Patrick Henningsen and Global Totalitarianism/ By Patrick Henningsen

Transcripts by Rawan Mahmasa (Twitter deleted the videos.)

It’s it’s here and now that the clear and present danger has arrived and I’m going to go into details just to show you exactly how that’s constructed how it’s going to appear in your everyday life and it’s going to increase in the coming weeks in the coming months and how we need to how we need to view this what mind-set we need to adopt in order to 1st understand this happening and share that with people out in your immediate peer group friends family and things like this but so there’s many shapes of imperialism and what I’m gonna say 1st is in so many ways that the global machine this this the world order like say the post World War II order has in many ways run out of places to colonize in the way that it used to in previous generations and that colonialization is happening at home now in Western civilization we are being colonized and I’m not talking about territory and property although that’s an issue I’m talking about every aspect of your life it’s been colonized you’ve been commodofied on every level every bit of data every interaction you have with your smartphone apps or your plans or things that you buy or whatever you produce is producing a commodity that fuelling this system, this is a form of imperialism and it has come home to roost.

Firstly, imperialism in the 20th century, it revolved around  a hard power a military power and later in the 20th century something came along which was given which was given a name called Soft Power and this is imperialism through media through culture through the power of media the power of culture and of course the West executed this is to great effect and then in the early 2000s soft power became a smart power and this was imperialism through NGOs through humanitarian organizations to create narratives to build fifth columns within countries or a fifth column within the greater intelligencia of the liberal Western community let’s say the humanitarians that Peter Ford was talking about that’s smart power we feel that’s a great effect in Syria and building this opposition to quote Assad’s “regime”, or Putin’s “regime”, and so this plays out in the media and through NGOs and through charities through groups that normally you would support like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch taking a very  bellicose position on a conflict like Syria that smart power personified and it’s happening in Myanmar right now and it happened in Libya before that and so on and so forth. So the object of this old imperialism was to affect this regime change to dominate regions and markets to open up markets for western corporations OK. that was one of the main functions of that imperialism. Its primacy was the final victory of the post Word War 2 Anglo-American led liberal world order and that world order as Peter also said is coming to a close it’s now becoming something else that Caterpillar is becoming something else as we speak as we speak so as awesome as that system was and sounds it pales into comparison to the system the new system that is emerging right now.

Ok, these sorts of establishments  have not been destroyed by any pandemic but by government policy so they were crushed to make way… what these were crushed to make way for is a ubiquitous corporate mono-culture. There’s no question about this now we’ve seen the results of it. And one of demands total conformity and total domination of what was once the market place, it’s no longer a marketplace. So these transnational corporate monopolies, Big Pharma is the major recipient of this and the silicon valley, digital giants, these are three of the biggest players of this. So these are the winners of the (quote) “pandemic” over the last 15 months. So that’s not up for debate this what the Financial Times is saying, this is what the Telegraph has said, this is what the Main Stream Media has told us. These have been the big winners from the crisis and the list of losers is a very long list. So they are in fact have taken advantage over all of the other victims of the shutdowns. By virtue of the fact that because of the size of the market share that they were and still remain the only businesses that can survive in this new post-Covid hyper-regulated environment, health and safety theme park. Only these companies can afford to survive in that type of environment. Everybody else is gonna make it not-profitable to be in business. So these are the essential businesses in corporations everybody else is unessential, non-essential. So the game is very much rigged, but its government who has rigged this game just like they did in 2009 with TARP payments, financial bail out,  what we,re seeing now it dwarfs what we saw  in 2009.

So the Wall Street Journal admitted that Big Tech companies gain as Covid-19 fuels shift and demands led by Amazon’s, fourth quarters earnings, triple profits from one of the world’s biggest corporations. So it is making it clear that this is dominated through this crisis, but what is really driving this agenda? There is more behind it. Mark Carney, the former governor of the Bank of England, he’s now heading the UN’s green economy department. By the way he said in 2019 Guardian interview before the crisis begin, he said “there will be industry, sectors and firms that do very well during this process, he is calling the green, new deal “PROCESS”. But there will be also one’s that lack behind and I quote, he said, “they will be punished” said Mark Carney and I think we’ve seen that punishment over the last 15 months and we will continue to see those businesses be punished, those institutions, those organizations, communities will also reap the blow back from that as well. So indeed they were punished. Hundreds of thousands of businesses, tens of millions of employees have already been punished and made redundant, forced into bankruptcy. Ok and according to Carney and the World Economic Forum in Davos. This is only the beginning of a process of re-imagining the global economy and society. So the question is then will there be a global reckoning as to whether this unprecedented global government reaction, this coordinated reaction to the Coronavirus  did more damage and indeed took more life in the end than the supposed pandemic itself? Is that reckoning going to happen? This is the question.

