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Mark Taliano published the second edition of Voices From Syria with co-author Syrian journalist, Basma Qaddour. Mark is an educator and an activist. He writes:  “We are all being swept across a stormy frothing sea, rudderless, despairing. Not one of us is alone. When we find a common language of truth and peace, we will find salvation. The cancerous hands controlling our fates, our thoughts, our minds, keeping us apart, will be no more. Then we will be free.” Indeed. Mark talks with me about Syria and he minces no words in describing the evil unleashed on the Syrian people by the United States, Israel, and their allies through their terrorist proxies, Al Qaeda, Daesh and other mercenaries. We discuss the recent election in Syria and its meaning.  We also discuss the scamdemic and the dictatorship we are under with the excuse of a virus from his perspective in Ontario, Canada. Mark researches and writes for Global Research with Michel Chossudovsky.  Find articles and videos at his website,

Syria and COVID: Refuting the Lies with Mark Taliano (


Speaker 1 [00:00:04] Welcome to Freedom Loves company, on Progressive Spirit, Dot Net and John Shuck. I’m John Shuck. Freedom Loves Company is broadcast live every Sunday from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern on Revolution DOT Radio Studio B and slightly edited for podcast and distribution through the Pacifica Radio Network.

Speaker 2 [00:00:26] If there was ever a war where there was a good side and bad side, this would be it is. I mean, it’s almost almost black and white, the government side is civilization. The other side is absolute barbarism. And actually, Ramsey Clark is one of my favorite quotes. Ramsey Clark wrote that and I  agree totally with it. The former Ramsey Clark, he said Syria is the last frontier between sanity and a balanced international community, a world ruled by the forces of right and reason and good and the Satanic desires of the evil and invisible lobbies which are currently in power in Washington and which in turn control the foreign policy of its allies. And now more than ever he wrote that a number of years ago. But now, more than ever, that is true.

Speaker 1 [00:01:17] And welcome to Freedom Loves Company. My name is John Shuck and for the next two hours I’ll be your host. The first hour I have a guest and the second hour I’m going to share some of  my writings, some of the stuff I’ve put up with  put out there, put up with other people, had to put up with it. I just put it out there. Things that I’ve they’ve written since the covid catastrophe and see how my mind has changed over it. We’ll see. You see what you think, too. That’s the second hour. That’s from 9:00 to 10:00 Eastern. So Freedom Loves Company is on every Sunday evening on Studio B. You’re listening right here from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern. And we are exploring a wide variety of topics, particularly this what do you call it, apocalypse? I don’t know. We’ll have to have  a name for it, some kind of thing. And my first guest will help in defining this. He is Mark Taliano, and he’s from Hamilton, Ontario. He is a former high school teacher. He’s an author, an activist, an independent investigative reporter and a Research Associate with the Center for Research on Globalization, Global Research. You might know his website. He has a book called Voices from Syria that came out in 2000, 16 or 17. And it’s been updated just this March, a 2nd edition. And  he went to Syria to find out what’s really going on. He kind of had an idea that what we were being told in the media was complete nonsense criminal. And he went over there to see what was going on and he came back with the voices of actual Syrian people to discuss that. So we’re going to talk about Syria. We’re going to talk about COVID in Canada and all over, but particularly in his location. And we’re going to bring him on. Mark, are you there?

Speaker 2 [00:03:18] Yes, I am, John. Pleased to be speaking with you yet again.

Speaker 1 [00:03:21] Oh, glad to have you back. Mark Taliano was on my radio show when I was on Kboo in Portland. And Andrew Ashtown came on and we talked about Syria. That was a couple of years ago.

Speaker 2 [00:03:32] Yeah, ….my First book is Voices from Syria after my first visit during the war. And then I went two other times in 2018 and 2019 and I had the distinct displeasure of sleeping in Damascus when France and the Washington led coalition launched its cruise bombs on us. You were right there in the false flag. I was right there.

Speaker 1 [00:04:04] Oh, yes. Oh, so you came back with the I’m sorry, I had this title of your book, I said, I want to also give you a website out, Voices from Syria. And you also have a second edition. And his website is Yeah, go ahead, Mark.

Speaker 2 [00:04:19] Yeah, yeah. The second edition is with Basma Qaddour, who is a Syrian reporter, she’s there every day, living there every day, just like all Syrians are. And she’s a senior reporter at the Syria Times. And so I guess the first book is in English and it’s in German. And I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut because I kept on learning so much and I kept on. There are so many examples of the atrocities that our governments are committing in our name. I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut and my pen down. So despite some hurdles and roadblocks, Basma and I updated the book and and and it’s in Arabic now, too. I’m very proud of that. And proceeds to Syria. [00:05:11]And it’s on the PDF, the second edition PDF is on Global Research and  also on Kindle. [7.7s]

Speaker 1 [00:05:20] All right, very good. So Voices from Syria and your second edition, of course, has the author that you’d mentioned there, Basma Qaddour, and anything …. Is there it was there a different a different things had happened that caused the second edition?

