Stories, documents and resounding scandals. Read “Voices from Syria” by Canadian writer Mark Taliano

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as usual every morning. My sister was on her way to university when a bloody Salafist and Hippie suicide bomber detonated a car bomb at a bus station, killing and injuring many civilians and university students on their way to their exams. Ten minutes later, another suicide bomber blew himself up in the same place, taking advantage of the gathering of people and ambulance teams. Usually when a terrorist attack occurs we contact all family members and friends to make sure they are all okay, but..!”

The previous phrases are part of a tale, among a large number of similar stories that Syrians have lived throughout the years of war against them, and came on their tongues and described that terrorist war on them, documented by the Canadian writer and investigative journalist Mark Taliano in his book today” Voices from Syria, translated into Arabic by Dr. Ibrahim Alloush, and basma Kaddour, and its main edition was published by the Global Research Center – Montreal, Canada, and the Arabic edition was published by The New Dilmon Publishing and Distribution House.

Mark Taliano, a researcher at the Center for Globalization Research (Global Research Center), visited Syria many times during the war and documented many of the stories, novels and resounding scandals made by the West and its terrorists. “This book is a dedication to the Syrian people on the front lines of the battle against international terrorism,” he says in the introduction to his book. Your blood is shed because of our sins.”

“We see and hear the painful experience of the Syrians, and we know that this ancient holy land will certainly survive the current barbaric invasion. Syria is an ancient land inhabited by the people of My Father with visions of the future. We have sent to this ancient and sacred land mercenaries, hatred, bloodshed and destruction.”

The author then presents documented facts that refute media narratives about the war in the West. “Syria also has cosmic enemies, and it has cosmic friends as well, which is normal because the war against it is of a cosmic nature,” says translators Dr. Ibrahim Alloush and Basma Kaddour, in presenting the book. Syria’s enemies are well known, and not all of its friends are known, and in this book the writer reveals friends of Syria, who for years fought a battle to defend her in front of Western public opinion in the face of a dominant media machine presented by her enemies.”

“The book is aimed at a Western audience and addresses its sensitivities in the words of Syrians and their testimonies about their bitter experience at the hands of Western-backed terrorism and their steadfastness under siege and economic terrorism,” the translators explain.

“The author presented a theoretical framing of the war on Syria linked to the international strategies of the project of imperial hegemony over the world and the tools of the 4G wars, and that the author presents Syria as a situation within its broader framework as part of the global war against states and independent movements to be subjected to, as well as the role of international capital, cross-border companies and their agents in the region in which Syria is located, whether they are takfiri regimes, groups or NGOs,” the translators said.

The author worked, as the translators put it, to dismantle the media statements that were used to justify the war one by one, starting with allegations of “shooting at peaceful protesters”, “Assad’s government kills its people”, “Child Imran”, “Pictures of Caesar”, “East Aleppo”, and “Daraa and chemical weapons.” Etc., down to their claims in the war on terrorism, democracy, human rights and Syrian refugees, all of which are accompanied by documentation of the West’s support for terrorists.

“The author links the contexts of America’s wars, starting with the siege of Iraq, then its invasion and the invasion of Libya, and what happened in Syria on the other hand, and in the end, to conclude the new Middle East project, which is the focus of the Zionist entity,” the translators said.

The book contains a four-page introduction by Professor Michael Chossudovsky, and a
four-page preface, and includes six chapters, with the following titles: – Chapter 1: With Their Voices.

Chapter 2: The Great Trick of the War against Terrorism. It included two other titles: “Imperialism and Syria” and “International Capital and Syria”.

Chapter 3: “False humanism as a cover for crimes”.

Chapter 4: “The Crimes of the West against International Law and Order”.

Chapter 5: “Lies and Crimes. Media manipulation and societal repression.”

Chapter 6: “Syrians support their homeland”, which also includes the following titles: “Syrians and the Syrian Arab Army”. “Western politicians support terrorism.” “The basic media are corrupt to the core.”

The book ends with a 20-page conclusion containing the author’s position and evaluation, as well as a presentation of the 30-page references.

In the content.

Instead of the usual summary of such readings, I will choose models from each chapter that give the reader an honest picture of the content and remove impressionist opinions or any disruption that summary may cause.