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So, did the cure do more damage than the disease? Fundamental question. And if that wasn’t enough, Big Tech transnational monopolies, they are partnering with 5 Eyes countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, along with Europe,  to further capitalize on thls calamity, pushing  for a global digital ID system sold under the increasingly vapid guise of speed, convenience, and safety.  I don’t know about you but I think we have enough safety and enough convenience in our lives already. Some people want more I guess, so there’s a number of these bargaining chips. Now your remaining civil liberties have become bargaining chips with the state in exchange for emergency measures  or compliance with new emergency measures.  So the biggest of this falls under the heading of Immunity Passports, Health Passports  whichever name you give it, doesn’t matter,  what matters  is what conditions come with it. When you opt into such a system.

So, in 2021, 20 years of “War on Terror” has given way to a new war, a war on bio terror only this time, the enemy is invisible and everyone is a potential threat to everybody else and like the War on Terror this crisis demands a new normal, a whole new raft of biosecurity and bio surveillance measures and rules and security barriers,  all to protect you, from a brand new threat.  It should sound and ring familiar but this is on a level we’ve never imagined before even by War on Terror standards.

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The EU rolled out the marketing push for this passport  they called it Green Pass, they had a little push back and it was quickly rebranded as a digital wallet and it made its way through  the bureaucratic system much quicker. So and again sold to the public as saving money, safe, efficient and so forth. In reality the savings are nominal. They’re not significant savings, certainly not compared to what we’ve dumped into the financial markets, in terms of corporate welfare and bailouts and stimulus checks and furlough and everything else over the last 15 months. So now in order to carry this thing with your updated health status, your medical records along with every other system and your financial history. That’s where this app will be headed, it is centralizing,  there’s no question about it.  If you want to look into the future,  China has multi-purpose apps that are integrated like this like Wee Chat. It’s a track and trace app, a purchasing app, it’s your Facebook chat all wrapped  into one. And who has access to that? The state does. This is the number one question that we to ask ourselves. So with a hyper digitalized  centralized system. This means that this tool of convenience,  giving people access inclusive technology. These all sound really good but it will invariably be used to exclude global citizens who do not comply with the latest and constantly evolving diktats coming from various government ministries or forget about government just corporate policy.  So despite pledges from various ministries that all of your data will not be shared to third parties,  the reality is that it will be shared and analyzed and acted upon by multiple departments within the ever expanding superstate apparatus. So it might not be shared to a third party, maybe they guarantee you that, but it will be shared amongst a growing machine.

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So alongside the mission creep of global governance. He we see an increasing call for global solutions for a global reaction for global systems to be implemented. This is what we’ve seen fast-tracked over the last 15 months but what many in the media and civil advocacy groups do not realise yet is that these digital solutions are becoming increasingly unaccountable, opaque, mired in technical jargon, and government super bureaucracies are using these to exact powers of control and coercion. We’re  already beginning to see this play out now. How far does it go? How far can this go? So while restricting travel on one’s inoculation status would have been unthinkable just 18 months ago. There’s a deeper more fundamental level even than this in terms of penetration into something that a person will cede in terms of their last vestiges of personal sovereignty and liberty which is the control over the money you hold in your digital wallet. So consider a recent statement by Tom Mutton, director not governor, but director of the Bank of England, who called on government ministers just this last week to ultimately give, make a decision whether the new central bank digital currency that they’re proposing can be programmable or not. What does that mean? Programmable currency? So ultimately this gives the issuer control over how money is spent and on what and at that point it ceases to be money. It becomes a voucher, it becomes a coupon. So consider how many millions of people have been moved on to quote social credit or UBI over the last 15 months because of the crisis.