Speaker 2 [00:05:38] Well, I guess it was an accumulation of confirming evidence that what was written about in the first edition was true. So we elaborated upon everything. We amplified everything with more concrete examples on the ground, examples including from Reverend Ashdown and from Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett and and all sorts of sources just to confirm what has been happening and which is basically the opposite to what Mainstream Everything claims is happening …

Speaker 1 [00:06:15] Yeah, we’re going to talk about the elections. So let’s go. Just let’s catch people up and say, if you say give you a give it, take it, take a couple of minutes, take a few minutes and say, what is the basic situation? What do we got wrong about Syria? What does the mainstream media have wrong and what’s really going on there?

Speaker 2 [00:06:32] The mainstream media. Here’s one of the biggest lies, the mainstream media projects this absolutely ridiculous notion that everyone believes, which is that we engage in war for humanitarian reasons. That is beyond ludicrous because our terrorists, the terrorists that we support, al-Qaida and ISIS and all their affiliates. Bearing in mind, James Jeffrey, former ambassador to Syria, Jeffrey, just finished admitting that he’s on the same side as he’s working with Al Qaeda.. I mean, they actually admit this, but they’ve admitted it all along even before the war started. The perception that the media, the mainstream media, including the politicians, the mainstream establishment, is projecting is a totally, completely false perception of what is really happening. What is really happening is, the US- led empire is absolutely destroying a country… While it has in some measure succeeded but Syria is winning and will win this one, but they destroyed Libya, Iraq and so on, and that is their intent. That is their goal. And that is what they do. They bring nothing of benefit to any country that they invade. There’s nothing humanitarian. It’s anti- humanitarian. It’s very Satanic, in fact. Right now, they’re occupying about 30 percent of the most resource- rich land, they’re openly plundering the oil, burning the wheat fields, this with the Caesar embargo, which is totally, completely illegal, as are all of the war crimes, because the coalition was not invited into Syria. Their goal is to destroy, to create chaos, so that they can loot and plunder. I mean, there’s nothing good about what Empire is doing. And it’s a Satanic, really.

Speaker 1 [00:08:31] Well, what was it that four star General Wesley Clark kind of revealed that, what, seven countries in five years or something in Syria was right on the list?

Speaker 2 [00:08:41] Oh, yeah. And they’re working on Iran right now. And Russia and China. It Is never- ending, it’s Satanic. I’m sorry, but it is.

Speaker 1 [00:08:49] And now this began what 2011 is that when that was when this this attack on Syria mission.

Speaker 2 [00:08:57] All right,

Speaker 1 [00:08:58] I said this attack on Syria began in 2011. Am I right?

Speaker 2 [00:09:04] The plans were developing since at least 2005, even before, it’s a very strategic location, it’s on the Mediterranean, but there’s no excuse for what’s happening. But, yeah, it was well- planned in advance. And I have on my website a Unit for people who are interested in teaching the truth. And they have and included other admissions from all sorts of Western Open sources, including, like I said, General Wesley Clark and many others. And we’ve added to that to the list of Western open-sources where they just admit exactly what they’re doing, including what James Jeffrey just admitted to, which is. Hey, we’re on the same side as al Qaeda, but we’ve known that forever, we’re on the same side as ISIS too.

Speaker 2 [00:10:24] Yeah, it’s well documented that we use these proxies. They they they use them in the former Yugoslavia. They use them in in Libya. They totally destroyed. I mean, Obama presents himself as a liberal and peace loving. That’s that’s ridiculous. I mean, they totally destroyed Libya and now they have open  slave markets for but, you know, like, it’s ridiculous. They totally destroyed country so they can loot and plunder it. If a country is totally disintegrated and in chaos with warring factions, then it’s easy to just take what you want. That’s what imperialists do. They don’t they don’t give anything good at all. They bring in barbarism against civilization. And Syria is one of the most ancient civilizations that we have, including the roots of Christianity are there and the terrorists that we support, al-Qaida, ISIS, they. They they. Destroyed Christian communities, they mass-murdered them, as well as government supporters and on and on, but they’re sectarian. We support sectarian terrorists. It’s abysmal and it’s horrific.

Speaker 1 [00:11:31] So who who are kind of a basic question again, who are these White Helmets they got they got an Academy Award for all of this stuff, but what are they made of there?

Speaker 2 [00:11:43] Well, yeah,  I did a tape on that with Eva Bartlett, who is on the ground investigating, Vanessa Beeley on the ground, investigating, Reverend Ashdown on the ground. Sorry, folks they’re, al-Qaida, they’re, Al Qaida mop up crew. They that’s their employer. That’s who they are. They are intermingled with them. And the Canadian government supports them wholeheartedly. And Hollywood offers them an award. That’s how perverse our culture has become, where white is black and black is white. And that’s how the controllers, if you will, because they aren’t our politicians, it goes higher than that and we’re going to see that with COVID, the controllers,  I like to use that word. Now, that’s how they fabricate consent for the crimes against humanity and Supreme International War Crimes. It’s just heinous.

Speaker 1 [00:12:35] And so and they’re involved in this this false flag, which is a big deal at Douma, the White Helmets and whatnot are they were they were part of the staging. And as you understand it.

