The Covid Plandemic: Fear Is the Name of the Game – The Legal Approach

Global Research, April 11, 2023
International Crimes Investigative Committee

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Law is not hard, unless you go to law school in Germany, where you learn nothing about real life and everything about the most complicated theoretical legal doctrine in the most boring classes you´ve ever seen.

Every legal case, however, always starts with the facts, which make up the story. If you don´t get the facts right, then your legal analysis is useless, or, in your worst case scenario: you put the wrong man on death row. In our case at hand I would suggest the following approach at telling the story:

1. We need to start with exposing the Covid plandemic (not global warming or the free masons – or worse, that comes later) in three steps:

  1. There was never a novel Corona virus, only the four endemic Corona viruses which have been endemic since, if I remember correctly, the 1960ies. That is why they (Mr. Global) chose this virus for rolling out the plandemic: It was everywhere anyway (in most flus and colds, for example), and if you set the PCR test for this virus only, plus misuse it grossly (45 cycles of amplification) you´re almost guaranteed to find it pretty much everywhere. Add to this pictures and videoclips of military trucks in Bergamo, Italy on streets littered with (probably mostly empty) caskets and white hospital tents in front of hospitals in Newy York plus the msm and politicians screaming: we´re all going to die, unless a vaccine is found, you have the start of the plandemic.

We know now, of course that up until the start of the “vaccination” campaign there were no excess deaths anywhere. The spikes in New York and Bergamo were the result of the panic and gross medical malpractise: 94% of the people who allegedly died of Covid in both cities, died of completely different causes. In Bergamo, patients in nursing homes had been vaccinated shortly before the “pandemic” (I forget if it was the flu shots or sth else) arrived, weakening their already weakened immune system further, then they transferred people who were probably suffering from the flu to the nursing homes to make room for all those poor victims of the plandemic.

In the nursing homes the flu killed many of those patients who´s immune system had been deliberately weakened. Similar story in Newy York: Many fled to the hospitals in panic who would otherwise (without the panic mongering) have stayed at home, or even in bed to recover.

There some ran into nosocomial infections, others died of the “Fauci protocol” which ordered the doctors to use remdesivir and put people on a respirator. Bottom line, however: No excess mortality up until the start of the “vaccination” campaign anywhere, just panic mongering.

Even then the WHO and Prof. John Ioannidis of Stanford university found that the Infection Fatality Rate of this allegedly novel Corona virus was between .14 and .15%; in hindsight, however, according to a newer meta study, this virus plandemic- just like its precursor, the swine flu in 2009 (check the video “profiteers of fear” on youtube) – turned out to be no more dangerous than a mild flu. Some people experienced the loss of smell and taste, or felt that this was somewhat different from a regular flu. But the loss of smell and taste happens with the flu as well, and whatever made this feel different (chemtrails?, for example may have added to this):

There was no excess mortality until the start of the “vaccination” campaign. Plus: There have always been alternative methods of treatment available which have always worked for the flu: Vitamin C, D, zink, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, etc. But Fauci et al ordered not use them, which translates into purposeful withholding of – effective ! -treatment, for the sole purpose of making them take the “vaccine”, as the definition of herd immunity all of a sudden excluded natural immunity who´s protection should have taken center stage.

Add to this: The politicians who were trying to make us believe that panic was in order kept on partying and flying on airplanes without any masks on. Would they have done this if if there had been a dangerous novel Corona virus out there? The flu all of a sudden disappeared completely when Covid hit.

Doctors seem to have forgotten about differential diagnostics (which even the CDC advised in order to find out what really caused the symptoms) and since when was there such a thing as “asymptomatic infections”? Mr. Global has full control over the msm, so how come the fight over “gain of function” experiments entered the mainstream debate? Could it be that that, too, was designed to make people believe that we were dealing with a very dangerous (“it comes from a lab, and there, they work on making viruses more dangerous”) virus.

At any rate: The PCR test was never approved for diagnostic purposes, and it cannot tell us anything about infections, as its creator, nobel prize laureate Kary Mullis said over and over again – regardless of matter how it is applied.

Among other problems: it cannot distinguish between “dead” and “live” matter, and it never finds a whole virus, which is needed for an infection, as whatever is taken from the throat or the nose is destroyed or quashed before it goes into the machine.

The kicker, of course, is that the now infamous idiot Drosten from Charité Hospital in Berlin (at the behest of the totally corrupt WHO which went on to recommend his test as the gold standard for the detection of infections to the entire world) set his test to 45 cycles of amplification when the usefulness of the test ends at 24 cycles, and you end up with more than 90% false positives at 35.

