Vanessa Beeley Counters BBC War Propaganda

1. Did the #BBC interview anyone from the REAL Syrian Civil Defence for their #MaydayRescue propaganda? Established in 1953, in #Syria – #WhiteHelmets stole equipment fm centers when they were invaded & take over by #AlQaeda etc, murdered crew members & kidnapped others.

2. When I met with operating #WhiteHelmets in Daraa & they knew I was a British journalist (like BBC) first question they asked me was ref. funding fm British Govt – could I do something to restore their wages, cut off by James Le Mesurier for 6 months.

3. This is a clear indication of the close ties between UK FCO, state media #BBC #Channel4 etc & #WhiteHelmets & armed groups/Al Qaeda – during the meeting a local extremist group leader appeared – Adham AlKrad who manufactured missiles fired on civilians & Syrian Army.

4. AlKrad was responsible for much of destruction in Daraa Al Balad & clearly in charge of #WhiteHelmets & center. He invited me to protests on Friday – when I declined he told me he would call “the #BBC or CNN directly and they would cover it”

5. The #BBC is an integral part of the UK FCO & intelligence operations in #Syria – this cover up of role of #WhiteHelmets #JamesLeMesurier in destabilising Syria is as much a damage limitation for #BBC imo. AlKrad was killed when he & other armed group leaders were targeted in..

6. …Daraa a couple of weeks ago. To my knowledge nobody has taken responsibility but we know British special forces are operating in south #Syria. March 2020 SAS operative was airlifted out after being injured by IED explosion.

7. On another occasion in Al Waer, Homs when covering evacuation of #AlQaeda to #Idlib, I could not understand why terrorists were smiling at me & giving the V for victory sign. Then it dawned on me – they assumed I was CNN or BBC & therefore sympathetic to their cause…

8. Some of the leaders even posed in the setting sun – one asking the fighters to take a baby fm family in the queue to put on his shoulders – while he had guns strapped to his chest – followed by pose for photographers. #BBC #CNN #Channel4 are perceived as “friends” by Al Qaeda.

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