “

Mortality statistics go fly high following the implementation of the Ministry guidelines.

It is not even necessary to require a “confirmed positive cause” (PCR test) to establish that the death is caused by the virus. Covid-19 “presumed cause” (which proves absolutely nothing) is sufficient. It meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

Are the criteria dictated by the Ministry valid? Do they abide by scientific and medical standards?

These directives of April 16, 2020 have triggered a surge in mortality figures in Quebec attributed to the virus. (See figure below).

See the progression of mortality from April 2020  (figures from April 11 are categorized according to the April 16, 2020 guideline).

There were no cases of death (attributable to Covid) in Quebec before March 18, 2020. And all of a sudden in April the death figures associated with Covid-19 go fly high, thereby becoming the leading cause of death in Quebec.

In April, 1989 deaths associated with COVID-19 were reported by the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ).

This flawed methodology has allowed the government to claim that Covid is the main cause of “excess mortality” compared to previous years.

It is also used to distort the causes of mortality in the CHSLDs [Quebec’s nursing homes]. And most of the media contend (without examining the directives of the Ministry) that it is the virus which caused a death trap [hecatomb] in the CHSLDs” ( Le Devoir ).

This rise of the mortality statistics pertaining to Covid-19 has contributed to triggering a fear campaign. It is also being  used by the Legault government to justify diabolical measures imposed on Quebecers including the curfew and a partial closure of the national economy (which has been conducive to creating mass unemployment).

Deaths in the CHSLD are not attributable to the Covid

The estimate of mortality in Quebec associated with covid-19 since April 2020 is of the order of 10,000. While this  Loss of Life constitutes  a National Tragedy for Quebecers, it raises the question of causality.

Is it not what we might describe as A Big Lie on the part of  Ministry of Health and the Legault government. According to Mr. Paul G. Brunet, of the Council for the protection of the sick (CPM):

“… We realized through the denunciations by some of the doctors that people did not die from COVID, but from dehydration, malnutrition, abandonment, laments Mr. Brunet. So what did the thousands of people in CHSLDs and private residences really die of?”

Public hearings  by the Coroner’s Office  on the deaths that occurred in the CHSLDs and residential nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic begin on February 15, 2021.

Let us take the opportunity of these public hearings to confront the Legault government.Seriously? Gunshot Deaths Counted Among COVID-19 Fatalities in ColoradoThe original source of this article is Mondialisation.caTranslation from French by the author

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