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And that’s a crisis due to government-imposed shut downs. So government creates the problem, and the government will now offer this solution or in this case the Bank of England is offering a solution. Same in the United States, by the way, with a digital dollar being proposed so your new digital currency will be coded for use on specific items only if you fall into a certain category in terms of your social credit. Is this the system that is being constructed now as we speak? It certainly looks like it might be and certainly there is a cause for alarm here. So in other words the issuer of the transaction can place restrictions on how you spend it and even when it’s released it could be held in stasis and released at the end of the month.  So you can look at it for a month or it could disappear, I don’t know if it would go that far. They are discussing this as we speak but you are not going to hear this debated on the BBC certainly not or any mainstream media platform or at Question Time the media will eventually tell you about it after government ministers have decided that it’s going to be policy and this is where the fundamental function of government is breaking down time and time again right now. They are not taking the pulse of the electorate, the media is not raising and elevating the issues to rally around, to have a debate. It’s not appearing at Question Time, all of this is being done in committee. It’s being done quietly and it is foisted upon the public after it’s been decided that it’s the best solution but we don’t need to know the details because it’s just too technical. This is the danger of this creep that we’re heading into. So that will fundamentally change your relationship with the state, with others, with business, with faceless corporations, and it will redefine human relations as we know it. So there’s going to be no public debate about this. Technocrats will simply want to execute their policy to advance their smart global technological solution. This is the New Normal which the self styled global managerial class are so enthralled with at the moment.

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It is what the World Economic Forum in Davos are selling to governments. It’s what other global stakeholders like Oligarch’s and foundations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others. They’re all heavily invested into this future Microsoft’s ID 2020 there’s so many other companies and corporations vying for this huge contract globally or to be one of many that will be seen as adopters for this new platform. So this new class of elites believes that their ideas their solutions are superior and that by virtue of their own wealth their power their influence that they’ve accumulated through the replication of digital codes and applications and building user bases that due to all of this it gives them the credentials and the technical authority to implement all of these so called solutions and our politicians are relatively clueless most of them anyway as to what this juggernaut is. So often these solutions to these problems are actually created by the same bloated digital leviathan and you can see the trap that we are currently going into as a civilization. So the global combine they want to they want to replace the current economic system but with what? So the global economy needs something else to back it this is beyond Bretton woods. This is beyond the oil backed dollar we’re into a new phase now what is going to back this new digital global currency if you want to call it a currency and it’s going to be backed by green concerns. This is markets which will be replaced by stakeholder capitalism or mission-based capitalism. This is this is beyond anything that we have had before although you can see aspects of this in China right now in terms of command and control economy.

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Now that we see what’s coming into view how is this going to be labelled? You’re going to see terms like “Environmentally Sustainable Governance”, ESG attributes, these will be used to rate green assets just like bond ratings that we currently have. They’ll reinflate the carbon market, they tried it a couple of years ago and Al Gore cashed out before the price collapsed and carbon per tonne he did Chicago climate exchange to reinflate the carbon markets and this is all part of the financialization of nature. This is happening. Those of you who have looked into this or read about it you know what I’m talking about but you won’t hear it again on mainstream media but it requires an ongoing climate crisis to fuel its moral and social imperative to give a pretext for this transition. So this radical plan is designed by the very same oligarchs who are currently using this crisis to drain what it’s what is left of the current financial system squeezing the last drop out of the money markets as we speak, positioning themselves to dominate at the ground level of the new economic order and dominate for the next 100 years just like the Rockefellers just like the Morgans just like the oligarch’s and the robber barons of days gone by. So this is corporate feudalism I don’t think I can think of a better word to describe it, and this new green bubble will be the final bubble of bubbles so we’re talking about a post sovereign era, a post democratic era, UN sustainable development goals, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, if you read these documents it’s all laid out very clear. We were just missing the mechanism. We didn’t know before and now we can see what the mechanism is going to be.

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So this is a return to the eras of Sultans of Emperors. So what you’ve witnessed over the last year or so it’s a return to mediaeval style policies. Pandemic mitigation policies that you would have seen in the medieval days. This is what passes for policy today. So for this neoliberal transnational combine, there is no other alternative. This is globalized digital command and control. It demands uniformity. Individual rights, freedoms, even private property, political dissent certainly will eventually succumb to this system. So in the words of World Economic Forum founder and intellectual leader of the new technocracy movement, Klaus Schwab, you will own nothing and you’ll be happy. What you want, you will rent, and it will be delivered by drone. I’m not sure about the last part but in their eyes humanity can only achieve salvation through the digitalization of life and society. There is no other alternative according to this dogmatic belief system, so if you step back and look at what has happened over the last 15 months, you’ll quickly see that what really went viral was the corporate cult of uniformity, of centralization, of hyper globalization policy, globalized narratives ,globalized censorship.

