Western Assault on Civilization and Freedom/ Interview with Ayssar Midani

Transcript by Rawan Mahmasa

Mark: Here we are again in Syria, beneath the lovely palm trees. Damascus, Syria, with the lovely Syrian people, so friendly and inviting, despite the fact that what my government does. And we’re just going to talk one last time about what our governments do and the way that our governments attack this country for myriad ways. There’s many, many ways that they attack this country. And one of the ways is to attack the education system. And there’s a lot of reasons for that. And they’re all bad reasons. Syria has a highly educated population, a very brilliant people. 

And some of those brilliant people were targeted and murdered by terrorists that we support. And there’s actually through the economic warfare, imperialists want to degrade this a country in every way, including scientific research and all technical advancements, because imperialists want a monopoly on that. That’s another form of domination for the rich, because the poor are paying. Most people in the west are paying their tax dollars for these inflated military budgets that actually support terrorists. Did you add to that to the assault? We talked about the assault on people’s minds, psychologically, the Takfiri, mentality, children. 

Can you add something about the assault on the mind? On the mind of Syrians. 

Ayssar: Sure, on the minds of the ideology of the history and scientists and everything. This assault is very important and very multi dimension. And I can say, well, in the ideology they took the ideology of Islam and they transformed Islam in a new ideology of destruction and killing people. They took also a part of, you know, that we are the most very old and the first civilization in the the world out on the Alphabet. We have a lot of artifacts and cultural living monument from our civilizations of 10,000 years. 

These people, in the new words, they don’t realize how how big is 10,000 years of old civilization is and it is in our genes. But it is also in our country, in our buildings, in everywhere, in our monuments, in our deserts, in our places. And this also was a very big assault, destroying the most important rest and monuments like Palmyra like Bosra, like, yeah and Mallola. But Palmira was horrible because they were torturing the professor Khaled Al Assad who was protecting all the secret of his head. He hides a lot of things and he was tortured and beheaded finally. 

And they put his head on the on the big column that he spent his life in the studying and reconstructing. So that was very big significance. The professor Khaled, Assad is a very big archaeologist. And the whole word he was talking about ten languages, Aramian; Aramaic and you know, all the old languages, of Syria and (cuneiform) on the old languages. The main person who is translating what we find on on the wall, on the brick cricket. 

Mark: Oh my God. 

Ayssar: In all in all the old sites like Europa doropolis,grit like Mary, like all these, like Palmyra like Bora. And he was always translating this and putting this in his book. He was just be headed like this by people who would like and also and they would just put explosives and they destroyed all the conoraled of Palmyra, of Afamia of Ugarit. So it is really so … 

Mark: that’s what the gentleman told me yesterday about Mallola. Yes, they just want to destroy it all to my mind. They want a blank slate to impose their own twisted ideology. 

Ayssar: Besides, I can tell you from and 1973 74, Syria has been under embargo, under scientific embargo and has been also forbidden to get all electronic stuff and everything, all new things in the … 

Mark: why are they doing that? 

 Ayssar: Despite this, Syria progressed and Syria is actually very developed and we have even very good computers and we are diffusing the Internet. And we were starting to diffuse all the network of optic fiber in Syria. And we have also scientific research and scientific and but from all that time from very old time, the assassination of our scientist was also a reality for protecting this from Israel, from the United States and from all the services, the working services of these countries. 

Mark: And why were they assassinating scientists? 

Ayssar: Because science is power also. And science is also the possibility of being independent, really. And scientifically. It independence this means that we can create by our own selves what we need. And we don’t need the United States stuff or we don’t need the English or French or other stuff or German stuff. And and so this is very important also for us to build our own weapons. When you see actually this war against Iran why is this for against Iran. They know that everybody knows that Iran is not sending a nuclear weapon, a nuclear weapon. 

 Mark: unlike Israel and the States. 

Ayssar: unlike Israel. I thank you for telling about Israel. Israel has 300 nuclear head and nobody is talking about Israel. Israel is not a threat for the world. But Iran becomes a threat for world for the world. If they develop the nuclear, they develop the nuclear Pacific medicine. And so this is really this double standard. I can say of this so called developed or Democratic or even the United Nations, even which is very much influenced by the American position, the USA position. 

Mark: Well, thank you very much. We have learned so much, Ayssar. 

. And there are so many ways that our governments are acting criminally and committing supreme international warfare. It’s devastating once we find the truth. And maybe that’s one of the reasons that people in North America resist the truth because it is so ugly. 

Ayssar:Yeah. Maybe but Syria will overpass it will be victorious with her people, her army, her President, our friends and all our strategic friends also, and with the support of all the Peoples of the world, of the free word, I can say people who are fighting just for the independence of the countries and the non interference. 

Mark:  Syria is the resistance. 

Syria represents the free world. The brutal dictators from the west. They’re trying to kill this free world. Thank goodness. They are not succeeding. Thank you very much. 

Ayssar: You’re welcome. Thank you. Thank you. 

Yeah. I.