Syria updates – 2nd August 2023/ By Vanessa Beeley

ISIS continues to attack civilians in central and north-east Syria


ISIS continues their attacks on civilians targeting shepherds and stealing or killing hundreds of sheep. After the killing of a young shepherd a few days ago east of Raqqa and the theft of 300 sheep, another attack was thwarted by the local Syrian National Defence forces on the axix of Qawsa Maadan in the Western countryside of Deir Ezzor.

NDF forces pursued the terrorists deep into the Syrian desert, retrieved the flock and killed and wounded members of the ISIS cell.

All these attacks are triggered by the U.S. Occupation Forces to further decimate Syrian civilian resources which now include flocks of sheep that have enormous value in the devastated Syrian economy. This is also about an increased sense of insecurity for the inhabitants of the land east of Palmyra and Homs.

Oil tankers deliberately targeted by ISIS

On Monday night, an armed ISIS attack targeted a convoy of oil tankers, on the Salamiyah-Raqqa road heading for the Homs refinery, killing and wounding members of the Syrian Arab Army.

Local sources said on social media that the attack, which was launched by ISIS gunmen, killed 5 and wounded 4 members of the SAA.

The U.S. has clearly reactivated ISIS terror cells under their control to carry out terror attacks against civilians including the heinous attack in southern Damascus on the 30th July that left 8 dead, 23 injured including women and children.

A day before the oil convoy attack, the Syrian military intelligence engaged with another ISIS cell near Kanaker in the Damascus countryside.

This new wave of U.S.-led proxy guerilla warfare is in response to the SAA troop build up and increase in attacks by Russia and Syria against terrorist headquarters in the north-west (Idlib), north-east and south – close to the U.S. Al Tanf base.

All these terror attacks are designed to deepen the economic misery for the Syrian people across all sectors including humanitarian and medical and to further ensure energy-deprivation for an already blockaded and decimated nation.


Syria: A Tale of Plunder and Resurrection