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And so what people don’t realise about censorship is when something is censored in the US by Facebook or YouTube or or Twitter that’s censored globally, that’s the global the new global Commons for now so that censorship cascades globally. Elections can be targeted, issues can be flagged and we were seeing the results of this today. We’ve all been victims of this, pretty much everybody on this panel, myself included, multiple times still am. So this is a lot of power to regulate speech, this is a lot of power an it’s global. These are U S corporations but they’re acting globally, and this is important sometimes important information that could save lives but most people won’t even hear it or see it or it won’t reach critical mass in order to create a consensus a consensus that’s necessary to put a check on government. That’s not happening. What’s the result of this? Policies run out of control, it’s a disaster in many respects, this is the danger. So this is the problem with Big Tech with this much power, clearly they’re not really fit for purpose to be the arbiter of what’s true or what’s false or what’s medical misinformation or what goes against the WHO the World Health Organisation’s guidelines which change every week, or any government agency for that matter. That’s from YouTube’s own terms and conditions. So this means that any viewpoints or information that that can be erased by a single corporation or a group of corporations acting as a cartel, they share information about which websites to ban, that’s also come to light over the last few months, even on the floor of US Senate that was shown to be the case. So nothing is tolerated and Germans have a word for this it’s called glashuetten. 

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So now let’s scale that up to a geopolitical level in 2018 the G7 the group of seven nations adopted (German word) and I say that invest how I describe what they’ve done as as a governing principle in the form of their rapid response mechanism. This means this is official. This means that following any major geopolitical event or crisis all of the leaders of the G7 will stay on message and echo the same narrative. So if the US or Britain attribute blame for some incident all the other G7 members must follow their lead whether it’s for the alleged Douma chemical attack or the … truck incident or the dubious Downing of MH17 in 2014 that whatever the issue is lockdowns, the border closures, the latest variant, weapons of mass destruction what whatever it is they all must come out with the same narrative. They’ve agreed on this is almost by treaty this is very dangerous so once it’s decided on these uniform narratives are then handed down to mainstream media stenographers who duly repeat them ad nauseum so their function is no longer to hold power to account but to bolster power by manufacturing a consensus on any issue and this extends to NATO policy as well this is under the (German word) regime so once a broad consensus is reached then they can manufacture consent on the issue and that’s for any policy or any intervention by governments. So in China for instance if if the policy of EU S or Britain is that China is responsible for the lab leak then all of the G7 countries have to fall into line on that narrative and that would bring you one step closer to a geopolitical conflict.


If if the policy of the US or Britain is that China is responsible for the lab leak then all of the G7 countries have to fall into line on that narrative and that would bring you one step closer to a geopolitical conflict or at least tensions could be raised indefinitely, long term low intensity conflict which is good for business by the way. So how long before this type of human uniformity extends to policies and laws? We’ve never had to ask ourselves this type of question. Look at Brexit. Britain left the EU, but Britain adopts the identical policies as France before lockdown as Germany. Every single European country, the Group of Seven, were almost identical in their policy. So what happened to sovereignty? What happened to independent governance as they say so? And again civil liberties are becoming an inconvenience to this new technocracy if not redundant already. So all of this is very well finely tuned honed by the states Behavioural Insights Teams, weaponized by applied behavioural psychology departments . So you know this is what a technocracy looks like. You can see it now, so never in human history has this level of power and technological resources have been accumulated by the state. Never in history … an left unchecked, left to fester in its own self reverential ideological bubbles, their intellectual ghettos. Okay this will lead to an end of democracy and constitutional or republican forms of government. We’re halfway there already.

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So you probably heard the slogan “Build back better!” so how could you have not heard this slogan? So it’s the mantra of the World Economic Forum and it’s blazing to cross every politician’s logo boards whenever they’re giving a press conference now whether it’s Canada with Justin Trudeau or Dan Andrews in the state of Victoria in Australia or Boris Johnson or Joe Biden’s presidential campaign it was it was a campaign slogan for U.S. President. We’ve never seen this before. Ideas, slogans are coming from Switzerland and basically being meted out with all of the G7 leaders. This is very strange. How did this come to happen? So they can all repeat it, but what does it really mean build back better? So it assumes that something has been destroyed, it needs to be rebuilt like a post war reconstruction. Only we haven’t had the military war. So what are we looking at here something was destroyed, our economy was destroyed, our communities were destroyed, our societies have been destroyed, OK. But there is only one culprit for this and it is government policy. This is beyond debate. No matter what the press are the media tried to spin it as, so this is the nub of the rules based international order that we hear so much about. We make the rules as they say, he who has the gold makes the rules or the digital gold we keep hearing about that and we remind ourselves again the predictability of lockdowns, of an economic implosion, of paying people to stay home and not work, you know what severing supply chains, that wasn’t done by any particle, that was done by policy deliberately.

