COVID-19, Masks, and School Children. Interview with Cailin

Mark: [00:00:00We’re in] Hamilton, Ontario, across from the City Hall, this is Cailin, and we’re at anti lock down rally and everyone that I’ve interviewed has their own different story and they’ve all been impacted by this legislation. And Cailin you have a couple of kids? [00:00:16][16.1]

[00:00:17] I have two kids in the Hamilton district, Wentworth School Board. [00:00:20][3.1]

[00:00:20] And how is the lockdown impacted you and your family? [00:00:23][2.9]

[00:00:23] Hmm, I’m quite majorly. I’m a single mom, so I completely rely on myself for money. I completely rely on myself for everything. [00:00:32][8.2]

Mark: [00:00:32] Yeah. [00:00:32][0.0]


Mark: [00:00:32] Yeah. [00:00:32][0.0]

Cailin: [00:00:33] So in the beginning of the lockdown, I had my own home care agency that was shut down because the government wanted only to sell P.P.E to government funded home care agencies. And so that impacted us greatly, as well as my children being out of school. [00:00:52][18.9]

Mark: [00:00:53] And I asked once, so you had to provide all this P.P.E. equipment yourself free for all the kids and yourself, and it just was too expensive is that it? [00:01:01][8.6]

Cailin: [00:01:02] Yeah, I OK, so Home Care Agency I work with older adults who have dementia and things like that do home care so they don’t have to go to long term care. But it seems as the government, when the lockdown happened, did not give the P.P.E. to private home care agencies, it was only government funded. [00:01:21][19.6]

Mark: [00:01:22] And isn’t that ironic? Ironic because I’ve heard all these horror stories with a lot of these long term care that has impacted me as well as everyone. OK, continue, please. [00:01:32][10.3]


Cailin: [00:01:35] So with them being out of school, their goals are socialism. They’re five and seven and greatly great need that. Being stuck inside we couldn’t go out and do fun things during the summer. The both of their birthdays are during the summer. School was a big thing. It really was, still is. [00:01:51][16.6]

Mark: [00:01:51] How is it still a big thing? [00:01:51][0.0]

Cailin: [00:01:56] So they do go to school full time here in Hamiltion because of the mask mandate, though, it’s made things extremely difficult. My five year old got hurt at school very bad. His tooth was knocked out here.It was bleeding everywhere. And from all the stories that I’ve gathered, they put his mask right back on while it was bleeding. So it bled through three layers until I picked [00:02:24][27.2]


Cailin: [00:02:23] him up two hours later. I also did not receive a phone call. [00:02:26][2.7]

Mark: [00:02:27] So we’re talking a lot of issues there, including bacteria buildup. That doesn’t sound very sanitary to me. [00:02:33][5.6]

Cailin: [00:02:33] None at all. For them to breathe in whatever he is trying to come out of their bodies. Breathing that in is not good for them. [00:02:39][6.1]

Mark: [00:02:39] And were you able to have an impact? You were talking to me about Rebel news story. [00:02:44][4.5]

Cailin: [00:02:44] And a shout out Rebel news they’re amazing. They brought light to this story. The interview is up on YouTube. And because of that, I have heard from the school board. Finally, I have heard from the principal and I haven’t told the group here yet but I will today that they are promising tCailin: [00:03:06] o take a day to educate all staff and all teachers on the proper use of masks, the dangers during exercise, the dangers of them just wearing it all the time and when to change a mask and when not to wear one because they weren’t educated. And I blame that solely on the school board, not the teachers. [00:03:26][20.8]

Mark: [00:03:28] OK, and is there anything else? For example, I mean, kids express themselves visually through facial expressions and what are masks doing to that? [00:03:36][8.6]

Cailin: [00:03:37] So my older son, he’s seven years old. I mean, he he’s a very sensitive child and he does a lot more talking through his facial expressions than speaking. He doesn’t like talking about his feelings. So at school, obviously, it’s extremely hard for him to express himself. So they’re saying this year that he’s a lot more quiet and all these things, but he is a quiet talker. Its just nobody can hear him talk now because of the mask as well. So all around, it’s just I don’t see any benefits. [00:04:11][33.9]

Mark: [00:04:12] No, neither do I. I haven’t seen any at all. And I’ve looked up the science of it. [00:04:16][3.8]

Cailin: [00:04:16] Oh, there’s no science to back up to,. [00:04:18][1.8]

Mark: [00:04:18] No science to back it up. And it’s impacting them emotionally. I mean, I see them as muzzles myself. And the world has a long history of making people hide their faces. [00:04:28][10.5]

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Cailin: [00:04:29] And that’s really sad. [00:04:30][1.3]

Mark: [00:04:31] Attack on our freedoms. Well, thank you very much. [00:04:33][2.5]

Cailin: [00:04:34] Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you. [00:04:34][0.0]