Speaker 2 [00:12:45] Oh, yeah. Well, OK, so I was there, like I said, and I was sleeping in beautiful Damascus…  On my first visit, we had to worry about terrorists from Douma, sending, you know, launching gas canister bombs haphazardly on the population (in Damascus) all the time, every day. They murdered about eleven thousand people and crippled countless others. So that was scary to me. Of course, I’m not used to that. Syrians just walked around like that’s their daily life. But I mean, it’s a horrible way to conduct, you know, to live, especially for kids. They’re all traumatized. But anyway, that night there were these huge booms. And it was you know, I felt really afraid, but I also felt violated, and then I felt angry, I felt the anger that certainly a lot of Syrians here and I interviewed a person afterwards and this video is on Global Research. It’s also on YouTube and Vimeo. And yeah, I mean, the bombs came over. Fortunately, the damage was limited thanks to the air defenses. As per usual, ISIS benefited under the cover of the bombs. Strategically, it was useful to them.  And the Syrians are steadfast and defiant and courageous and they are standing strong against the imperialists. And they were very defiant after the ones that I spoke to were very defiant after that, because if there was ever a war where there was a good side and bad side, this would be it. I mean, it’s almost black and white, the government side is civilization. The other side is absolute barbarism. And actually, Ramsey Clark wrote one of my favorite quotes. Ramsey Clark wrote this and I agree totally with it. [00:14:38]The former Ramsey Clark, he said Syria is the last frontier between sanity and a balanced international community, a world ruled by the forces of right and reason and good and the Satanic desires of the evil and invisible lobbies which are currently in power in Washington and which in turn control the foreign policy of its allies. [21.1s] And now more than ever, he said that a number of years ago, but now more than ever, that is true.

Speaker 1 [00:15:08] I’m speaking with Mark Taliano. He is the author of Voices from Syria. His website is He’s been in Syria and he’s written now two books, a second edition on the situation in Syria, which, as you’re hearing from Mark, is the exact opposite from what we get in the news constantly. And of course, and one of the big events that’s just happened that I wouldn’t have known about it had I not happened to follow Mark and Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett on Twitter. And that’s election and in which President Bashar al-Assad won. Now the West will say, well, this was a fixed thing and and Bashar Assad is a butcher and all of that kind of stuff. So give us the facts on that.

Speaker 2 [00:15:54] Well, yeah, this is incredible. Imagine a Western countries criticizing another country on elections.

Speaker 1 [00:16:01] We have a lot to say.

Speaker 2 [00:16:02] Yeah, it’s unbelievable. Well, yeah, OK, so first of all, Syria is the most secular, pluralist country in the Middle East. It always it has been forever. And now, unfortunately, imperialists have brought sectarianism into the country, but it still remains that way. Syria was and is the most democratic country in the Middle East, and it remains so. And even prior to the elections, and we have no no moral or legal justification criticizing their democracy, when we don’t even have democracy anymore. But anyway, before the elections, on- the- ground videotapes showed  massive support not only for President al-Assad, who has led this country through the war, but for the country itself, and for what the country stands for and it stands for victory over terrorism and victory over imperialism, and the footage from Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley who were on the ground, is just phenomenal. I mean, no Western leader could ever garner that kind of support from their own people.

Speaker 1 [00:17:29] Yeah, it was amazing video that I just saw that you that you had sent me there of a compilation of all different places throughout Syria of the massive numbers of people celebrating.

Speaker 2 [00:17:39] Yeah. And it’s live video. It’s not professional. A lot of it is not. It’s just. Well, it’s the it’s real live on- the- ground video recording. And this includes places that were previously occupied by Western supported terrorists, including Douma, where the alleged gas attack, which didn’t happen because it was a false flag, and that’s where President Assad voted and that’s where Johnny Achi, I can’t pronounce his name right now, but he voted there. He is an American citizen and he flew to Syria to vote… Syrian nationality and I guess he was born in Syria, I’m not sure. But he flew all the way to Syria to vote, as did many others, because the so-called Democratic West closed the embassies and didn’t allow them to vote. So he flew all the way from the states and Eva Bartlett interviewed him and he showed how they vote and how they have to dip their thumb in ink to prove that they only voted once. And and this was in Douma, which was previously terrorist- occupied. So if anyone says they prefer living under terrorist rule, I’m sorry, they’re wrong. The terrorist areas, Idlib, for example, is occupied and dominated by al-Qaida, and has extreme forms of Sharia law. They make no bones about it. There’s signs and liberated Aleppo outside the city, for example, which openly denounced democracy, they make no secret of it, occupied areas. They do not vote.  That’s not what they do. The people there are no doubt a lot of them would love to vote, like I said. And Douma, they were overjoyed to be liberated in July. And the testimony from …. Was there and the videotapes. So that will dispel the myth that there’s just some crazy, brutal dictator oppressing his people. The opposite is true. It is the terrorists that the the West supports who are oppressing and killing Syrians.

Speaker 1 [00:19:49] Yeah. And you saw where in Idlib, Idlib was taken over by al-Qaida. I mean, the women are dressed head to toe in black. Right. Whereas in the in Syria proper, where that is run by by the proper government, they’re actually quite secular. They have some have scarves, some do not.

