The Delta Variant is Creating Havoc Among the Vaccinated/ By Prof Chossudovsky

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, August 03, 2021

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Ironically, the incidence of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant which is “detected” by the totally invalid RT-PCR test (routinely tabulated by the health authorities) is significantly higher for vaccinated individuals. Why?

This should be obvious. It is a simple issue of categorization.

A vaccinated individual who goes home and then a week or two later feels sick will seek medical attention at a health clinic or at the hospital where he/she was vaccinated. This individual will invariably be subjected to a medical diagnosis as well as to a routine RT-PCR test.

It’s statistics 101. It pertains to “probabilities”.

The probability of a vaccinated individual suffering from adverse effects (seeking medical attention) being subject to the PCR-test (in a clinic or a hospital) is much higher than that pertaining to a healthy unvaccinated individual.

Moreover, there is rising trend in vaccine deaths and injuries which the health authorities are anxious to obfuscate.

There is a lot of nonsense published on this matter.

Ask yourself. What is the cause of  this trend among the vaccinated? The SARS-2 Delta Variant or the Killer Vaccine?

The vaccinated person subjected to the flawed RT-PCR test is categorized as “positive” or is diagnosed as a “probable” Covid-19 positive. And the numbers of covid positive cases assigned to the “vaccinated” go fly high.

In turn, in the US, the “certifiers” are instructed to indicate Covid-19 as “the underlying cause of death” “more often than not”. And no autopsy is allowed.The deaths and injuries resulting from the mRNA vaccine are now being assigned to the “deadly” SARS-2 Delta Variant.

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