Syrian Army Confronts US Army Oil Thieves in Southern Qamishli/By Arabi Souri

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A Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unit manning a checkpoint at a village in the southern Qamishli countryside in Hasakah province confronted and repelled a column of oil and wheat thieves of the US Armed forces illegally operating in Syria, forcing the convoy to retreat.

The column of the oil and wheat thieves brigade of Biden Forces comprised 5 armored military vehicles raising the flag of the United States of America accompanied by a pick-up truck manned by US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, the SAA unit at the entrance of the village of Tal Dhahab blocked the road and forced the oil and wheat thieves to retreat.

Local sources reported the above incident that happened yesterday, Saturday 23 July, to the Syrian news agency Sana did not elaborate whether the US oil and wheat thieves of the US armed forces were trying to storm the village of Tal Dhahab to terrorize its people, as usual, or they were just passing through the village.

The Syrians in the northern provinces of Deir Ezzor, Hasakah, and Raqqa, collectively known as the Syrian Jazira (Island – sandwiched between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers), with the support of their armed forces are increasing their confrontations with the US occupation forces and their Kurdish separatist proxy terrorists, several similar incidents were reported in the past week alone.

These confrontations between the locals and the Syrian Arab Army on one side and the occupation and separatists on the other are still short of armed revolting in order to not give a motive to the occupiers and their proxies to flatten out villages like what they did to Fallujah in Iraq, this cannot be sustained for long and very soon the Pentagon would need to procure a lot of body bags as all indications point to.


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