Harper Government Embraces Nazism? Canada Votes against UN Resolution Condemning “The Glorification of Nazism”

Canada’s embrace of Nazism should come as no surprise to conscious Canadians.

We are still reeling from the successful “renovation” of our indigenous Progressive Conservative Party, which has now been transformed into the extremist CPC government, dominated by its Prime Minister, or, as many would say, its Crime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Most recently, Canada distinguished itself by voting against a U.N resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism. No doubt CPC apologists will use any number of convoluted rationalizations to approve the decision, but such a vote remains antithetical to what Canada should be.

Other external manifestations of the fascistic CPC government – and the courtesan corporate media’s suppression of the truth – are manifest in the government’s unequivocal support of a Nazi-infested illegal regime in Kiev, Ukraine.

According to Robert Parry in “A Shadow U.S Foreign Policy”, ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych won the election in 2010 “in balloting viewed by international observers as fair and reflecting the choices of most Ukrainian voters”.

However once Yanukovych refused a closer association with the European Union through “trade agreements” and “economic reforms” his legitimacy became a mere obstacle to overcome.

A “shadow government”, funded by the West, including Canada, triggered violent protests, the massacre at Odessa, and the on-going slaughters to this day, as Kiev tries to conquer all of Ukraine at the behest of the West and its agencies, including International Finance Institutions (IFIs) such as the IMF.

Suppressed evidence shouts that the Kiev junta’s unapologetic core is Nazi. The following is a list of neo-Nazi politicians, their Nazi affiliations, and the key positions they control in the junta government:

Andry Parubiy: Secretary of Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council. Parubiy founded the Social National Party of Ukraine, a fascist party styled after Hitler’s Nazis. Eventually, the Social National Party became the neo-fascist/neo-Nazi Svoboda party.

Oleh Tyahnybok: Leader of Svoboda

Dmytro Yarosh: Deputy Secretary of National Security. Leader of the Right Sector, Yarosh oversees the armed forces with Parubiy. The Right Sector includes the far right Patriot of Ukraine group and the paramilitary UNA-UNSO. Members parade in uniforms bearing far-right insignia, including the wolfsangel.

Oleksandr Sych: Deputy Prime Minister. Sych is a member of the Svoboda party.

Andriy Mokhnyk: Ecology Ministry. Mokhnyk is Deputy Head of Svoboda.

Ihor Shvaika: Agriculture Minister. Shvaika is also a member of Svoboda.

Oleh Makhnitsky: Acting Prosecutor General. Makhnitsky is a Svoboda member.

(Source: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1be_1394044181)

Western media paints Russia’s Vladimir Putin as the villain because he clearly understands the internal machinations of the NATO warmongers and acts accordingly, to protect Russian interests.

Putin knows that the Soviet Union suffered grievous losses during the Second World War in its valiant fight against the Nazi war machine. He has not forgotten, but the West, including Canada, apparently has.

Canada’s internal and external policies increasingly demonstrate our true colors: we have become agents for extremism, terrorism, and imperial warfare. And we have forgotten the lessons of World War Two.

The CPC government’s proclamations to the contrary ring hollow.

By Mark Taliano, Citizen Editor, DailyClout

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