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What’s the cost of this endless stimulus cheques quantitative easing on a scale that the whole moneys that’s been created over the last 15 months is equivalent to almost all the money in circulation in history certainly for the United states. That’s the case. It’s insane and nobody is talking about this nobody is really raising the alarm. So governments did that their policies, their interventions, they destroyed those economies those communities, they severed the social contract and now they want to build it back better problem reaction solution. So only no member of the public was ever consulted about this reconstruction project. We never debated it we’ve never voted on it but it was made to order on a silver platter somehow it was ready to go which is quite extraordinary but if you go to the World Economic forums website is actually all mapped out in March of 2020 you just have to go there is some of it might still be up there. It’s certainly interesting reading that I recommend so we didn’t vote on it we didn’t vote to inflate to re inflate the currency to inflate it again three times in the last year to expand the money supply which devalues the currency or the money in your pocket spending power diminishes the last 15 months have seen what’s arguably the most rapid single greatest redistribution of wealth and pro most profound re consolidation of power in human history in the fastest and quickest amount of time so this is a new technocratic world order call it what it is it is a technocracy it’s not a democracy and again we were never consulted about it it’s it’s it’s it’s not it’s not a revolution of technology it’s a counterrevolution against The Enlightenment against the flourishing of democratic systems and republican forms of government this is the counterrevolution that we’re witnessing right now.

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 Paradigm is very much a reflection of our structure of the last two centuries but more and more what we’re seeing now in the early 21st century is there is no left versus right there is only up versus down what is up what is pressing down and that is the Paradigm increasingly that we find ourselves into again it’s a return to a feudalistic paradigm with medieval-style policies and it is brutal in terms of the disparity we’re seeing right now so I don’t blame the oligarchs they probably think they’ve done pretty well for themselves, Statistically in terms of their wealth, they expanded the wealth gap beyond everything we’ve seen before globally. So they probably think that they are in fact the rightful rulers of This Global planetary thief tome. I’m Sure they wake up in the morning look in the mirror and believe  that’s the case certainly if you are that rich and powerful and you own every single government in every single Western Country and every single academic institution to  produce papers and studies and Truth to suit your own long-term ideological and financial interest. You think that you probably are qualified to run this planet. So it’s here, is what we’re saying it’s here.

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So is this something that you can resist? and if so, what is it take to resist it? Is there any hope in resisting this. I think you have to now go back to first principles and we were sold this idea that we made it after the Second World War we’ve made it, democracy has won, fascism was defeated, we’ve we’ve closed the wealth gap, we fought World Hunger we knocked diseases on the head. So many victories over the last 70 years. But we also fooled ourselves because we thought this was something that you can win and then it’s permanent once you win at once you attain it it’s permanent. And I have rights and  I have freedoms that’s not the case and we know that now after last 15 months. The problem was we didn’t know that 15 months ago. We weren’t sure what we’re up against. And now we do. Now we do the trepidation before the battle is over and should be anyway you have a very clear look at what you’re dealing with now. And so I think we need to adopt first principal, stop asking to preserve our civil liberties and start asking for our freedoms not asking in fact you may have to take your freedom you have to defend your right you have to say no. So do we want to do that? who wants to do that?  this is a difficult step because we have really been asleep for a few decades. we didn’t have to be awake we have done very well in this hemisphere of the globe post World War 2 , much at the expense of everybody else of course, and this is what imperialism embodies.

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Don’t think for a second don’t think for a second that what you are facing now at home is anything different then what other people in foreign countries have been facing four decades. Colonialism has come home to roost the war has come home. So we need to wake up to this and and start talking and start discussing and start demanding more from our Press Start demanding more from our institutions and it might be that we have to organize parallel institutions. This is already happening here and in other places so maybe out of this Dark Cloud will come many Silver Linings there’s no doubt about this but to be realistic about what you’re up against that is probably the most important thing I think to take away from this discussion tonight and I want to thank is great panel that’s been very educational for me to get to listen to all of you but I think you and Greg for the another fantastic event.