Speaker 2 [00:20:08] Yeah. They dress in any way they want. That’s their business. I mean. Yeah, like some have scarves and some don’t so they don’t dress from head to toe in black or head to toe covering. And there’s actually signs on the road saying this is how you must dress. And I have an interview with Reverend Andrew Ashdown, in fact, where there’s signs in now liberated areas where it shows how women have to dress. And all you see of the flesh is there are two eyes and that’s it. Sorry, folks, that’s all you  get.

Speaker 1 [00:20:36] Yeah. And so just an example of that as the example of that. These these really are the terrorists, these this flipped upside down world, the al Qaeda Liberator’s.

Speaker 2 [00:20:47] Yeah, the world is upside down right now. Absolutely, and we have people in North America who think of themselves as progressive and so on, and they think that Empire is doing such wonderful things. And this perception, unfortunately, is just complete opposite to reality. And that’s that’s really tragic, actually.

Speaker 1 [00:21:06] And Bashar al-Assad, the election wasn’t just one candidate to vote for. There were I saw two other faces there run. 

Speaker 2 [00:21:14] I actually met him briefly on my on my last trip there… He’s an optometrist, OK? And and he presents someone asked, well, what’s he like? Is he like a goon or whatever? …. He presents  as a very gentle, intellectual, down-to-earth person, like he presents very well. He’s very dignified. He’s very well-spoken, extraordinarily intelligent and and gentle. And the people love him, honest to God, they love him. And you can see from those videos that they do. Yeah. That they do love him.

Speaker 1 [00:21:49] And so they. What did they so what did the election mean, do you think that he won by such a landslide?

Speaker 2 [00:21:55] Well, it meant it meant that the Syrians are sick of terror, of Western intrusions. They’re sick of Western supported terrorists, as anyone would be. They want their country back. It used to it was before the war ranked among the top, top five safest countries in the world. They want their economy back. They want to they they don’t want this economic embargo that is mass murdering them. They can’t  get equipment renewed in their hospitals and so on. The biggest victims are children in terrorist- controlled areas. The children don’t go to school there. They’re trained to be terrorists wielding automatic rifles. It’s it’s I mean, the losses are tremendous. So it’s more than just a vote for President Assad. It’s a vote for the country. It’s a vote for sovereignty. It’s a vote for international universal human rights that they deserve and that everyone deserves. And it’s a vote to say to the imperialists: go home, stop occupying illegally, bombing us, stop illegally occupying our land, burning our wheat crops and stealing our oil and putting pictures on Facebook with soldiers occupying with their sniper rifles on Syrian territory. Nobody invited them in. The Russians were invited in. Thank you very much. So are the Iranians. The resistance was invited in to defend this land, and I see it as a victory for every human on Earth because it is a victory for nation- state sovereignty and it is a victory for the rule of justice and the rule of international law. And Syrians see that, too. And they have to live this every day. Right now, they’re starving. These illegal, unilateral coercive sanctions are starving them. They have the currency has been totally depreciated, and the imperialists are burning their crops. I mean, it’s just it’s horrifying.

Speaker 1 [00:24:02] So what do you see? Is this a positive shift now, this election? Of course. But are they also? It seems to me that the Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian army is making ground, is making headway there and defeating them?

Speaker 2 [00:24:18] Well, I mean, I I’m not on the ground there, but I can feel it. I can feel it. They’re on a roll. They’ve got powerful allies. They’ve got behind them justice and humanity. They know who they’re fighting. And there’s no question that they are on the side of justice, theirs is the righteous force. Now, that being said, that’s 10 long years of war, but they’re on a roll and they’re not going to stop. That’s my feeling. Yeah, that’s my feeling on it. And actually, the resistance is more unified than ever. We saw that in Palestine recently. So I see this as a real, a real positive development.

Speaker 1 [00:25:15] Well, we need more of those, don’t we? You’re right, I think that is a good comparison to make what was happening with Palestine and Hamas. Yes, because it really is a lot of the same forces here. You’ve got Israel, the U.S., NATO doing all of their basic land grabs and oppression. And then you’ve got the countries that, of course, are all labeled as bad from the West’s perspective, what Venezuela and Palestine, Gaza, Syria, Russia, China actually on on on the side of the elected government there in Syria. And that’s what people don’t really get, do they? Don’t realize that this is an elected government that you have.

Speaker 2 [00:25:57] It’s an elected government. And I firmly believe there’s no politician in the West that could ever garner that kind of support. They’re out there with their fireworks. I think you saw a video celebrating before the election, during the election, and they’re still celebrating, especially in areas that were liberated from the terrorists. Yeah, the war isn’t over and the economic warfare continues. But they’re in a joyous state of mind and so am I. Well, now that’s a positive development.

Speaker 1 [00:26:32] Positive. OK, so my last question regarding this and give you time to offer any other information. But what is how about the Western media now? Is there anybody catching on to the truth? Are Eva and Vanessa and yourself and others making headway into are you got Richard Black right now as a politician who understands what’s going on?

