The Neoliberal Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine with Michel Chossudovsky

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The Neoliberal Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine with Michel Chossudovsky

Transcript by Rawan Mahmasa

Violence and bloodshed continues to rock Ukraine as factions compete in the power vacuum of last month’s coup in Kiev. As the country struggles to find its way forward, however, it finds itself in the crosshairs of a NATO war agenda that has been unfolding for years. This is the GRTV feature interview with our special guest, Professor Michel Chossudovsky.


So we have no military obligation here to defend Ukraine. And do you think there is a military option, even if we had an obligation?

Senator McCain:

 I’d love to tell you that there is, Andrea, but frankly, I do not see it. I’m glad to see our US military naval presence in the Black Sea again. I wish that there were, but I think that these sanctions can really have a serious effect.

 Prof. Chossudovsky:

Well, first, I think we must understand that this is an act of war against Ukraine. It’s a carefully led intelligence operation at the level of intelligence, military, diplomatic. It is part of a broader global military agenda of destabilization, of non conventional warfare which has led against several countries simultaneously. The interventions in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Venezuela are of a similar sometimes of a similar nature, sometimes different, but they’re part of the same coordinated agenda. And the threats directed against Iran and China are part of the same agenda. This coup d’état in Ukraine is part of an agenda of global warfare, of global conquest. Now, of course, we’re not dealing with a traditional Coup d’état, Pinochet-style 1973. We’re dealing with non conventional forms of destabilization, but nonetheless, we must call things by their name a regime change under these circumstances, where you start supporting neo Nazi groups is it is an act of warfare, and it is an act of warfare, particularly when the lives of civilians are used to justify a political agenda. And with regard to Ukraine, I’m referring to the sniper fire on February 20, which we documented very carefully at the time and which subsequently has been revealed to have been led by those who are presently in the coalition government.


Well the evidence shows the people who were killed by snipers from both sides among policemen and people from the streets, that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides. And then she also showed me some photos. She said that has medical doctor. She can say that it is the same handwriting, the same type of bullets, and it’s really disturbing that now the new coalition, that they don’t want to investigate what exactly happened so that there is no stronger and stronger understanding that behind snipers. It was not …, but it was somebody from the new coalition.


Prof. Chossudovsky:

There’s absolutely no doubt that these sniper fire shootings both on civilians as well as on police was a carefully engineered intelligence operation. They’ve been applied in many countries and they’re part of the toolbox of the US intelligence apparatus. It goes back to a well known operation which was called Operation Northwards in the 90s 60s, which was never implemented but it was an operation, a covert operation which was under the auspices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time, was to start killing people in the Miami community, Cuban community, and then blaming it on the Cuban government of Castro as a cooked up pretext to intervene militarily in Cuba. This Operation Northwoods was declined. It’s well known and it’s been extensively quoted. It’s not known to the public, but essentially it lays the groundwork. President Kennedy and the defense Secretary, Robert McNamara at the time refused to implement it. But it is on record. And it is called essentially, to quote General Tommy Franks, who was central commander during the Iraq war. He uses the term massive casualty producing event. That term is a military concept. In other words, you go in, you kill civilians, and then you blame it on the government.


They have done that extensively, extensively in Syria, whereby they will kill civilians, in fact, right from day one. And then they say the government is killing its own people. Well, these sniper fires of February 20th  are of that nature. They are part of a military doctrine. And there’s ample evidence now to the fact that the Western military alliance is behind this. But more specifically, people in high office politicians. Kathryn Ashton and many other people are complicit in this project.


I am a Republican. Senator Murphy is a Democrat. We are here together speaking for the American people in solidarity with you.

Prof. Chossudovsky:

 The people who have taken over the government are by bunch of thugs. And I don’t use the word in a light way. We have neo Nazis who are responsible for national security, defense. They oversee a very powerful national security and defense committee. They put these neo Nazi people in positions of authority. And we must also understand that this is the first neo-Nazi government, full fledged neo-Nazi government installed in the post World War II period. Now, the question we have to ask us ourselves, this is a neo-Nazi party. Who are people behind this neo-Nazi party? Because ultimately all these people are ultimately obeying orders emanating from the West, emanating from Washington and Brussels, but specifically from Washington. And we have to ask ourselves the very important question. Are the architects of this neo-Nazi government, the people who have conspired to implement a neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine? Are they neo-Nazis or are they neoliberals?


They proclaim to be neoliberals.


And in fact, they are acting on behalf of a neoliberal economic agenda. We have ample evidence that in addition to the so-called intelligence operations, the diplomatic initiatives, and so on, they’re also covert, covert and overt, operations led by major Western foundations with a view to co-opting civil society. We call this the colored revolution, but essentially it’s led through various tax free foundations which are linked up to Wall Street, as well as the US State Department, the US Congress. These various foundations will co opt various political groups within society and they will support mechanisms of dissent and opposition to the established government. In turn, they may even in some circumstances, also support the government and support the opposition to the government so that they create conditions for dissent. This has been, I think, fairly well understood. But we must understand that that particular component of supporting NGOs, particular political parties, the neo-Nazi parties, have been supported in this fashion is part of a broader agenda. It’s not something which is separate from decisions taken by US intelligence, by the military. At the diplomatic level and at the level of the major financial institutions. There’s a coordination. It may not be an explicit coordination, but all these things are implemented simultaneously.


And the various forms of supporting, let’s say, NGOs or political parties intervening into the sovereign affairs of a country is something which has become quite routine where NGOs, let’s say in the Russian Federation, the Pussy riots, et cetera, they get funding from Western sources. This is something which is being implemented systematically.


Ukraine is asking Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenuk said on Friday he is determined to comply with conditions set by the International Monetary Fund in exchange for loans. An IMF mission is due in Kiev next week for talks with Ukraine’s de facto leaders. We have said the heavily indebted country needs at least 35 billion U. S. dollars to stave off bankruptcy.

 Prof. Chossudovsky:

I should mention that in all cases the preconditions for social conflict and violence are already established as a result of mechanisms of impoverishment imposed by Western creditors on these countries. And it’s done through the International Monetary Fund. Egypt 1991, major reforms which literally destroyed the bread basket, impoverished the population and created conditions for social dissent and division within these societies. Ukraine, 1994, it was an IMF program. It was negotiated with the government.


Bread prices go up.


Fly high overnight 300%. The cost of electricity goes up 600%. Transportation goes up 900%. These former Soviet Republics all have been impoverished and ultimately the coup d’etat is implemented on a background of impoverishment and social conflict which has also created the social conflict between Ukrainians and Russians and so on and within various societies. We have the same situation in Egypt so that they use social divisions within these societies to support various groups and they usually support both sides and those social divisions have already been created as a result of these deadly macro-economic reforms imposed by Western creditors and implemented under the helm of the International Monetary Fund.


The world is at a dangerous crossroads. The structures and composition of this proxy government installed by the West do not favor dialogue with the Russian government and military. A scenario of military escalation leading to confrontation of Russia and NATO is a distinct possibility. The Ukraine’s National Security and National Defense Committee RNBOU which is controlled by neo-Nazis plays a central role in military affairs in the confrontation with Moscow. Decisions taken by the RNBOU headed by neo Nazi Andrij Parubiy and his Brown shirt deputy Dmitro Yarosh in consultation with Washington and Brussels could potentially have devastating consequences.

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