The Big Lie

The statistics surrounding the Covid-19 crisis have always been unreliable, yet msm and other sources use these numbers without qualifications. To qualify the numbers would be to dismantle the Lie. The Lie must be maintained because it is fundamental to hidden agendas which include economic warfare, and a vast transfer of wealth upwards,(1) war propaganda against China (2), the anti-democratic ushering in of police-state surveillance mechanisms, and the imposition of what some refer to as a Fourth Industrial Revolution.(3)

In the following video, Senator Jensen dismantles the statistical corruption. He explains that administrators pressure Doctors to use the Covid-19 descriptor. Why? Hospitals in his area receive $5,000.00 for a pneumonia diagnosis, $13,000.00 for a Covid-19 diagnosis, and $39,000.00 if the patient receives treatment with a ventilator.

Since the distinction between dying FROM Covid and WITH Covid-19 is not being made, most msm and government statistics are not valid. They are being used to satisfy other agendas.

Accurate statistics, largely suppressed, do exist, and they involve results from antibody tests. These numbers are not inflated, and they reveal Covid-19 infection fatality rates as being in line with flu mortality rates. (4)

Posted by Lesley Kushner on Saturday, April 25, 2020

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