Speaker 2 [00:26:56] Oh, he’s phenomenal. He’s just phenomenal. He he has told the truth. He went there and he OK, he went there legally like I did. He didn’t sneak into Turkey illegally like some of these corporate media types  who hang out with al-Qaida and ISIS. He went there legally and he has done some wonderful reports where he writes the truth and he is not afraid to write the truth and thank God for that. And yeah,  his reporting is stellar. … The media, cartels do not tell the truth and I don’t follow the media cartels anymore because it makes me kind of nauseous, to be honest, and it’s the same cartels that are waging psychological warfare on us all. These are real negative forces, these media cartels.

Speaker 1 [00:28:02] So are there any politicians in Canada on the right side here?

Speaker 2 [00:28:09] Is that, I would hope, coming out thinking right now I can’t think of any. I hope there are. But I know there’s some people in Ireland and throughout the world. I mean, Canada, I really don’t know. I’m so disgusted with what has happened to Canada, I really turn off the establishment media, I’m not aware of a political …  I’m not, but they’re going to have to change the narrative because otherwise the lie that they are telling will be revealed bald-faced. So they’re going to have to change their spin somehow and maybe they’re doing that. But I’m just not aware of that.

Speaker 1 [00:28:55] This is Freedom Loves Company. If you’re just joining us, my name is John Shuk and I’m speaking with Mark Taliano. Is the website. He’s the author of Voices from Syria. And the second edition has just come out in March and which he’s gone to syria numerous times and he gets the story on- the- ground, which is quite different, quite 180 degrees different from the story in the Western and mainstream media. And we’re also going we’re going to change focus. You tell me if there’s more to say about Syria, but I want to change focus also  to talk to you about the COVID and what’s going on. You write for Global Research and you’ve done a lot of research on on this with the vaccinations and Canada. What’s the situation in Canada with COVID? Are you still under lockdown?

Speaker 2 [00:29:38] OK, so we’re in the worst area right now, but it is a dictatorship. But I’ll tell you what I mean. There’s no question about that. I mean, even before COVID, constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati  claimed it was a dictatorship, a peaceful dictatorship. I mean, not all dictatorships are violent, but this is a dictatorship because the corrupt politicians in Ontario, for example, Ford, for example, are ruling underneath the umbrella of an emergency. For example, just like after the 9/11 false flag. So  they are ruling by diktat.  And here is one small example. We we do have a Constitution in Canada. We do have a Bill of Rights. We do have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But they are totally denied and negated.  For example, we were trying to exercise our freedoms in Hamilton, Ontario, in front of City Hall, and we did that for a period of time. And  the police would shut it down every time. We had to go mobile. And then it was embarrassing because police vans were following this all over. And I know some of these police and they’re nice people, but it’s the same old thing, you know, I’m doing my job. But there I would argue they’re breaking the rules as well. And some people, some police officers do object to this. And there is a site on the internet for that. But anyway, I was fined almost two thousand dollars for standing in front of City Hall. That’s not democracy, folks. Sorry. No, we were there very peacefully and trying to tell the truth the way we saw the truth and the way we see the truth. And when you have police officers are fining  you under this emergency measures legislation, and that’s that’s just wrong, and that’s what dictatorships are like, and that’s what a dictatorship is. And we are living in a dictatorship. If if if you’re depending on the zone or whatever COVID lockdown phase we’re in, which, you know, you have to go home or you can’t do this, and they make an intentionally confusing. But the bottom line is they’re they they’re preventing us from peacefully assembling. And the reason is not COVID, because COVID is a low infection fatality rate virus. Yes, some people some people argue that it hasn’t been isolated, replicated, purified, but apart from that, Dr. Ioannidis and others and even the CDC and even the World Health Organization will admit and do admit and have admitted from the beginning, amidst a mist of clouds, of confusion, intentional confusion, psychological warfare, that is a low infection, fatality rate virus. It’s in line with the flu and they have stated this, though, who has stated this? The CDC has stated this, but then the media cartels get a hold of the messaging … And the and the COVID database consists of junk data. The Drosten protocols … where he is and are used by the World Health Organization, uses PCR tests that are not fit for purpose. They doesn’t work. The inventor, Kerry Mullis, the late Kerry Mullis admitted this. It picks up viral fragments, it doesn’t specify if it’s COVID or or another respiratory illness. It doesn’t. The tests are not validated. They are not specific. The amplification threshold was thirty five or so, according to the WHO and then the WHO retracted itself 12 months later. Well, all the data is junk. So we’re talking about a huge crime here and …. Financial interests, it started at the World Economic Forum, which partnered with the World Health Organization, financial interests engineered this whole thing and they are profiting from the induced destruction of our economy. This is like a war on us without the military, a foreign military coming in. They’re destroying our rights and they’re destroying our economy. And some people say, Well, why would they do that? Well, there’s a lot of money to be made if you’re selling vaccines, vaccines, which are actually experimental injections, and there’s a lot of money to be made if you destroy the economy and then and then pick up the pieces for zero dollars and with government subsidies, negative dollars like the airlines are going broke and so on. And there’s also a lot of money to be made when the government spends all this money on on CERB payments and when the government spends all this money on these injection experimental injections and when the government has all that debt accumulated, there’s a lot of money to be made by international bankers who are going to move in with Structural Adjustment Programs just like they do when they’re colonizing other nations, and they are going to dictate exactly what we can and cannot do with the money. The politicians will be nothing more than props. They’re already like that. So the international banks, the creditors, and the speculators. They are going to win. They are winning. The billionaires, the number of billionaires has grown exponentially, but the real economy is being destroyed, the productive economy is being destroyed. The impoverishment is going to be far more widespread. And that that is part of where the crime is and also now we see that these injections are dangerous Vaccine, Adverse Event Reporting System makes note of five thousand deaths and counting and many, many more injuries, and the European database is talking about 14,000 deaths and many, many injuries. And those numbers, by many accounts, are underrepresented.

