Western Backed Terrorists in Syria: “Accepted Truths” Are Black Lies

Canada’s terrorist proxies in Syria — all of them al Qaeda, or al Qaeda affiliated, including Daesh – murder civilians as policy.  During their reign of terror in Aleppo, for example, NATO terrorists murdered about 14,000 civilians.[1]

More recently, terrorists murdered about 8 civilians, including these university students. This is part of the disappeared reality.[2]

The dark reality of what is really happening in Syria is suppressed beneath the lies of the Qaeda-affiliated “White Helmets”[3], the fake tweets from Bana Alabed’s al Qaeda parents[4], and a myriad other deceptions – all war propaganda.  But the reality exists nonetheless.

Yet after seven years of the dirty war on Syria, even as the NATO terrorists are being destroyed, the “accepted truth”, which is a Big Lie, prevails.  Despite the abundance of empirical evidence that contradicts the mainstream stories, Canadians still think that we are fighting terrorism, they still think that “Bana’s tweets” represent reality, and they still think that the White Helmets are saviours.

Canadians still think that these wars are waged for “humanitarian” purposes,despite the proven lies that paved the way for the destruction of Libya, Iraq, and countless other countries, and the fact that “Assad must go!” regime change wars are entirely illegal. Canadians still think that Assad is the monster and that we and our al Qaeda proxies are the saviors. This is the “accepted truth”, and it must not be violated.

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Strange world that we live in. The truth can be turned upside down time and time again, and the war lies are accepted again and again, as if the historical record and critical thinking didn’t exist.

As we prepare for another Christmas and congratulate ourselves for our generosity of spirit and deed and the “accepted truth” that we are a civilized country and wouldn’t it be wonderful if other peoples were as civilized as us, there still lingers the dark reality.

Our terrorists commit genocide. They target and murder Christians and countless others, as policy.  Our governments are entirely responsible for this barbarity, and our “accepted truths” are black lies.


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