The West is Responsible for Terrorism in Syria

Teaching Voices from Syria. Unit One

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Syrian politician Fares Shehabi correctly identified the terrorists as NATO/al Qaeda. He is correct. NATO’s al Qaeda/al Nusra Front terrorists are responsible.

All of the death and destruction in Syria is a direct result of the West’s criminal “regime change” military operation.  This has been amply proven.

The US and its allies including  Canada are responsible for the murder of the two girls pictured below, and many others.

Part of the West’s criminality involves war propaganda, a very lucrative industry, funded by Western citizens, to deceive Western, and world citizens.

Confusion-mongering is an important component of war propaganda, (sometimes referred to euphemistically, as “information warfare”).

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The end-game of the West’s war is the destruction of Syria and its peoples, and various military strategies sometimes present overlapping agendas, and are seemingly at cross-purposes. Sometimes one strategy will subordinate another. All of this creates openings for “information warfare” but the underlying goal of destruction remains the same.

For example, balkanization of Syria will weaken and ultimately destroy the country. If this strategy is successful, it will complement the West’s longstanding support for all of the terrorists. If supporting Kurdish minority ambitions for federation means temporarily opposing ISIS, then the West’s alliance with ISIS will be (temporarily) subordinated to its support for polities attempting to fragment Syria.

Thus, the on-the-ground tactics lend themselves to confusion-mongering “information warfare”, much of which serves as a distraction, a “red herring”, from the broad-based aggressive warfare operations.

Overall, the West supports all of the terrorists in Syria, but the West also supports conflicting terror groups (ie both sides) if it serves to create more chaos, more death and destruction.

Professor Tim Anderson presents a timely reminder of the West’s criminality in the following graph:

In a private Facebook conversation, dated April 28, 2017, I asked Samy Eissa, a former teacher with the Syrian Ministry of Education, to comment on the fact that the West and its allies like to pretend that they are fighting (rather than supporting) ISIS.

He responded,

I believe from the beginning they support that terrorist group

they’ve been supporting extremist Muslims for many years.

They made al Qaeda, the mother of all those sh***, with the support of Gulf States, especially Saudi Arabia. They have used them as triggers and pretexts to launch many wars.

By the time they had invaded Iraq, these groups appeared in it.

How did they come from Afghanistan in such a hurry!

And the same had happened in Yemen, Libya, and now Syria.

These groups are very excellent proxies for the West

to fight instead of using West’ armies.

And these groups, and ISIS is one of them, are just paving the road for the Western powers and Israel to interfere easily to impose their vision and interests and all their targets in every country they caused war in it ….

Voices from Syria, unfiltered by corporate war propagandists, deserve a global audience. Their voices are aligned with the truth, solid evidence, and historical memory.

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