Speaker 1 [00:36:09] That was I think it was the video that you showed, wasn’t it? I think I saw it there or saw it somewhere of the. Number of deaths that had happened when they released the swine flu vaccine. They had like injected 45 million people and they had like less than 50 deaths. And they pulled it.

Speaker 2 [00:36:28] They pulled it. They pulled it. And isn’t that interesting? And now why aren’t they pulling it? They aren’t pulling this one because they don’t have to. Because they declared, “they” meaning the World Health Organization on the heels of the World Economic Forum, declared an emergency and that impacted the entire globe. This is an unprecedented calamity that will unfold over the years. So many nations, one hundred and ninety-three went under lockdown  under this fake pretext of a pandemic. They even changed, prior to swine flu, the definition of pandemic to exclude mortality rates. OK, because clearly, whatever this thing is, which includes an umbrella of symptoms, is not very fatal at all. It’s in line with the flu in terms of fatality or mortality and morbidity. And the World Health Organization and CDC admit this. So the billionaire class is growing, but the real economy is suffering, and isn’t this a common thing and why the poverty will be widespread is not every country, for example, in India, they don’t all have support payments, government payouts. So if their business is closed down, excuse me, how do you feed your kids? You don’t and there are famines reported, famine and so on, but OK,  I think timelines are important. On January 30th, 2020, USA had 5 cases and I put cases in quotation marks because “cases” means absolutely nothing because the PCR test is invalid. But they had five cases, Canada had 3. Oh, boy, France had 4. Germany had 4. (On this basis, the WHO, according to Prof Chossudovsky, declared a Worldwide Public Health Emergency)… Does that sound like a worldwide public health emergency to you? It doesn’t sound like one to me. And then who defined this so-called pandemic? It’s right there “similar to seasonal influenza.” I remember when this started, I knew something was up and I knew we were in trouble. .. It was admitted publicly what the World Health Organization admitted, which was it is a Low Infection, Fatality Rate virus. I knew we were in trouble then because they were closing everything down for nothing. Now, in February, the COVID crisis followed by major crash of financial markets, and that’s where the speculators made a whole lot of money. But they didn’t help the real economy at all. In other words, the World Economic Forum was going through the agenda, whatever you call in these plans of scenarios before this crash, even they were developing vaccine or what they called vaccines before this announcement of a Public Health Emergency, of International Concern. All these plans were there in the working and. And speculators were aware of this billionaire class group that people make money like the financial class can make money from crashes. Hedge funds, derivatives and so on. Prof Chossudovsky argues  that there was evidence of financial fraud. Yeah, I would say so. March 11th, 2020, (continues Chossudovsky) the WHO officially declared a Worldwide Pandemic, with 44,279 cases 1,440 deaths outside of China out of a population of 6.4 billion people ….locked down to 193 member states of the UN. Now, bear in mind also. Yeah, OK. I think we talked about the vaccines. They would have been pulled (taken off the market) a long time ago except for this emergency that was declared. That’s why they did declare this global emergency so that they could proceed with their life- destroying plans.

Speaker 1 [00:40:42] Do you think this vaccine just is really the goal of this mandatory big part?

Speaker 2 [00:40:49] That’s a big part of it, because these are experimental injections and I have proof that. Dr. Sadaf Gilani did an excellent paper on efficacy, their efficacy is very, very low.

Speaker 1 [00:41:11] And we’ll get her going to get her on in a week or so.

Speaker 2 [00:41:15] Oh, yeah. Yes, she’s done some great. She’s actually an M.D. and …  if you (Doctors) speak publicly about this and contradict the lockdown messaging, you will be disciplined. OK, so that’s how doctors, you know, and they lose privileges and so on and so forth. They are disciplined. And the teachers, you might wonder why are the teachers buying into this as well? The teachers union, Ontario Teachers Union is partnered with the World Economic Forum. Hmm. OK, so  the cancer runs deep, unfortunately.

Speaker 1 [00:42:00] Yeah, and the censorship is just off the wall, isn’t it? So I mean, I have no idea. You know, I get back and forth about whether it’s a virus, whether it was, you know, a Kevin Barrett has been on. He talks about it was really a bio attack on China. That isn’t all. It was obviously then than the the lockdown’s as well are another part of the attack. But I don’t know any of this exactly. I can’t really say, for one thing what it really is. And I don’t even know what it means to say what what the virus was isolated or not or whatever. But I the censorship, you know, you’re not being told the truth when they just silence all of these voices and and the platform people, you and I are both banned on Facebook. I find they they graciously allowed me back in yesterday. But really, I mean, it’s just ridiculous.