“Everyone in Syria knows that Washington is behind the terrorists, funds them and their allies, and that they are trained and recruited by U.S. partners in the Middle East,” professor Michael Chusudovsky said.
Saudi Arabia and Qatar financed ISIS and Al-Nasra terrorists on behalf of America, while Israel sheltered terrorists from the borders of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

NATO has been involved in coordinating with the Turkish High Command since March 2011 in arranging the recruitment of terrorists sent to Syria.

Western special forces and military advisers have merged ISIS brigades in Syria and Iraq together.

However, Western public opinion is led to believe that America is leading a counter-terrorism campaign in Syria and Iraq against ISIS, an entity created and supported by U.S. intelligence.”

In the first chapter entitled “Their Voices” of 19 pages, the author documents tragic facts on the tongues of Syrians, the author says: I will choose short models for you.

• “The tragedies of the war on Syria are terrible, and Citizen Ammar, is no exception, and this is his story: “As usual every morning my sister was on her way to university when a salafist suicide bomber and a bloody hippie detonated a car bomb at a bus station, killing and injuring many civilians and university students who were on their way to their exams. Ten minutes later, another suicide bomber blew himself up in the same place, taking advantage of the gathering of people and ambulance teams. Usually when a terrorist attack occurs we contact all family members and friends to make sure they are all okay, but this time no one has answered !..
We started looking for her in hospitals. The shock was in the bloody scenes there. There were many burned bodies and human remains scattered on the ground. That’s where I saw my sister, a soulless body.”

• Lilly Martin, a Syrian-based American, said:

“Hillary Clinton personally oversaw the transfer of weapons from Libya to Turkey for use by U.S.-backed terrorists who destroyed my house on March 21, 2014, beheaded my neighbors, raped elderly women who were kidnapped, taken to Turkey and destroyed the entire Syrian village of Kassab. This isn’t a rumor. It’s a fact and it’s been well documented.”

Martin’s testimony about what happened to her in the

Kassab area was confirmed by another eyewitness, Dr. Declan Hayes: “The descent of Kassab to hell began at 5:30 a.m., specifically, on March 21, 2014, when ruthless shelling from the Turkish side of the border with Syria rained down on the unprotected village, not only panicking its inhabitants, but also alerting them to the end of the world that was about to solve them.”

“More than 20,000 militants from Jabhat al-Nusra, the Free Syrian Army and a number of other extremist groups crossed the border, using motorcycles, pickup trucks and Western ambulances that were converted into troop carriers and ammunition for this blitzkrieg.”

“Despite the great numerical superiority, Syrian forces (the Syrian Arab Army) armed with light weapons kept herds of terrorist gunmen out of the Kassab area pending the evacuation of the population.”

People of all sects and races have fled the region to save their lives from those extremists whom the Western media continue to describe as “progressive liberators” !..

“The liberators systematically desecrated all the churches of Kassab, dug the village graves and scattered the bones of the dead around the city so that stray dogs could feed on them!”

• The author adds another painful tale: “Pipkin Djurian and his wife recounted a bitter and unimaginable situation, with the invaders executing their only son in front of them, and letting him rot for three days in the sun, before throwing him like a dog, as they described it, into a pit they had hastily dug in the apple orchard owned by the parents.”

“The parents were then forcibly detained in Turkey for 40 days, where the kidnappers brought the U.S. ambassador to Turkey to express his admiration for the way the “humanitarian” kidnappers treated the abductees!”

“It was Turkey that led the attack on Kassab,” said Samuel Buladian, who lives just 200 metres from a Turkish police station.

• In the first chapter of the book, we also read: Franken Lamb (a journalist who was with army personnel in Adra al-Adiya) describes the scene by saying: “The rebels began attacking government centres, attacked the police station, where all the policemen were killed because of the large number of attackers. The attackers then went to the clinic, where they slaughtered a medical staff member and put his head in the popular market, and then dragged his body in front of the residents of the town who had gathered to watch what was going on.”

