The 6th Anniversary Of Lattakia Massacre/ By Basma Qaddour, Aug. 4, 2019


The Syrian Member of Parliament Fares Shehabi posted on his FB page: “Today marks the sixth anniversary of the massacre of northern #Lattakia towns where NATO the beloved of rebels killed 400 civilians & kidnapped some 136 most of them women & children!”  

This post was followed by a comment written by Eva Karene Barlett, who indicated that this horrific massacre was but one of many committed by the mythical “rebels”/ “freedom fighters”/ “FSA” / “unarmed protesters”. Yet the soulless, shameless, lying, war propagandizing journalists of western and gulf corporate media whitewashed these crimes and even tried to pin blame on Syria (and later Russia).

She detailed some of the most heinous massacre in her 2015 article: 

“The NATO alliance’s terrorists have committed numerous massacres of Syrian civilians and soldiers, many of which were intended to sow sectarianism, including: 

– The June 2011 Jisr al Shugour, Idlib, massacre of up to 120 people (soldiers and civilians) by between 500-600 so-called FSA terrorists; blamed on the SAA as having killed “military deserters”. 

The Houla massacre of over 100 civilians on May 25, 2012, which only 2 days later the UN claimed—without an investigation— had been committed by the Syrian Army.  

The Australian professor Tim Anderson talked in details about “The Houla Massacre”, in his book “the Dirty War on Syria”, and he  also looked at the August 2012 Daraya massacre of 245 people and the December 2012 Aqrab massacre of up to 150 villagers. 

-The August 2013 massacre of at least 220 civilians (including a fetus, many children, women, elderly) and kidnapping of at least 100 (mostly women and children) in villages in the Latakia countryside. 

-The December 2013 massacre of at least 80 residents (many “slaughtered like sheep”).  

Barlett, in addition, referred to the continued terrorist-mortaring of civilian areas and schools; the repeated terrorist-car-bombing of civilian areas and schools.  It is known that from the beginning, in Dara’a  and throughout Syria, armed protesters were firing upon, and butchering, security forces and civilians.

Tim Anderson’s “Syria: how the violence began, in Daraa” pointed out that police were killed by snipers in the March 17/18 protests; the Syrian army was only brought to Dara’a following the murder of the policemen. Additionally, a storage of protesters’ weapons was found in Dara’a’s al-Omari mosque. 

Prem Shankar Jha’s, “Who Fired The First Shot?” described the slaughter of 20 Syrian soldiers outside Dara’a a month later, “by cutting their throats, and cutting off the head of one of the soldiers.” A very “moderate”-rebel practice. 

In “Syria: The Hidden Massacre” Sharmine Narwani investigated the early massacres of Syrian soldiers, noting that many of the murders occurred even after the Syrian government had abolished state security courts, lifted the state of emergency, granted general amnesties, and recognized the right to peaceful protest. 

The April 10, 2011 murder of Banyas farmer Nidal Janoud was one of the first horrific murders of Syrian civilians by so-called “unarmed protesters.” Face gashed open, mutilated and bleeding, Janoud was paraded by an armed mob, who then hacked him to death. 

Basma Qaddour

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