The experts who have testified to this are – among others – Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Jay Couey, Dr. Sona Pekova (PCR) and Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger and Dr. Silvia Behrend (who worked for and/or advised the WHO and have insider knowledge about the “cases” were created with the help of the misused PCR test,in order for the WHO to declare the (freely invented by them) public health emergency of international concern, which would then be the basis on which they (the WHO with no democratic authorization whatsoever) claim the use of untested new drugs was possible.

What this – the deliberate and premeditated creation of the plandemic – adds up to is, of course: intent.

Here’s a brilliant presentation by biologist Dr. Jay Couey from Pittsburgh that explains most of this scientifically. 

Experts: Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Jay Couey, Dr. Sona Pekova, and many others

  1. The “vaccines” were already known to Biontech/Pfizer as highly dangerous and potentially lethal (myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clotting) when they applied for a patent for them in Nov 2019 (!). This brilliant presentation by Italian research biochemist Dr. Gabriele Segalla proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt:

THE PANDORA’s VACCINE from Exterius on Vimeo.

Experts: For example Dr. Gabriele Segalla, Dr. Hedley Reese, Prof. Werner Bergholz and many others.

This shows intent on the part of the “vaccine makers” to cause deadly harm.

  1. So why was this not detected when this toxic cocktail went through the medical trials, why was it approved by the health care authorities in the US, Europe and everywhere else? Because no studies were conducted at all, because the health care authorities have long since been captured by those oligarchs behind the pharmaceutical industry, and because, as Brooke Jackson´s case against Pfizer showed: The government is not “our”, but “their” government, the same is true for “our” agencies. The power that was really in charge was the DoD (just like the military was – crucially – involved in this in Germany, and probably everywhere else, too): The “trials” where, as RFK, jr put it in an excellent interview with Sasha Latypova: Kabuki theater; they just pretended to do these trials to make the people believe that they had been tested and shown to be “safe and effective”. In reality, this (not the virus) is the bioweapon which the DoD used against its own people, the American populace – but also against everyone else. This excellent podcast interview by Robert F Kennedy, jr with Sasha Latypova shows it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Experts: Dr. Sasha Latypova, Brooke Jackson, Katharine Watt and many others.

This shows intent on the part of the “government” and its agencies, and: this leads right into part two of the “case” = the story to be exposed in a court of law: sdrn only a show was done, and in truth the DoD = the Deep State wanted to use bioweapons gg the own people, because in truth it’s not the own people, and not the own government, sdrn the worldwide Deep State, which goes after the whole mankind u only disguises itself as “own” government and “own” authorities with Katherine Watt u Sasha Latypova

2) Who is behind this and what is the purpose of all this?

  1. This could be dealt with next: The eugenics background, the freemasons, the Vatican, House of Windsor, British eugenics society founded in 1906, American eugenics society founded in 1926, UN and UNESCO, WHO, WEF (CIA creation, in 1971), Young Global Leaders program (1992, among the first to graduate: Angela Merkel, Bill Gates, later Tony Blair, Jose Aznar, etc., now: Jacinda Ardern, Ursula von der Leyen (president of the EU, another CIA creation in my view), Sebastian Kurz of Austria, and of course, Justin Trudeau). All that money (stolen from us, the people) poured into msm (their most important propaganda tools) and politics by those who are pulling the strings (Mr. Global) of their puppets, the above mentioned people and entities.
  2. Ultimate goal: population control by way of population reduction plus (for those who survive) setting up a one world government under the utterly corrupt UN and a one world digital currency, issued by their bank, of course. In order to get us to go along with this, permanent panic mode is necessary in their view, so these tools out of their tool box come in handy: global warming/climate change, food shortages, energy shortages, Ukraine war, possibly war in south east asia. According to their SPARS plan (of 2017, Johns Hopkins) all those politicians who are beginning to apologize ore even stepping down, and even the Swiss government now letting go of the “vaccines” and threatening to hold any doctor responsible if they continue with this, is just part of the agenda, maybe “limited hangout”, as they are now under much more pressure than expected; too many of us have woken up and are not playing along.

At this point we´re dealing with genocide.

  1. Spirituality will also need to be discussed, as this dimension appears to be crucial (not so much religion, as the churches, too, seem to have been infiltrated: Where have they been over the last 3 years? And: Look at the pope and the Dalai Lama pushing the “vaccines”,

We will need to organize this second part, but that can be done when we see how part one works out. We did this before, in our Model Grand Jury Investigation. See this.

And we are still in touch with those experts, many of whom have become friends.

What we were lacking is an independent judiciary that would give us a fair hearing, and hear our witnesses and look at our documentary evidence. That has changed, and now we are ready for the real thing.


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