Video: Event 201: Corona pandemic off the drawing board – what has been overlooked so far (English Subtitles)

By ExpressNewspaper Global Research, December 15, 2021

ExpressZeitung 22 June 2020

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This video was originally published in June 2020.

You may have heard of it: Event201 – a pandemic exercise staged by Bill Gates, John Hopkins University and the World Bank in the fall of 2019. It was rehearsed exactly for the pandemic case that we supposedly have with COVID-19.

But who were the people involved? Why were banks, PR experts, hotel and logistics companies present, but no doctors? Why do these people have the power to make global plans and make international decisions? Because not a single one of them was democratically elected.

We take a close look at Event201 as no one did before, presenting the entanglements of those involved and, above all, the many hair-raising, “prophetic” statements they made in autumn 2019, which are now becoming a gloomy reality one after the other.


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