Video: The Legitimacy of Official Covid-19 Data Collapses. The scaffolding of official Data on Covid collapses. Manlio Dinucci, Michel Chossudovsky

Pangea Wide Angle – Byoblu’s International Press Review – 28th Episode

By Manlio DinucciProf Michel Chossudovsky, and PANGEA

Global Research, January 24, 2022

Pangea 5 January 2022

Theme: Media Disinformation

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The scaffolding of official data on Covid collapses This episode of Wide Angle is attended by the economist Michel Chossudovsky, director of Global Research (Research Center on Globalization based in Montreal in Canada), visiting professor in Europe, Asia and Latin America, economic advisor to developing countries and consultant to several international organizations, author of books published in dozens of languages. Addressing the Italian public, Prof. Chossudovsky, one of the analysts most committed to exposing the media lies about Covid and vaccines, thanks Byoblu, the television channel that tells the truth.

The press review opens with an explosive news, hidden from the mainstream: the CDC – the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention – officially announces that, after December 31, 2021, it will withdraw the application for authorization to use the RT-PCR molecular test for the detection of Covid-19, used since February 2020. The CDC recommends adopting, in its place, a method that can “facilitate the detection and differentiation of COVID and influenza viruses”. This means that the RT-PCR molecular test, also defined by our Ministry of Health as “the international gold standard for the diagnosis of Covid-19”, is not able to reliably distinguish the Covid virus from that of the flu. In this way the scaffolding of official data released by the World Health Organization collapses: in about 2 years 280 million “confirmed cases of Covid-19”, equivalent to 3.5% of the world population, including 5.4 million deaths equivalent to 0.06% of the world population, or 0.03% on an annual basis. Despite this, increasingly coercive methods are being used to enforce the use of vaccines, and the major companies that produce them – Pfizer, Moderna and BioNTech – are making huge, ever-increasing profits.

The episode of Grandangolo ends with a speech by Prof. Chossudovsky on “Christmas and New Year under lockdown”: a concise, clear analysis of the ongoing attack on democracy and the foundations of an international front of resistance.


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