Vanessa Beeley – Rassemblement des 10 ans de l’U.P.R. (25/03/2017) – YouTube/ Commentaire par Pierre Le Corf

March 27, 2017  · Vanessa Beeley, an independent journalist but above all a friend and woman who fights with a sincere heart for what is happening here. If I’m apolitical and refuse to join any party to what I’m doing, I’m happy Vanessa’s invitation by UPR in front of about 6000 people to testify what she saw , lived and shared my letter to President François HollandeÉlysée-Présidence de la République française letter and testimonials hereà-françois-hollande-président-de-la-république-frança/10154838378148828

I met her in Aleppo when she came to report, as Eva Karene Bartlett. She shares her view on Syria and her love for Syrians, her sadness over what is happening. Hearing him speak it made me feel good, I can’t move around to testify, I have to stay here to continue helping the best, continue projects and take care of my kids. His full testimony here (sorry, not much network, I can’t publish the whole)

We are potholes… but things are moving forward, information makes its way, lies diluted, in holding on. I wonder if I would be able to witness in front of so many thousands of people without breaking into tears with all I’ve seen and experienced…

Thank you Vanessa ❤