“Bakery workers who refused to hand over their bakeries were roasted in the bakery’s own oven.”
“Jabhat al-Nusra and THE ISLAMIC FRONT fighters have gone from house to house with a list of names, and none of those who have been taken from their homes since have been seen.
“When the Syrian Arab Army tried to enter Adra, the terrorists threw women and children out of 20,000 people captured from the upper floors in front of the army.”

In chapter two, entitled “The great trick of the war on terror,” the author says, “The global war on terror is a major deception, it is literally a global war for terrorism, the empire creates and uses its agents to achieve its goals, including ISIS and al-Nasra. The Gulf kingdoms, Israel and NATO — including, of course, Turkey — are involved in the plot to force regime change in Syria illegally and at any cost.”

“While the West says it is fighting terrorism, it actually creates, helps, manages and feeds terrorism.”

“Imperialism and Syria.”

Under the title “Imperialism and Syria”, the author argues that the neo-conservatives in the West want to destroy the Middle East in order to control it.
Under the banner of their imperialist project (the new Middle East), they target all the values they boast of.
“The imperialist West is savage and barbarian and not human when it comes to carrying out hegemonic and expansion projects, it plans and knows the consequences of its wars and sieges, and nothing happens to it, and when they killed, because of the siege of Iraq, 500,000 children under the age of five, and more than a million others, they were not lifted by eyelids, but Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said: “The price we want is worth it!”

“The West targets innocent people, including children, with the aim of weakening the morale of the countries it is about to invade,” the author said.

The author talks about “the West’s destruction of the life components of the countries it targets, and then besieging and starving them in the way gangs operate.”
The author, researcher, university professor and translator Dr. Ibrahim Alloush noted: “America, by Caesar’s law, seeks to assassinate Syria and punish its people collectively, as militias affiliated with both America and Turkey prevent the sale of wheat and barley by Syrian farmers east of the Euphrates to the Syrian state, and the two sides participated in setting fires in the region in an attempt to eliminate Syria’s strategic crop of wheat and barley.

Fires have become an escalating annual event before and during the harvest. “More recently, millions of fruit olive trees were burned just before they were picked up on the Syrian coast and other parts of the country, specifically in areas controlled by the Syrian state.”

“The United States and its agents control 90% of the oil wells, 50% of Syria’s gas wells, and

America is plundering these wells in a mafia-style manner,” the author adds, quoting Dr. Ibrahim Alloush.
Under the previous title, the author says that “predatory capitalism is a hidden engine of Western barbarism. Syria is on the front lines against the ideology of globalization companies, so Syria stands against western death and destruction agencies, and the forces of darkness on behalf of all humanity.”

“The global war on terror is a deception. It is literally a global war for terrorism and while the West says it is fighting terrorism, it actually creates, helps and feeds terrorism.”

Professor Michael Chusodovsky (author of America’s War on Terror) identifies the
hidden power behind this Western system: global banks.

and financial institutions.

And the practical industrial complex.

and oil and energy giants.

And technology and pharmaceutical conglomerates.

Media and communications giants are making up news and influencing the course of global events.”

“Features of imperialist globalization.”

Under this title, the author says: “Imperialist globalization is the criminal manipulation of peoples and juveniles for the benefit of very few, and includes a campaign of misinformation about equality, benefits, social development, law, improved living standards, etc. Misinformation is disseminated by trusted news sources, but by giant and wealthy private companies.”

In chapter three, “One of the signs of the West’s deception and brutality,” the author continues to present examples of the West’s hypocrisy and human cover for its atrocities and criminal acts.

For example, Canada and the double and malicious role of its leaders, who receive displaced Syrians, but provide weapons to countries participating in the war on Syria.

For this purpose, the author presents in numbers the results and percentages of participation in the 2014 Syrian People’s Assembly elections and the 2016 presidential elections, in which President Assad’s vote was 7,88 percent.

“The savage dictators who kill their people do not have this kind of support from their people,” he says.

To demonstrate the deception and hypocrisy of Western governments, the author reviews the realities of Iraq and Libya before the war on them and their destruction, and presents the realities of quality and free education, free health services and a good standard of living, according to the indicators of specialized international centers.

White Helmets and Doctors Without Borders!!