Speaker 2 [00:42:49] Yeah. Oh, yeah. It’s horrible. Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:42:53] So, OK, go ahead.

Speaker 2 [00:42:55] …. The weapons are these vaccines, these experimental injections. First of all, that’s a violation of Nuremberg codes. OK, you can’t coerce people to take experimental injections….. Nazi Germany, they did it in Nazi Germany and they were punished for that. And and this doctor, (Dr. McCullough)  in light of the (mortality and morbidity) statistic that I gave you  from Europe and VAERS  he cannot, in all honesty, recommend these injections to his patients anymore. And kudos to him for having the courage to stand up. And I wish more doctors would ….  But, you know, like where does it end and how many deaths are we going to tolerate? OK, so that also I mean, the some of the people running this operation have said we want to make humans digital platforms. Dr. Carrie Madej is talking about transhumanism. These are experimental gene editing, gene modifying injections. We don’t know the long term impacts. We it’s impossible to know the long term consequences. We know some of the short term ones, but some of these billionaires talk openly about transhumanism. … This psychological warfare is to coerce people into getting these things so we can be tracked and traced and so the (bio-surveillance)apparatus can be strengthened.  … Nobody elected, the people at the World Economic Forum or the people of the World Health Organization to run a global totalitarian operation, and that is what they are doing. this is the New World Order.

Speaker 1 [00:44:54] That’s it. It certainly has nothing to do with health and medical. I mean, that’s a that is a big as fiction as a highjackers brought down the World Trade Center angle. Anti health. Yeah, it’s so it’s it’s it’s about control. Who’s in control and exactly what kind of things are next are hard to know. And then of course, you’re you’re also pounded by disinformation and all kinds of different places to chase rabbits all over where they are, where they aren’t. So it’s hard to get a handle on on what really is unfolding. But certainly well, one thing that’s certainly unfolding is this division. Now we’re dividing people up as to whether they’ve had the shot or not. And and you see, what of this guy? This guy in California is like the it’s like The Hunger Games. What he’s he’s having these lotteries. If you get if you get a vacc, you can wind up went up to ten million dollars in this

Speaker 2 [00:45:48] That should be be a red flag.

Speaker 1 [00:45:49] Everybody, shouldn’t it? I mean, I thought vaccines used to be no matter what you’re doing, it was a health matter. Of course you. Yeah, we know that. So it’s just a big spectacle of crazy.

Speaker 2 [00:46:00] Yeah, it’s a spectacle of crazy covering the largest redistribution of wealth in history. This is from Chossudovsky. Coming by a process of worldwide.  I know Fauche is involved in that gain of function research. I know they use the tax dollars for that. I suspect it was all illegal. I mean, I personally think he should be behind bars,  tried and put behind bars and so many others. But I also am aware that Empire wants war with China and has for decades. Pilger did a documentary on that. And I think that the Wuhan story is just there be to distract from the real issue. And the real issue is we do not have a killer virus. There is no logical reason for us to be locked down and we know who is benefiting it from it. And it is not you and it is not me. You are a pastor. I understand it certainly is not helping you to conduct church services and it’s not helping me to exercise or anyone to exercise our freedoms and rights which we are losing.

Speaker 1 [00:47:06] We are losing. And well, I’m not actually a pastor any longer, but I had been by my position, ended actually before Colvert. I’m part of me is glad I did part of me. I’m not really sure. But yeah, the churches are just they caved in, basically not all of them, but many of the denominational ones are just just rolled right over and said and said, yeah, we even opened up. And when they open up they’re going to be, you know, say, well, you have to keep track of everybody who’s come in where they sat when they sat, you know, make sure they’re all maxed and waxed and sent reported to the authorities. You know, it’s and I know in in your area there have been some pastors who really boldly what is this Henry Hildebrand? Is that his name? Yes.

Speaker 2 [00:47:51] Yes. Remarkable fellow. I met him  in Ottawa. He’s done a remarkable job fighting the repression, thank God for him and others. And er, they’re really facing huge they’re being jailed and they are facing huge unreasonable repression from the police state. This what we’ve got

Speaker 1 [00:48:15] it is now. OK, so we’re in big trouble now. How, how are we doing in terms of, of resistance. We’re also being sidelined and de platformed and shoved to the edge. I wonder how much more oppression is going to come that way for people who do find the courage to speak out. I am I am impressed. The number of doctors I’m finding and a lot of different venues are finding are finding a voice.

Speaker 2 [00:48:44] Thank God for them, and I and I really yeah, I’m really disappointed when I hear of doctors parroting the the COVID line because these injections are dangerous, but they also lead to dangerous totalitarianism. And vaccine passports, which is a part an absolute curtailment of our freedoms and derogation of any vestiges of democracy. I mean, and they did it without without throwing the tank through the streets, apart from our own tanks.

