Rocco Galati and the Canadian Government’s Breach of Charter Rights

Canadian Charter Violation (

Transcript by Rawan Mahmasa


Thank you. Now, Rocco, can you tell me which constitutional rights and freedoms have been violated?


How long is this broadcast? First of all, they have violated the constitutional rights that’s been in place since 1688 under the English Bill of Rights, which is right into our Constitution of dispensing with Parliament under the pretense of Royal prerogative. So they’re governing now through ministerial and cabinet orders, and they’ve basically dispensed with Parliament. Number one, constitutional infringement, and that’s structural. That’s not under the Charter. They can’t do a Section 33 override or claim reasonable limit on the Section One of the Charter.


That is a structural breach that they cannot cure. Number two, they’ve relinquished the duty to govern by dispensing of Parliament, which is another structural constitutional breach. Number three, they’ve abused their authority because if you look at the legislation in Ontario, for example, in order to call an emergency, you have to have two prerequisites. They didn’t meet the two prerequisites, so they’re acting illegally, totally renegade, so past that the measures breach the Charter of Rights. Sections 2, 7,8, 9 and 15.


Under Section Two, they breach the right of freedom of association, freedom of thought, conscience, expression. Under Section Seven, they breached Section Seven of the Charter to life, liberating the security of the person, which includes hampering the way you hampering your breathing literally and telling you how to breathe without a mask or with a mask, they’re going to infringe your Section Seven rights when they bring in mandatory vaccination under Section Eight, they engage in unlawful and unreasonable search and seizure of businesses by ordering them closed. So Ma and Paul hardware stores, clothing stores, shoe stores were closed, but Walmart and Costco got to sell everything under the sun just because they were selling a bit of food in the corner. That makes no sense to me. That’s an unreasonable search and seizure of the Ma and Paul independent businesses.


By the way, the association of Independent Businesses in British Columbia just announced that 21,000 businesses in British Columbia alone have closed down as a result of the corporate measures. Meanwhile, the multinational corporations are doing a booming business, which is part of this agenda. They also are infringing Section Nine of the Charter against arbitrary detention by these by law enforcement officers who are illegally enforcing the law. So, for instance, the masking law, all the masking laws say that you should wear a mask unless you’re exempt. So when people invoke an exemption, that exemption is not being respected.


So the people who don’t respect the exemption are in fact breaking the law. And so when a bylaw officer or police officer detains you or even a store person detained, you arbitrarily, and Furthermore is not respecting the exemption in the law, that’s an arbitrary detention contrary to Section Nine of the Charter, then you have a vicious, ugly, vile, depraved infringement of Section 15 of the Charter with respect to two vulnerable groups, the physically and neurologically disabled, whether they be adults or children, and the aged senior citizens. So the physically and neurologically disabled, including and especially children with special needs, while they’ve imposed the general lockdown and covered measures on them, they have made absolutely no provision to help these poor kids and these poor adults and they’re left out there to vanquish. Do you think a severely autistic child knows how to interpret do you think a mentally disabled adult knows or can adhere to these measures? They have not accommodated them they have not accommodated them by putting in measures that keep up their social contacts, their places to go and get therapy and all of that.


That is very vicious and very severe. And, of course, given that 84% of all people who died from the Covid died in long term term care facilities, their equality of rights to be protected under this so called pandemic have been severely breached with a vast bulk of the impact falling on them. So those are the Charter rights that have been breached.

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