For the same purpose, the author also draws attention to the publication of Professor Tim Anderson that Western terrorists constantly attacked Syrian hospitals and between 2011 and 2012 attacked 67 national hospitals out of 94 hospitals in the country. Jill Malone wrote about Al Kindi Hospital: “This building pictured has been transformed from a modern hospital serving the community free of charge to a place of death.

All under the auspices of Médecins Sans Frontières!.

The author presents videotaped scandals to the White Helmets, who left behind a lot of evidence when they joined their fellow killers in Idlib.

The passages, published by French investigative journalist Pierre Le Corf in the liberated Sakhour area of Aleppo, speak of volumes showing that the White Helmets are linked to al-Qaeda.

The author comments sarcastically: “The West gave them the Oscars”!!.

The author also talks about depriving six million citizens of Damascus of drinking water in contravention of the Geneva Conventions by blowing up the only source of drinking water (Ain Al-Fija). This is supported by the West.

It also deals with the story of the child Imran and the propaganda lies of terrorists and the West. The child’s father exposed their lies and also mentions the destruction and destruction that happened to the bride of the desert.

It documents the suffering of the people of Aleppo on the tongues of the people and the liberation of the Syrian army after thousands of terrorists surrounded it and threw death shells at it on a daily basis.
At the end of the chapter, the author calls for steps to achieve peace and end misinformation as defined by the U.S. Peace Council, which called for an end to interference in Syria’s affairs and the lifting of sanctions.
In chapter four, “The Crimes of the West against International Law and Order,” the author follows the paid media to the mainstream media in the way genocide fuels the familiar scenario, a scenario of blaming the victim for the crimes committed against her by the aggressor states.

NATO terrorists, for example, occupy Syria and hold the Syrian government responsible in their media for the disasters that followed their invasion.
The author refers to the deceitful demonization of President Assad in order to accept a war waged by aggressors charged with destroying Syria so that the West can later expand the scope of destruction with the aim of authorizing it under the title “Responsibility to protect” or “impose a no-fly zone”, where the West pledges to protect Syrians from their own

It’s a mafia-style scam.

The author talks about a large number of documented terrorist crimes that western mainstream media ignore.

It also presents cooperation between U.S. intelligence, financiers in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and trainers in Turkey aimed at overthrowing the Syrian government under a program coded as “Sycamore Wood”!
It is also exposed to the types of weapons purchased for terrorists, including tank destruction rockets.

In chapter 5, “Lies, Crimes, Media Manipulation and Societal Repression,” the author says, “Criminal media coverage has created a state of collective political insignifiction among Western media followers, and public perceptions that President Assad and the Syrians are the bad guys are the good ones and the invaders are the good ones!”

“The White Helmets, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Avaaz are just a few corrupt NGOs that are turning the facts about the war on Syria and the White Helmets are a Wall Street-led organization funded by Britain and America to give humanitarian cover to al-Qaeda groups.”
“In my country, Australia, we have seen one novel about the war on Syria and the associated war censorship of dissenting views,” he says. Although I have written more than any Australian academic about the conflict in Syria, I have already been blacklisted in state and private media because what I am saying is not in line with the official line,” !!.

The author also presents a number of syrian testimonies and a number of WikiLeaks bodies, as well as a list of massacres committed by America and the West in Syria and compiled by the translator Basma Qaddour.

In chapter 6, “Syrians support their homeland,” the author says, “Before the dirty Western war planned in advance on Syria, Syrians respected each other’s religions, Syrians were a well-educated people, and before the war illiteracy levels were very low. Syrians know that they are protecting their homeland from those who seek to impose extremist, non-Islamic Wahhabi ideology.”

The author talks about the events of Maaloula, the looting and destruction of the archaeological shrine of St. Tulla before they were defeated by the Syrian Arab Army and for that 200 soldiers and officers are presented.
“Either people become like them or are killed, this is the basic ideology of their revolution,” the author adds.
“The Syrians support their army, as the many checkpoints that may delay traffic are welcome for Syrians who know that these barriers are to protect them, and often have a friendly and respectful relationship with soldiers.

Finally, the writer talks about reconciliation processes and says: The position of the West rejects them, which led him to ask the leaders of extremist religious currents to issue fatwas to kill those entering reconciliation, where 20,000 Syrian gunmen entered until 2016!”!