Speaker 1 [00:49:27] Yeah, yeah, they did it without firing a shot. Essentially they just just a psyop. We got too scared of our own selves and a scared of each other. It really is a mind, a mind up on us to absolutely traumatized

Speaker 2 [00:49:44] People are reporting on each other. I mean, people like myself, if I am doing something that someone else perceives to be a health hazard, like, for example, if I’m doing healthy things, that can be reported, OK. So, for example, I, I do martial arts. I’m not going to get into specifics here, but for any activity. People, all you have to do is have one person report and it happens all the time, and then the event is closed. It is a police state. That’s how they operate. That’s how police states operate. There’s nothing new about this. (Imperialistsécolonizers) have been doing this for so long, they’re quite good at it.

Speaker 1 [00:50:27] Yeah, we just kept fooling ourselves, that couldn’t happen to us, that is Western nations.

Speaker 2 [00:50:34] Yeah, it did. It’s happening. And the economy. Oh my God. It’s totally destroying economies for. I mean, how many you could probably fit the perpetrators of this crime at the World Economic Forum and so on into a large room.

Speaker 1 [00:50:51] OK, let’s go there. Whoo hoo! If you don’t mind my name and what who’s the who are the big players? Who needs to come in for questioning?

Speaker 2 [00:50:59] Well, the World Economic Forum itself is a public, a public private organization, and nobody voted for it. And and World Health Organization is partnering with them and nobody elected them.  Everyone donates to them like Gates Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And Klaus Schwab. I didn’t elect him to run the world. I bought his book, but I couldn’t get past the first page because it’s so horrible, I can’t handle reading that stuff, but these people are running the world. They want to run it even more. So we’re talking the billionaires, the politicians, including Canadian politicians who hang out  at the World Economic Forum. And we’re talking Wall Street. We’re talking Big Pharma. Big Pharma is not liable for any of it. Any of the injuries, none whatsoever. And I mean, there’s a tape of Bill Gates saying I might make twenty dollars for every one dollar invested (on a vaccine). OK, so Big Pharma is taking our tax dollars to make experimental injections that are unsafe and unhealthy.

Speaker 1 [00:52:16] Right. OK.

Speaker 2 [00:52:17] OK, so we have these cartels, including that we have all these cartels dictating to the West and they’re … Representative of them would be at the World Economic Forum, as it is with the all these global institutions.

Speaker 1 [00:52:36] So do you think this was planned out a long time or do you think it’s kind of a piecemeal meAll thing that this caught onto this caught on to that? Do you think there’s an endgame or do you think I have a hunch that they’re still pretty sloppy and they could be beaten? And and I think they’re scared. They’re scared of people like you and Eva Bartlet and Vanessa Beeley and the people who are brave and are getting out there and talking about it. And and I think we can win. Mark, I think the I think it’s certainly David versus Megatron, but nonetheless, I think that they’re they’re scared of people learning and getting together and talking. And that’s exactly what we have to do regardless of risk, don’t you think?

Speaker 2 [00:53:16] Absolutely. Absolutely. And I think you’re right. This this could come tumbling down, because if you look at where I am right now, Ontario’s lockdown, everyone is afraid of each other. I went to a nursery the other day. I couldn’t go in because you have to wear a mask and follow these protocols. I felt like I was in a twilight zone and. But Indianapolis 500, where is Indianapolis? How far away is that from us? Indianapolis. Well, yeah, wasn’t there a big car

Speaker 1 [00:53:43] race 800 miles away from

Speaker 2 [00:53:44] you? Eight hundred miles and that was packed full. OK, so there’s hope. You’re right. In some of these states, especially like Texas, on the other hand, Texas, they’re still playing this apartheid game. All you guys can go ahead to that show or game as long as you’ve had your vaccines.

Speaker 1 [00:54:00] Yeah, it’s.

Speaker 2 [00:54:04] It’s not I hope there is hope,

Speaker 1 [00:54:06] but Mark, we’re out of time. So tell me the name of that book that you had from Michel Chossudovsky.

Speaker 2 [00:54:13] OK, Michel Chossudovsky’s  e-book. It’s free. It’s a long title. You might have to start that one day. It’s called 2221 Worldwide Corona Crisis Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Depression and a Great Reset. And it’s full of very important information and documentation of it.

Speaker 1 [00:54:37] And he’s, of course, the the creator of, I believe, the creator. Is that the right word of Global Research Center for Research on Globalization or Global Research, where you also write and you also have a book out that people should get, as well as the second edition of Voices from Syria and Voices from Syria. Second edition, who was also coauthored with Syrian journalist Basma Qaddour. and your website is

Speaker 2 [00:55:02] Anything else I know that’s great. And let’s hope for victory against this totalitarianism.

Speaker 1 [00:55:09] Absolutely. On all levels. I appreciate you. Appreciate being a warrior with you, Mark, and thank you for all you’re doing. And you can follow me. All right. Follow you about follow Mark Taliano on Twitter. Again, his website is You have been listening to Freedom Loves Company on This broadcast originally aired live on Revolution Radio. It has been slightly edited for distribution to radio stations, including the Pacifica Radio Network. Catch Freedom Loves Company Live every Sunday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern on Revolution DOT Radio Studio B. Find podcasts at Progressive Spirit Dot Net and John Shuck dot com. I’m John Schuck.