Embalmers Discover Strange, Rubbery ‘Worms’ in Bodies of the Jabbed/ By Free West Media

By Free West Media

Global Research, February 03, 2022

Free West Media

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Dr Jane Ruby spoke to embalmer Richard Hirschman for the Stew Peters Show on Thursday about “strange, rubbery” plugs found in the veins of deceased Americans. Hirschman took a number of photos of the “worms”, which were shown during the interview.

Many vaccinated people who end up on Hirschman’s cutting table have died of a heart attack or stroke. He took long, fibrous strings from one of the bodies. The red part looks like a normal blood clot, but the white fibrous material was not normal, Hirschman said.

The embalmer said a blood clot normally breaks apart easily when touched.

“But this white stuff is pretty strong,” he explained. “It’s very pliable, it’s very hard. It is not normal.”

“I’ve contacted colleagues and they see the same thing,” he told Ruby. Hirschman added that the number of people with these types of “worms” has increased by 50 to almost 80 percent in recent times. “I am very concerned about the future.”

Hirschman is now trying to figure out what the material consists of. “My gut tells me it’s caused by the vaccine. I can’t prove that, but if this is caused by the vaccine, just imagine how many people will die in the future,” he said.

“If this tissue ends up in your brain, you’ll have a stroke. If it gets in your heart, you’ll have a heart attack. People need to know this,” he emphasized.

When asked how often he encounters these mysterious strings, he replied: “On 20-24 of the 35 people I have embalmed this month.”


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Featured image: The curious white strings blocking the arteries and veins of the vaccinated. Screen shot from Rumble

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