Video: “Never Again Is Now!” Palestine’s UN Rep. Nada Abu Tarbush Exposes Israel’s War Crimes in Gaza

Global Research, November 23, 2023
Palestine Deep Dive 19 November 2023

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State of Palestine UN Representative, Nada Abu Tarbush, gives an eviscerating address to the State of Israel at the 5th Meeting the High Contracting Parties (CCW), Geneva on 17 Nov 2023.

To the other states and civil society in the room, let me simplify Israel’s statement for you. Other than throwing insults around and other grave baseless accusations, Israel said something that should make all you shudder. It effectively said, “I can kill any and every person in Gaza. The 2.3 million people in Gaza are either terrorists or terrorist sympathizers or human shields and are therefore legitimate targets. Every person, according to Israel, falls into one of these three categories — a child, a journalist, a doctor, a UN staff, a newborn baby in an incubator.”

Watch the video below for the complete address.


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Featured image is a screenshot from the video