Shooting the Messenger, The Last Bastions of Independent Thought

Fake MSM media is now the norm. All mainstream media protects the lies about the Global War On Terrorism.

Instead of recounting the long-proven truth that the terrorists in the Middle East and beyond, but especially in Syria, are imperial appendages/Western proxies, used and manipulated to destroy one country after another, the mainstream protects the narrow interests of a cabal of international war criminals and their hollow stooge political representatives.

Politicians represent a corrupt and criminal Establishment, including the narrow interests of the Military Industrial Complex. They have long since stopped representing “the people”, although “the people” are largely unaware of this since they are bombarded with 24/7 lies that protect and the governing criminals and the oligarch classes globally. The New World Order is a fascist, totalitarian, supranational, and delusional project of “full spectrum dominance” that creates globalized chaos, mass murder, and impoverishment. It is this toxic endeavour that is being hidden from view.

And now the last bastions of truth and peace are being attacked. Professor Chossudovsky writes that the Harvard Index, a list of online publications which are tagged as “fake” and “false”, 

goes far beyond the Catholic Church’s Index which selectively banned books after careful reading, review and evaluation within the Church’s hierarchy. This frivolous decision by Harvard constitutes a violation of the most fundamental principles of university education which are debate, discussion, critique and analysis.

The Harvard Index acts as a Lynchpin. It establishes a “new normal”, a guideline to colleges and universities across the land, regarding what we can or cannot read, what we can or cannot write. 

Is it a conspiracy? Yes it is.  Harvard’s Index broadly undermines the foundation of University education. It instates academic mediocrity.

Universities are thought to be the last bastions of independent thought, where ideas and topics are tested and discussed by experts in research and critical thinking. But now universities are being hobbled by dark state agencies that require a deluded public to advance their criminal projects.

Dark state agencies advance narrow transnational corporate interests, not national interests, beneath the lies, the Public Relations courtesans, the CIA fabrications, and Pentagon overlords. The propaganda budget for the Pentagon alone is reported to be more than half a billion dollars annually.

Those who seek peace, truth, the rule of international law, as well as democratic political and economic systems, are the unstated enemies of our largely covert governing polities.

Whereas the current form of “globalization” engenders global death and destruction, the unheralded but rational and sane (rather than insane and criminal), version is swept under the carpet in this upside down world where left is right and white is black.

In Sovereign Corporations That Occupy The Commons, I write that

The “Fourth World”, as defined by Anthony J. Hall in The American Empire And The Fourth World, is a sustainable model of globalization that respects cultural, economic, and environmental pluralism, as it embraces globalized democracy, and the rights of self –determination. It represents trajectories towards Life and the rule of law, but needs to be allied with an effective apparatus of enforcement.

It is this form of globalization that is targeted precisely because it contradicts the current form of dystopian “globalization”. But this “forbidden truth”, the foundation for international law, is buried beneath the lies and manipulations of imperial agencies.

And the purveyors of these forbidden truths are targeted. Smear campaigns are launched, and careers are torpedoed.

To counter the conspiracies against truth and justice, open debates about “forbidden topics” need to be amplified, not suppressed. Taboos need to be shattered. Hasty conclusions need to be rejected. And the modern-day Inquisition needs to be dismantled.

Failing this, the “consensus of ignorance” will prevail, and humanity will continue on its downward spiral of death and destruction, as it rejects trajectories of Life and Prosperity.

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